World Turtle
Von Daniken
February 1998
February 1998
February 1998

Well, prog-rock may well be dead & buried as far as the big wide world is concerned, (see Wondrous Stories for endless rants about this), but as far as the internet's concerned, it just won't lie down!

Prog Ring
You may have noticed a new logo thingy at the bottom of our Homepage, this is a link to the ProgRing, a network of interconnected Websites with one thing in common, Progressive Rock.
There's loads of different sites on it, 'tributes' to the big bands (Floyd, Van Der Graaf, etc.) & Homepages of many of the smaller bands (like us!). Take the time to have a look around, there's lots of great music out there to be discovered. Hopefully, a few newcomers will discover us too!

The Late Classic Rock Society
Well, so much for J R Turner's World Turtle interview appearing in the November 'Wondrous Stories', we've just received the January edition & still no sign. Obviously taking a leaf out of Mojo's book - they interviewed us in June 96 for an article which finally appeared in February 97!

Whitchurch '98
No sooner do I threaten 'no more gigs for ages', than we get offered a spot at this year's Whitchuch Progressive Rock Festival. The timing is less than ideal for us - it's on the weekend of 24/25/26 July, so Paul & Lisa will have a 4 week old baby by then, a bit young for gig going! It looks like being a strong & varied bill. I'll post more details in the Gigs section soon.


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