November 2014 Italy 2014
February 2013 Paul Chisnell quits
January 2013 New Haze CD!
March 2011Chris's 50th Birthday & Haze CD
August 2010Haze Italian live DVD & CD
April 2010Haze Italian tour
News August 2009The Outlandish Knights video
News October 2008Haze 30th anniversary photos
News September 2008Haze 30th anniversary CDs released
News March 2008Haze 30th anniversary shows & Stoat & Bottle CD
News November 2007The Outlandish Knights
News November 2006Silverwheel video, Forged in Sheffield CD
News July 2006Stainsby & MySpace
News March 2006Silverwheel & CPF
News October 2005Silverwheel Folk Festival, Chris discovers Ebay
News July 2005Ceri Treebeard & Silverwheel
News Jan 2005Peter "Treebeard" Rophone
News October 2004Treebeard Folk Festival
News April  2004Chris Treebeard appears!
News Jan 2004CRF, Haze & Treebeard tour
News May 2003Haze 25th anniversary, Paul's 40th
News March 2003Haze Italian tour report & photos
News January 2003 Strongheart are back, Whitchurch news
News August 2002 Treebeard "Heavy Wood" CD
News July 2001Whitchurch
April 2001By Invitation Only
September 2000 Haze Whitchurch Report & Photos
August 2000 Haze Italian Tour Report & Photos
April 2000  Haze Italian Tour
Winter 1999  Haze Christmas show
Summer 1999 Whitchurch Festival report & pix
Easter 1999 I wanna be elected & Whitchurch
December 1998  Haze Christmas Show
September 1998 Strongheart, Satsuma, Turtle dates
May 1998 Haze reunion
March 1998 World Turtle Boardwalk show
February1998 Prog Ring
January1998 World Turtle Boardwalk show
December 1997 Chris's Christmas list
November 1997 More gigs
August 1997 Wilderness of Eden - full details
May 1997 Someone nicked my computer!
April 1997 Wilderness of Eden recording news
February 1997 Mojo article & C'est la vie CD
Really old news - I'm planning to scan the old Haze/WT "Hum" newsletters & put them here soon!

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