The Complete Discography
HAZE May '81 7" Single The Night MUSH 1 DELETED
HAZE Mar '83 Cassette The Cellar Tapes   DELETED
Compilation 1983 L.P. Breakaway   DELETED
Compilation 1984 Video U.K. Electronica   DELETED
    Cassette U.K. Electronica   DELETED
HAZE Apr '84 L.P. C'est La Vie GABL 001 see CYCL041
    Cassette C'est La Vie GABC 001 DELETED
HAZE 1994 Cassette Orbit Audio Fanzine HT 2 DELETED
HAZE May '85 Cassette Cellar Replay GABC 2 see CYCLUB7
HAZE Oct '85 12" Single The Ember GABS 3 £5.00
    Cassette The Ember GABC 3 DELETED
Compilation Oct '85L.P. Fire In Harmony ARRLP 100 DELETED
HAZE Jan '86 Cassette Warts'n'All (Live) GABC 4 DELETED
HAZE Jan '86 Cassette Old New Burrowed & Blue HUM 1 DELETED
HAZE Oct '86 7" Single Tunnel Vision/Shadows GABS 5 £5.00
Compilation 1986 Double LP Double Exposure   DELETED
HAZE Apr '87 L.P. Stoat & Bottle GABL 6 see CYCL167
    Cassette Stoat & Bottle GABC 6 DELETED
HAZE May '87 Cassette The Peterborough Tapes HUM 2 DELETED
HAZE May '88 Cassette Humphrey HUM 3 DELETED
Sydney Bridge July '88 L.P.Love For All Seasons SYD 1 DELETED
HAZE Oct '88Cassette The 10th Anniversary Gig HUM 4See GABCD13
HAZE Feb '89 Cassette Last Orders HUM 5 DELETED
C. McMahon Mar '89 Cassette The Truth About Flying Saucers GABC 7 DELETED
World Turtle Nov '89 Cassette Alien Shore GABC 8DELETED
Compilation 1989 L.P. Lemonade & Cyanide COM002 DELETED
Compilation 1990 L.P. Shutter Clutter COM004 DELETED
Von Daniken Dec '90 Cassette New Worlds GABC 9 DELETED
World Turtle May '92 Cassette Groove Taboo GABC 10 DELETED
Compilation 1993 CD & cassette The Peterhouse Trust   DELETED
HAZE Jan '93 CD In The End:1978-88 KDCD 1006 bandcamp
Compilation 1993 Cassette Pathways Of Illusion ED 028 DELETED
Compilation 1994 3xCassette Prog Rock Directory   DELETED
Compilation July '94 CD Cyclops Sampler 1 CYCL 007 DELETED
World Turtle July '94 CD Haze CYCL 008 bandcamp
Haze Aug '94 Video In Concert GABV 1 DELETED
Compilation 1995 CD Kinesis Sampler KDCD 095 DELETED
Von Daniken Oct '95 CD-R New Worlds CYCL 028 bandcamp
Haze Oct '96 CD-R C'est La Vie/The Ember CYCL 041 bandcamp
World Turtle Aug '97 CD Wilderness Of Eden CYCL 056 bandcamp
Haze July '98 2xCD-R 20th anniversary show CYCLUB5 bandcamp
Von Daniken July '99 CD-R Transient GABCD011 DELETED
Haze April '00 CD-R Cellar Replayed CYCLUB005 bandcamp
Treebeard April '02 CD-R Heavy Wood GABCD12 bandcamp
Silverwheel 2006 CD-R Demo   DELETED
The Outlandish Knights 2007 CD-R Demo   DELETED
Haze June '08 CD Stoat & Bottle CYCL167 £5.00
Haze Sept '08 2xCD-R 10th anniversary show GABCD13 bandcamp
Haze Sept '08 2xCD 30th anniversary show GABCD14/CYCL168D £5.00
Treebeard April '10 CD Reel Ale GABCD15 £5.00
Haze June '10 DVD in that branch of the lake GABDVD1 youtube
Haze June '10 2xCD-R in that branch of the lake GABCD16 bandcamp
Haze March '13 CD The Last Battle GABCD17/CYCL177 £5.00
Haze Dec '13 CD-R The Cellar Tapes GABCD18 bandcamp
Treebeard July '17 CD New Leaves GABCD19 £10
Haze Dec '18 2xCD 40th anniversary GABCD20 £10
Haze Dec '18 DVD 40th anniversary GABDVD3 £10
Haze July '20 CD Back To The Bones GABCD21 £10

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Full Track Listing

The Night - 7" Single

Haze on the roof c.1980 Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards & bass pedals, Andy McNaghten - drums

Recorded in Input Studio, Sheffield by the original Haze line-up for £45! Long since sold out, but copies occasionally turn up. Value around £10.

A/ The Night.
B/ Dig Them Mushrooms.

Cellar Tapes - Cassette

The Cellar Tapes cassettePaul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Arthur Deas - drums & vocals, with Judith Copley & Jill Stodart - flute and Derek Nash - sax.

Recorded on a borrowed Portastudio in our Cellar. Embarrassingly, it's still probably our best selling release!

