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January 1998
January 1998
January 1998

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!
And all that, and welcome to the new, and hopefully improved, World Turtle presence on the web. Sorry no Christmas cards made it past the Channel this year, but rehearsal & promotion of the Speakeasy show, and the last minute change of date, proved too much for me to cope with as well as mailing hundreds of cards!

Turtle On Air!
Andre Steijns has been playing tracks from the new World Turtle CD 'Wilderness Of Eden' on Paperlate Radio Show in Holland! Paperlate is transmitted by BRTO - radio at Bergen op Zoom, Nederland in mono on FM-channel 105.8 and in stereo on the local cable-network. The show is transmitted live on Sunday 20.00/22.00, and repeated on Thursday 21.00/23.00. So far 'Heroes' & 'Wilderness Of Eden' were played on the 4th & 8th Jan & 'Wilderness Of Eden' on 11th & 15th. They've asked us to record a couple of jingles for them, so check it out if you live near enough to pick it up. Needless to say, they play loads of progressive & classic rock during their two hour slot.

Christmas Show
Thanks to those of you who made it to the Speakeasy on 18th December. Despite the venue's best efforts in moving the date and insisting that non-members be signed in, we managed to have a good time of it. Contrary to all expectations Rog Patterson turned up & proved that he still hasn't forgotten how to tune a 12 string. Gordon & Nick joined us for a couple of songs in the first set, then we did a 'Satsuma special' in the second set, with Freddie on lead vocals on 'More', 'You're Gone'(from Satsuma & Friends), 'My Generation' & 'Layla'. A handful of Turtle songs followed, before the obligatory 'I Believe in Father Christmas' and a major pitch invasion for some desperately tuneless backing vocals on 'Happy Christmas (war is over)' and 'Merry Christmas Everybody'.

Virtual Move
You may have gathered by now that we're no longer on the 'Cheesypeas' site. After chewing up a lot of Nicks webspace for the last year, we've now got our own office site for Norrow Estates, so we're now lurking in a /Turtle folder on the Norrow site. Thanks once again to Nick for hosting our site for so long, designing the original site layout (you can blame me for this update!), and designing the Norrow page. Go to Links for a look at Cheesy Peas! and other sites Nick has designed, or drop him an email if you need any web design work.
And if you need a house in Sheffield, check out the Norrow Estates site!

Real Move
I've also moved out of my flat with Sharon & gone back to the ancestral home (well, since 1933), 25 Fir St., hence the change of phone number (we've always used Fir St. as our mailing address, as I don't think Mum & Dad will ever move).
It wasn't an easy choice to make, but it'd been on the cards for a while...
So if there's any vegetarian, non smoking, hippy women out there, you know the number ;-).

Only two gigs booked this year, and they're both at Sheffield's newest rock venue, The Boardwalk.
This is a great venue, making a serious attempt to revitalize the city's (or should that read country's?) dying live music scene, so deserves your full support. I've recently seen old timers Man and Roger Chapman there, as well as playing twice with Fredrik Satsuma's blues band Simply Blue. Hopefully a few of you will make the effort to get down to our 4th February date there.Credo sadly won't be able to make it, due to an absent drummer (never stopped us:-)), but we've got the very wonderful Parallel or 90o instead. Go to their Website & have a listen to some of their new Cyclops CD 'Afterlifecycle'.
And if you haven't seen us playing with sax player Derek Nash, you really should check it out - this guy's hot!
Finally, the amount of support we get from the Boardwalk in promoting the Haze 20th anniversary show on 29th May, indeed, if we get the date at all, depends to a large extent on the kind of crowd we can pull on 4th Feb, so let's see you all down there!

Yes, the second generation of Turtles is now on the way! Paul is set to become a dad toward the end of June. Congrats to Paul & Lisa. We're hoping for a drummer...
Seriously, though, it does mean that gigs are likely to be fewer and farther between in the near future, all the more reason not to miss the Boardwalk shows!
Still, there's plenty of studio work for us to be getting on with, the 'Cellar Replay/Tapes' remixes, new Von Daniken album (no, honestly), Nick Robinson's ambient CD (coming out on RPM Records as soon as I've let him have long enough in the studio!), and of course, a new World Turtle album to write.

Drop us an email (or letter) if you've any comments or ideas on the site.

See you soon.


Uncle Chris

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