30th anniversary show & latest releases!

We are playing two 30th anniversary shows, at The Peel, 160 Cambridge Road, Kingston, London KT1 3HH (020 85463516) on Saturday 31st May 2008 and at The Boardwalk, Snig Hill, Sheffield S3 8NA (0114 279 9090) on Sunday 1st June. Doors open at 7.30pm for both show & we'll be onstage at 8pm. Admission is £8 on the door, The Boardwalk are already selling advance tickets at £6, I'm not sure if The Peel will be selling advance tickets, but if you're definitely going, why not drop them a line.

Support confirmed

Legendary tuning enigma, and original purveyors of Heavy Wood (when Treebeard were no'but lads), Twice Bitten have confirmed that they will be providing "random twanging sounds" at both shows. Running order should be something like:-

Haze 8-9pm

Twice Bitten 8.10-8.55pm

Haze 10-11pm

Both shows will be recorded and the best stuff released on a double CD on Cyclops Records. It will be a limited pressing of 1000 copies, so I will start taking orders at the concerts. We're rehearsing (believe it or not!) a set list now, we've got a few new-ish (i.e. less than 5 years old) songs, and one as yet unheard number "Dragonfly" which we'll be playing. I'm taking requests now, but we will be trying to steer away from stuff that was on both the 10th & 20th anniversary CDs. Drop us a line with your suggestions!

8th May 2002

Haze on the radio!

Last night (Wednesday 7th May) we recorded an interview & live acoustic session for Paul Baker, DJ on ARfm, it will be broadcast this Sunday 11th May between 3-6pm, and repeated next Thursday 9am-12, 6-9pm. We played "Train" and "The Barrister & The Bargast" & chattered away about 30 years of making music. Thanks Paul for that!

Lift Needed!

Andy Mabbett is planning to come to the Boardwalk gig, but needs a lift from Woodhall services (M1, near Sheffield before the gig, them back to Birmingham after it. I can probably sort the lift from Woodhall, but anyone heading back to Brum that night? email me if you can help. Cheers,

9th May 2008

Haze in Barnsley, shock horror!

Somewhat against our better judgment, we played in Barnsley last night, not only that, but it was a Battle of the Bands, and for some strange reason, we won! So we're back in Barnsley on Thursday 22nd May for the semi-final, at the The Lucorum, George Yard, Hanson Street, Barnsley, S70 2HZ.

For the record we played:-

The Ember, The Barrister & The Bargast (with Ceri), Train (with Ceri), Over The River, 4 Real (with Ceri), 7 Stones (with Ceri), Dragonfly( with Ceri), The Vice.

Haze in Barnsley, pt2

Oh well, we didn't win, perhaps as well really, as we're playing at the Three Merry Lads the day of the final (with Treebeard). The winners were a young very energetic band playing punky-indie rock called Paradigm, far more suited to competition success!

This time we played:-

Turn Around, Over The River*, Train*, Barrister & Bargast*, 4 Real*, Dragonfly* & Another Country (* with Ceri)

The "Secret" gig

We played a "secret" gig as Rodents of Unusual Size on Monday at the Dove & Rainbow as a practice/warm-up/try out of the recording gear. Trouble is, it was a bit too secret, only Anthony turned up! Still it was a good practice, and all the recording gear worked. I won't tell you want the set was, as that'll spoil the surprise at the weekend!

Haze GuilFest

Filled with absurdly unjustifiable confidence, we've also entered a competition to win a place at the Guilford Festival. Trouble is, we need people to vote for us! Go to our page on ents24, have a listen to Fallen Leaves, and vote Haze!

Haze T-shirts

We've got a new T-shirt out in time for the gigs. Featuring the standard Haze logo and the words "30th anniversary" on  the front and the two gig dates on the back, it's available in medium, large & extra large and ladyfit small, medium & large. Full colour logo & red lettering on black shirts, just £10 inc p&p. Let me know if you have any requests for other sizes & I'll see what I can do.

On the radio again!

This time it's live, on the afternoon of the Boardwalk show, Sunday 1st June 3-5pm, we'll be interviewed and they'll be playing some Haze tracks on Sheffield Live, broadcasting on  93.2FM and on line www.sheffieldlive.org

10th anniversary show

Speaking of the 10th anniversary, I have finally transferred it to CD, so it will be available as a double CD-R at the concerts & by post from 1st June. 

In fact, I've been so organized, (?!) that it's available now! If you email me I'll send you a paypal payment request, and once the money's wormed its way down the phone lines I'll stick you one in the post. Only £8 inc p&p for a double CD-R. Now reduced to £5!

Or try the Buy Now button below to pay by paypay/credit/debit card

Track listing:-

CD 1 CD 2 Haze 10th anniversary CD on Gabadon Records
1 Intro 1 Another Country
2 Into The Fire 2 The Load
3 Donít Leave Me Here 3 Wooden House
4 Autumn 4 Fallen Leaves
5 The Ceilingís Coming Down 5 Mountain
6 The Red Room 6 The Hum
7 For Whom 7 The Night
8 Fading Away 8 Cocaine
9 The Vice 9 Stone House
10 The Hangman & The Papist 10 Outro
11 In The Light
12 Dig Them Mushrooms
13 See Her Face
14 The Ember

Merchandise Page

Stoat & Bottle on CD!

Yes, I know it's taken forever, but Cyclops Records will be releasing "Stoat & Bottle" on CD in time for the 30th anniversary shows. Again it will be a limited edition of 1000 CDs, on sale at the concerts and by post from 1st June. The original tracks have been remastered but not remixed, and we have added bonus tracks, which we recorded as demos during August 1987, but never released.

The CD will be £8, (Now reduced to £5!) and I'm accepting paypal orders as of,  NOW. Just email me. Or try the Buy Now button below:-

Track listing:-

1 Stoat & Bottle Haze Stoat & Bottle CD on Cyclops Records
2 See Her Face 
3 In The End 
4 In The Universe 
5 Humbug 
6 The Vice 
8 Resealing  
9 Tunnel Vision 
10 Ophelia  
11 Shadows 
12 Fading Away 
13 Last Orders 
14 Into The Fire 
15 Another Country
16 Safe Harbour 
17 Wooden House 
18 Stone House 

 Merchandise Page

Haze at the Boardwalk

HAZE 30th anniversary shows 

The Peel, Kingston Saturday 31st May & 

The Boardwalk, Sheffield Sunday 1st June

Order tickets now

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