NEWS January 2004

Return of Rick

Original CRF guitarist Rick Wilson is back from the USA for two months & will be playing a series of dates with the band, while new guitarist Nick & vocalist Rob are on the road with their Motorhead tribute band Motorheadache. Check out the gig guide for the latest dates. 

Haze & Treebeard Double Bill Tour

Haze & Treebeard will be playing a short tour together at the end of February. It will follow the format established in Italy last year, starting with an acoustic Treebeard set, then adding electric guitar & drums to some of the Treebeard songs. Then Chris Jellis & Gordon Walker leave the stage while we do a Haze set, including three new songs 'Is That It?' 'The Barrister & The Bargast' & 'Over The River' as well as a selection of Haze & World Turtle oldies. Finally Gordon & Chris J rejoin us for a blast on some classic Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd & Genesis. 

Dates are:-

Friday 27th February The Bonington Theatre, Arnold, Nottingham

Saturday 28th February The Racehorse, Abington Square, Northampton

Sunday 29th February The Boardwalk, Snig Hill, Sheffield

Tickets for the Nottingham are on sale now, 5 from Haze at 25 Fir St Sheffield S6 3TG. You can order by credit card from the promoter on 0115 840 1159 or  email a3k but you'll end up paying the full ticket price of 10, rather than the discounted price we've negotiated.

The Sheffield show will be 5 on the door, no advance tickets, & Northampton will be pay on the door. admission tbc, but probably only a few quid.



Are playing at the Deep End, Hillsborough this Wednesday 4th February. Admission is 3, advance tickets are available from the usual Haze 25 Fir St Sheffield S6 3TG


Ceridwen's Cauldron

Really are the best young Ceilidh band around. Even when I stand in on bass & push the average age up alarmingly. They've finally got a website up and running, just in time for them to change their name! Can't tell you what it is though - it's a secret. Check out their site & excellent demo - I should know - I recorded it for them!

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