Chris's 50th Birthday Party!

Now that the Boardwalk is sadly defunct, my 50th birthday bash will be held at the Burton Street Foundation, 57 Burton Street, Sheffield S6 
2HH. Tel: 0114 233 2908 on Sunday 10th April 2011.

Admission is free, doors open at 6.30pm & we will be starting with a ceilidh dance with The Outlandish Knights and caller John Brown.

The ceilidh will run from 7-9pm with interval sets from The Cat & Ceri Ashton Band and Paul Pearson.

At 9pm we start the concert part of the evening with Treebeard and at 10pm Haze.

Bar closes & music finished by 11.30pm.

Feel free to spread the word & you're welcome to photograph, video or record the event.

We are also playing a full 2 hour Haze concert in Northampton on Friday 8th April at the Racehorse, 15 Abington Square NN1 4AE 01604 631997
This was organised by Stef for us and will almost certainly feature a guest performance from Rog Patterson. Doors open 7pm, admission free (but 
we'll probably pass a hat round for Stef).

Haze CD!

We went into the Laundry Rooms Studio for 4 days to record the drum tracks for the new Haze album.
The Laundry Rooms is owned by Dave "Wedgie" Hadley (Gomez tour manager) and Jon Burton (Prodigy sound engineer) and is a fully spec'd 
pro studio, that is just about ready to start accepting bookings. We were their Guinea Pigs to make sure everything worked OK. It all went 
remarkably smoothly, we recorded drums on 13 tracks (one of which we've not even finished writing yet), plus all the percussion overdubs, Paul C's 
vocals, my vocals and my 12 string acoustic parts. We'd already recorded guitar/bass/vocal/keyboard guides at home, so now I've just got to edit all 
the takes from the Laundry Room & record the rest of my parts & all Paul's guitars & vocals in the Cellar Studio.
So hopefully by the end of the year there might be the first Haze studio album in 24 years!

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