NEWS August 2009

The Outlandish Knights

There's now two versions of our video for "St Chartier", the full "dancing wizard" story, and just the band.

We're also playing at Sidmouth Festival on Sunday 2nd & Monday 3rd August in the Anchor Gardens, 4.30 on Sunday & 12 noon on Monday. We're then at Weston Park, Weston Bank, Sheffield on Sunday 23rd August 2-4pm and at the Ceilidhsoc into ceilidh at The Edge, Endcliffe Student Village, Sheffield 8-late on Friday 25th September.


Are playing at The Peel, prog-fest on Saturday 29th August. Doors open 1pm, line up is:- 
John Young    1330 - 1415
Primitive Instinct 1430 - 1515
Summer Indoors 1530 - 1630
Final Conflict 1645 - 1800
Casual/Credo 1815 - 1930
Haze 1945 - 2100
Break (30 mins)
Galahad 2130 -2300
Tickets are on sale now phone 020 8546 3516, for a great day of brilliant music!!

Reverb Nation

I'm just setting up Haze, Treebeard & Outlandish Knights pages on Reverb Nation, there's lots of useful stuff there, including a facility to host my mailing list, so I'm going to give it a try. If you want to sign up for the Haze mailing list, just fill in the box. 


Let me know what you think of the idea, if it works well, I'll probably use it to replace my current email list. I'll also be setting up separate ones for Treebeard & The Outlandish Knights.

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