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By Invitation Only
Thanks to everyone who made it to my birthday show in April, and/or the curry the night after. We recorded & video’d the show, although most of the performances were enthusiastic rather than accurate, so I’m not sure if any of it’s worth releasing. Mark Metham has kindly edited together a video of the whole evening, plus interviews - trouble is - it’s six hours long! Still if you fancy a copy & you’ve got long play facility on you video, just send us a VHS180 or longer & I’ll run you one off. Quality is standard home movie stuff.

Are now more or less deceased. Sats joined a club band last year after I admitted that the band was bottom of my priority list. He recently cancelled two shows due to double bookings with the club band so me’n’Nick decided it wasn’t on accepting any more bookings that we probably wouldn’t honour. Nick is now looking for a band to play live with, and recording his own ‘whale music’.

Whitchurch 2001
We are back again at the Whitchurch festival, Testbourne Centre, Micheldever Rd, Whitchurch, Hampshire. World Turtle will be playing in the afternoon on Saturday 4th August, introducing the other members of Treebeard as special guest, then Treebeard will be playing on the Sunday afternoon, 5th August. Full lineup for the festival is:- Friday 3th Cardiacs, Landmarq, Primitive Instinct. Saturday 4th Flower Kings, Martin Orford, Sphere, GLD, World Turtle. Sunday 5th Perfect Alibi, Jump, UK Blues Project Gravity, Treebeard, James Ryan, Elan. Tickets are £32 from ‘Whitchurch Festival’ 1 Riverside, London St Whitchurch RG28 7LW

The Boardwalk
If you can’t make it to Whitchurch, World Turtle will also be playing at the Boardwalk on Wednesday 1st August. Treebeard are also playing, and support is from the Toastplant Project. Doors open 8pm, first band on 8.30, Admission £3.00.
The Boardwalk now have their own website, but to be honest it's a bit shite, as there's just October's gigs there...

Are also down the Boardwalk on Friday 17th August, again with support from the Toastplant Project. Doors open 8pm, first band on 8.30, Admission £4.00. This is the first time Strongheart have played in the city centre for about 3 years, so be early! Hopefully this will be the first of a series of regular rock nights at the Boardwalk, featuring Strongheart and a range of top local supports.

WWW dot stuff
I've now registered all the band names I can on the internet (apart from Haze, that's long gone), though they all lead you back here!
www.worldturtle.org.uk and
www.gabadon.co.uk - for links to them all. or mail me at chris@gabadon.co.uk to get on the (virtual) mailing list.

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