Italian Tour DVD

The DVD of the Haze concert at Lofficina Della Musica , Lecco, Italy is now available!
The DVD was paid for & produced by Daniel Castracane, fan, friend & promoter of our three Italian tours. It was professionally filmed & edited, the sound is from one of the cameras & is good quality, though not as sharp and clear as it would be directly from the mixing desk.
I've uploaded one of the tracks from the show "Survive" as a sampler on youtube, if you want to check it out.
The full show runs to over two hours, tracks are:-
Mirage, Portrait, Survive, Ophelia, Dragonfly, Fallen Leaves, Over The River, The Barrister And The Bargast, The Edge Of Heaven, The Last Battle, The Load, The Vice, Changes In Time, Seven Stones, Dig Them Mushrooms, Mountain, Last Orders.

The DVD is 12 inc p&p from Haze 25 Fir Street Sheffield S6 3TG, or you can order it online here 

There is also a double CD-R available of the concert, this is just the same soundtrack as the DVD with one added track "The Night", which we had intended to play at the concert, but ran out of time. The version of this song is taken from our first Italian tour in 2000.
The double CD-R is 8, or 5 if ordered with the DVD.

DVD 12

double CD-R 8

DVD and double CD-R 17

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