NEWS November 2007

OK, I know, I've been crap at keeping the news pages up to date! Here's the latest stuff anyway:-

The Outlandish Knights

Our new ceilidh band featuring the Haze boys, plus Cat & Ceri Ashton. We've put together a set of hard rocking ceilidh tunes, mostly self-penned, and are on the lookout for gigs, weddings, parties & ultimately festival appearances. There's a couple of demo track on our website and some rather more rough & ready live recordings on myspace.


Came and went! Wibur turned up unannounced in June & we set to booking dates, in anticipation of him stopping 'til New Year. Well, things didn't quite work out like that & he got summoned back to the States at the start of November. Still we got a handful of shows in, including three at the Boardwalk, which were recorded, hopefully for future release. We sadly didn't make it to the North East, a scheduled date had to be cancelled at the last minute due to Bob being down with the flu. Wilbur's planning to return next year, so I'll keep you posted!

We do have some Strongheart T-shirts for sale, Medium, Large & XL as well as Small, Medium & Large Lady-fit. 10 inc p&p from the usual:- Chris McMahon 25 Fir Street, Sheffield S6 3TG, and both CDs "Hard Wired" and "Ritual" are still available 10 each.


I've been putting Haze stuff up on Ebay again, CDs and some of the old vinyl I've got lying around, take a look but don't bid anymore than I'm asking on the Merchandise page, coz that's just daft!


Haze 30th anniversary!

Frightening, I know, but next May marks our 30th anniversary. We've already lined up Sheffield & London shows & would really love to play some dates in Europe again, let us know if you can help. We're also planning to get "Stoat & Bottle" out on CD in time for the show, I'd like to get a new CD out as well, but realistically, that's not too likely!

Haze Ringtones! (no honestly!)

OK, I know we're all probably a bit old for this sort of thing, but I couldn't resist, the intro to The Ember is now available as a ringtone! Apparently you need a WAP enabled phone (no I don't know what that is either), and just go to Moyst unsigned. It costs 1.50 for the intro (28 seconds) as a ringtone, or for the whole track as an mp3 download. Let me know if you'd like me to make any other tracks available, or if you just think it's completely stupid.....

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