NEWS March 2006


Now have mp3's available for free download on our website We are featured on a new internet PodCast FolkCast, they produce a one hour show once a month & have featured Silverwheel tracks on their January & March shows. Other artists featured include Ashley Hutchins, Ken Nicol , Steeleye Span, Simon Nicol, Fairport Convention, Steve Ashley & Ian Anderson.

CRF? CPF more like!

 Rick disappeared off to the States again last month, promising to be back in March. Turns out he's not coming back until June, if at all. Some thing to do with visas, or green cards, or whatever. We may end up canceling some shows, but for the moment li'l brother Paul McMahon (from Haze, World Turtle, Treebeard) is standing in on guitar & vocals. The set will remain fairly similar, but hopefully we'll be able to squeeze a few more credible songs in.

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