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You can still pay by cheque to Haze at 25 Fir St Sheffield S6 3TG UK, or order here &pay by or credit/debit card.. 


Most of our deleted back catalogue are now available for download from Bandcamp.


Have a look on Ebay at seller ChrisGabadon, I've usually got some Haze &Treebeard CDs up there.

New reduced prices on all older CDs!

Order Form

Cat No Artist Title Format Cost Buy Now
GABDVD6 Haze 30th anniversary DVD from 5.00 Buy from Bandcamp
T-shirt Haze Back to the Bones only S & ladyfit left! 12.00
Price including postage
GABCD 21 Haze Back To The Bones digipack CD 10.00
Price including postage
n/a Martin Bedford Haze Greystones poster A3 poster on artboard 5.00
GABDVD3 Haze 40th anniversary DVD 10.00
GABCD20 Haze 40th anniversary 2xCD 10.00
or download from bandcamp
GABCD19 Treebeard New Leaves digipack CD 5.00

or download from Bandcamp
GABCD18 Haze The Cellar Tapes Download 5.00 Bandcamp
GABCD17/CYCL177 Haze The Last Battle digipack CD 5.00
Or download from Bandcamp
GABDVD 1 Haze in that branch of the lake DVD-R Free On youtube from 22/11/2020
GABCD 16 Haze in that branch of the lake Download Free Bandcamp
GABCD 15 Treebeard Reel Ale digipack CD 5.00
or download from Bandcamp
GABCD 14 Haze 30th Anniversary 2xCD 5.00
or download from Bandcamp
CYCL 167 Haze Stoat &Bottle CD 5.00
or download from Bandcamp
GABCD 13 Haze 10th anniversary show Download 5.00 Bandcamp
GABCD 12 Treebeard Heavy Wood Download 5.00 Bandcamp
GABCD 11 Von Daniken Transient CD-R SOLD OUT
CYCLUB007 Haze Cellar Replayed Download 5.00 Bandcamp
CYCLUB005 Haze 20th anniversary show Download 5.00 Bandcamp
CYCL056 World Turtle Wilderness Of Eden Download 5.00 Bandcamp
CYCL041 Haze C'est La Vie/The Ember Download 5.00 Bandcamp
CYCL028 Von Daniken New Worlds Download 3.00 Bandcamp
CYCL008 World Turtle Haze Download FREE Bandcamp
KDCD1006 Haze In The End Download 2.00 Bandcamp
SEVCD01 Various Forged in Sheffield CD SOLD OUT
Demo 2007 & 2014 Outlandish Knights 8 studio tracks CD-R 5.00
Demo Silverwheel 3 studio, 3 live tracks CD-R SOLD OUT

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Sheffield S6 3TG
07977 618 089 (Mobile)