The Cellar Tapes 30th anniversary edition

The CD is no longer available but all the tracks, plus bonus ones can be dowloaded from Bandcamp

Track listing:-

  1. Turn Around
  2. Seven Stones
  3. Portrait
  4. The Exiles Song
  5. Survive
  6. In Gods Hands
  7. The Vice
  8. In The Light
  9. Dig Them Mushrooms (7" single B side)
  10. The Night (7" single A side)
  11. Turn Around (demo)
  12. The Exiles Song (demo)
  13. Look Around (live)
  14. Time (live)
Tracks 1-8 originally released on the 'Cellar Tapes' cassette in March 1983, 9 & 10 are from our first single released in 1981, 11 & 12 are demo recordings made just prior to the Cellar Tapes & feature Paul McMahon on drums. 13 & 14 are taken from our concert at the Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield on 14th February 1982. Line-up:- Sleeve notes:- For a while now I had been considering releasing ‘The Cellar Tapes’ on CD. Inspiration was provided by the number of fans who have sent me CD-Rs of our old recordings, and opportunity was provided by Paul Pearson lending me a portastudio, enabling me to remix the original 4-track tapes. The idea for including the tracks from the 7” single and some live tracks from the Hallamshire Hotel came from John Moorby, who sent me just such a compilation CD. In unearthing the Cellar Tapes master cassettes, I also found recordings of ‘Turn Around’, ‘Portrait’, ‘The Exiles Song’ and ‘The Vice’, made just prior to our recording ‘The Cellar Tapes’ with Paul McMahon on drums. The live recordings that finish the CD off are taken from our show at the Hallamshire Hotel on 14th February 1982, with 2nd Haze drummer, Dave Kirkham. I’ve done my best to improve the sound, but as they say ‘the CD format may reveal inherent defects in the source material’. Indeed. Chris.

'The Cellar Tapes' will be released simultaneously on CD-R and digital download from Bandcamp on the 1st of December 2013. Due to the limited edition nature of this release it's on CD-R not CD, but as usual I'm happy to replace any faulty copies. There are also no less than 10 (Ten!) extra bonus tracks available with the digital download, and so that those of you buying the CD don't lose out I'm providing free download codes with every CD bought so you can get the bonus tracks too. Bonus tracks (download only):-
  1. Turn Around (from the Breakaway LP with Paul Chisnell on drums)
  2. Portrait (demo with Paul McMahon on drums)
  3. The Night (Radio Hallam session with Dave Kirkham on drums)
  4. Dig Them Mushrooms (Radio Hallam session with Dave Kirkham on drums)
  5. In Gods Hands (Radio Hallam session with Dave Kirkham on drums)
  6. Seven Stones (Radio Hallam session with Dave Kirkham on drums)
  7. The Exiles Song (Radio Hallam session with Dave Kirkham on drums)
  8. The Vice pt 2 (Radio Hallam session with Dave Kirkham on drums)
  9. Homecoming (live at the Hallamshire Hotel 14/2/1982)
  10. Help (live at the Hallamshire Hotel 14/2/1982)
Download the CD and bonus tracks here.   
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