World Turtle
Von Daniken
May 1997
May 1997
May 1997
World Turtle In Gig Shock!
Yes, despite all our fine words, we've been lured back onto the live circuit for a couple of dates, even though we haven't finished the CD yet!
First up is the Gun Tavern, 83 Church Street, Croydon on Wednesday 14th May with London boys Sphere. Doors open 8.30pm, we'll be on about 9pm, admission is 2. Tel 0181 686 1521 (Near E & W Croydon railway stations.
Then on Saturday 14th June, we're playing an open air 'mini-festival' in Derbyshire. Admission is by invitation only, so call us or Tim on 01335 370097 for an invite and directions. Ex-Haze drummer Paul Chisnell will also be on the bill with his band, so it could get quite interesting...There's also a possibility of Von Daniken appearing if we get time to rehearse (not that that's ever stopped us before).

Thieving Gits!
Things have been a bit slow on the website front, as last weekend our office was broken into & the computer nicked & safe trashed. A couple of guys are 'helping police with their enquiries' but the computer has not been recovered, so if anyone offers you a cheap Triumph Adler 486/DX2 computer, kick 'em in the nads for me!
One silver lining is that the replacement is one of those 'multimedia' jobbies, capable of making a whole range of annoying noises, so look out for Midi &/or Wave files appearing on the site before too long. Special thanks once again to Nick Robinson, who has helped me out with replacement software for all that I failed to back up before the theft.


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