NEWS July 2006


Headlined the Saturday night at Stainsby Folk Festival on 15th July, we had a great time, although I did manage to fall off stage at one point (don't ask!). There should be some photos appearing on our website before too long. We've also got Silverwheel T-shirts now available. They're black shirts with the white 'trees on moon' logo on the front and a purple Silverwheel on the back. Available in M, L, XL standard fit & S, M, L, XL lady-fit, they're 10 inc p&p from Chris McMahon 25 Fir Street Sheffield S6 3TG, or have a look at our merchandise page.



Yep we've now joined the ranks of you hip & cool indie net dweebs (so we'd like to think ;-)) and have got ourselves a myspace site, so come & be our friends, please...


Recently played at the Vic in Nottingham. They have an annual festival in the beer garden, interrupted only by trains on the track alongside -  at which point I have a childlike need to point & shout "Train!". Richard took some photos, which can be found at

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