NEWS January 2005

Paul In Babyville (again)!

Little brother's had another baby (well, actually, it's his wife Lisa). Called Jessica Claire she was born around 5pm on Wednesday 29th December weighing 7lbs something or other. I've only seen photos so for, but she looks pretty baby-like.


Peter Treebeard

One result of this, is that Paul is 'grounded' until April, so we've borrowed Peter Rophone from Roger the Badger to stand in on bass for us. Peter has already played one show with us (when Paul was off at ante-natal classes), and is also playing in the new Chris & Sue band. Peter is also a great singer & guitar player, so we'll be featuring some of his songs in the Chris & Sue band.



Played some great show towards the end of last year. On Friday 29th & Sunday 31st October we were at the Sheffield Folk Festival. On Friday we played:-

Then on Sunday Paul Chisnell got his drum kit out & we were joined by very special guests Ceri Ashton (from Derwenna) on flute & Sue Cain on vocals

Stirrings Folk magazine made particular mention of Sue's 'outstanding' vocals on the Sandy Denny songs.

Sue & I also hosted the welcome session at the Kelham Island Tavern on Friday early evening. Overall the festival was a great success & we hope to be appearing at the next one, the same time this year!

Then in December, we were asked to appear at the Wombwell Christmas Gala, which involved playing an afternoon show in Wombwell High Street on Saturday 18th December, then supporting Colvin Quarmby in St Michaels' Hall in the evening. Boggarts Breakfast were also appearing in the afternoon, and once again we invited Ceri & Sue to join us.

The afternoon set comprised:-

Photos on Chris Treebeard's Flickr site

And in the evening we played:-

and encored with Devil Went Down to Georgia.

We finished the weekend off with a Sunday night show at the Classic Rock Bar, comprising:-


and encored with I Believe in Father Christmas.

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