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Von Daniken
February 1997
February 1997
February 1997
Hello and welcome to the first World Turtle presence on ye olde World Wide Web, thanks to ambient guitar hero & origami wizard Nick Robinson.

MOJO Rising
On 5th July 1996, Mojo journalist Rob Chapman came to our Jolly Buffer gig to record an interview with us & see the first half of the show, before rushing off for the last train home to Manchester. His brief was to write an article on why progressive rock has remained so stubbornly unfashionable over the years, and if such a thing as a progressive rock 'scene' still existed.

We were picked from Dave Robinson's authoritative & comprehensive tome, 'The Progressive Rock Directory', and gave Rob an hour of 'The Gospel according to World Turtle', for him to try and extract a concise 'theory of prog (and its downfall)' from. We then went over to Runcorn to be photographed with the other featured bands, Legend & Body (hi guys & gals!) in Legend's rehearsal room, by ex-Rolling Stones & Jimi Hendrix photographer Gered Mankowitz. The six page article should have appeared in the November edition of Mojo, just in time for our autumn tour, but was continually delayed and has finally appeared in the February edition, out 16th January.

Tangerine Scream
After his staring role at the Sheffield & Doncaster gigs, joining us onstage for 'Sponsored By', 'Cult Of Personality' & 'Comfortably Numb', Martin Sommer's 'Satsuma & friends' solo tape is now on sale. All the drums & most of the bass & keyboards are by me & guest musicians include the (ex-) Terminal Tom boys, John 'Chicken Ass' Grainger & our very own Paul Mac. Paul & I even co-wrote one song with Martin, the rather Aerosmith-ish 'Sponsored By', as performed live recently.

Including 9 original compositions, the album is mainly bluesy & heavyish rock, with the odd ballad. This cassette only release is £4.00 (+50p p&p) & is available from us by post or at gigs now!

Mailing list
If you want to be on our mailing list, please drop us a line at the above address & we'll keep you upto date with current gigs & releases. An E-mail address or phone number would also be handy, so we can let you know of any last minute bookings/cancellations.

C'est la vie - Revisited
Further to discussion in previous newsletters on how to fit the Haze back catalogue onto 2 CDs, we came up with a deceptively simple answer; fit it onto 3 instead! So, rather than try and cram 'C'est La Vie' and 'Cellar Replay' onto one CD, we've opted for pairing up 'C'est La Vie' and 'The Ember' 12" single for the 1st release, allowing the 2nd 'Cellar Replay' based CD to include more oldies. Hopefully a 3rd CD will be based around 'Stoat & Bottle' and more recent material.

'C'est La Vie/The Ember' was released on Cyclops Records on 25th November, catalogue no. CYCL 041. Track listing is:- Mirage, For Whom, The Hum, Gabadon, Roger's Revenge, Don't Leave Me Here, Fallen Leaves, The Load, The Ember, The Ceiling's Coming Down, Freedom Road & Mountain.

All tracks were remixed by Paul earlier this year & the sound is much 'fuller' than the originals or the 'In The End' versions (on which 4 of the songs were featured). The CD booklet includes sleeve notes & photos, but no lyrics, so please let us know if you want the original lyric books, as we have a few still available. The CD is now available from record shops (via Pinnacle), but you'll probably have to order it specially (and it's cheaper & quicker direct from us!).

The Next World Turtle Album
We've finally started recording the wealth of new material that has built up over the last two years, and are planning to have the new CD, 'The Wilderness Of Eden' ready for release, Cyclops willing, by summer this year. Track listing is likely to be:- Let Go, Wilderness Of Eden, More, Heroes, Human, Stalemate, Wolf, Vertigo, Wave, Rip Van Winkle, Kickback, One Day, plus a number of short & as yet untitled instrumental pieces. We've invited a number of guests to appear with us on the CD, including guitarist Nick Robinson & drummer Sam Carr, with a few more in the pipeline.

Gigs, Gigs, Gigs...
We are not booking any gigs for the first half of this year, as we need the time to get the long overdue new World Turtle CD recorded, but I will be starting to book dates from September onward, when the CD should be out. We are also keen to do some dates in Europe this year, so if there are any promoters reading this, or any bands who could offer supports/gig contacts - get in touch!

Cheers, Chris

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