A/ Turn Around, Seven Stones, Portrait, Exiles Song.
B/ Survive, In Gods Hands, The Vice, In The Light.

Breakaway - L.P.

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards & bass pedals, Paul Chisnell - drums
Don't ever pay to appear on a compilation album! The only bands who do are crap, so you end up on a crap album! The terrible sleeve artwork belies nothing. We paid £4 each for 50 double albums and over a year later received 50 single albums, which we felt we couldn't sell for more than £2 each. We weren't doing you any favours! Possibly the LPs only claim to fame is that it features our first recording with Paul Chisnell.
A/ A5, Mind Transmitter. Peter Stephenson, Discovering Hotel Rooms. Iain Richmond, My Singing Star. Summer Of Love, All Alone. Betta Splendens, Strangers. Rigel Feedback, Con Brio.
B/ Yeah Yeah, The Ballad Of Mean Joe. Haze, Turn Around. Flame, Hey Mister, Professor Of Boredom, Style Is Dead. I'm Dead, Perhaps Another Day. Freeway, Terrible Day, Triad, Home By One.

U.K. Electronica - Video & Cassette

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards & bass pedals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals
Electromagnetic evidence of the 1984 UK Electronica festival, held at Sheffield University. We were invited to join the bill of assorted electronic and progressive bands at the last minute. I don't know who else appears as I don't have copies.
Video - Haze, The Hum.
Cassette - Haze, Don't Leave Me Here.

Loading the Iveco, could be anywhere, anytime!

C'est La Vie - L.P. & Cassette

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals
Money from the sales of 'Cellar Tapes' enabled us to buy a Teac open reel 4-track, which, along with a 12 channel mixing desk built by roadies Richard Webb & Brian Wilkinson, was used to record our first LP for Pinnacle Records. Recently re-issued on CD on Cyclops Records.
A/ Roger's Revenge, Don't Leave Me Here, Fallen Leaves, The Load.
B/ Mirage, For Whom, The Hum, Gabadon.

Orbit Audio Fanzine - Cassette

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals. Interview by Terry Hopkins
An interview with Haze recorded between sets at the Wheatsheaf, Rushden, 16/06/84, interspersed with tracks from 'C'est La Vie'. Also includes a brief outro from French electronic artist Dr Phil. Terry ran a Hawkwind based fanzine 'Orbit' during the 80s. I don't know if he's still going, but you could try Orbit c/o Terry Hopkins, 8 Maple Road, Rushden, Northants NN10 OJS.

Cellar Replay - Cassette

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals, with Derek Nash - sax, Judith Copley - flute

We were becoming increasingly embarrassed by the basic recording quality of 'Cellar Tapes', so decided to re-record some of the old material with the new line up.

A/ The Night, I Fear That I'll.., Survive, Portrait, A Firkin Of Mead, Take Me Home.
B/ Aardvarks Anonymous/Turn Around, Unto The Dawn/In The Light/Dig The Mushrooms, Anonymous Aardvarks.

The Ember - 12" Single

The Ember sleeve by Martin Kent Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals

We were just getting worked up to record the next album, when Pinnacle suggested that 12" singles were the next big thing. It wasn't quite 'Blue Monday' but...

A/ The Ember, The Ceiling's Coming Down.
B/ Freedom Road, Mountain.

Fire In Harmony - L.P.

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals
Elusive records was a subsidiary of EMI, set up by Marillion manager John Earning, who released Pendragon albums, as well as this compilation. This was our highest chart placing, making no 49 in the Kerrang! album charts. The Solstice & Pendragon tracks were taken from their LPs at the time. All other tracks were recorded especially for this compilation.

A/ Pendragon, Fly High, Fall Far. Haze, Shadows. Liaison, A Tale Of You. Trilogy, Hidden Mysteries.
B/ Solstice, Peace. Citizen Cain, Unspoken Words. La Host, Blood & Roses. Quasar, Fire In The Sky.

Warts'n'All Live - Cassette

Warts'n'AllPaul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals.

Even by 1986, 'Cellar Tapes' was still our best selling release. We decided that the secret of it's success was due to it's price. A cheap and cheerful live tape seemed the answer.

A/ Seven Stones, In Gods Hands, Slight Mental Incapacity/What A Barber Does.
B/ The Load, The Exiles Mega Medley.

Old, New, Burrowed & Blue - Fan Club Cassette

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals, with Derek Nash, sax & flute.

This was released as a 'thank you' to the Haze fan club (HUMS) members, at the foolish price of £1!

A/ Bellied, Don't Leave Me Here, End Of The Day, We Used To Know, Mushy Funk, Shadows.
B/ Aardvarks, Baker St. If Leaving Me Is Easy, Pick Up The Pieces (Mole Mix).

Tunnel Vision - 7" Single

Tunnel Vision 7" singlePaul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals.
The single from 'Stoat & Bottle', it was to have been released to coincide with the October 86 tour. However, this was cancelled when we were run in to by a Volvo estate on the way to the first gig in Station. The tour was re-scheduled for December, and most of the tracks we had recorded over summer for the LP were scrapped and re-recorded in Jan/Feb 87.

A/ Tunnel Vision. B/ Shadows.

Double Exposure - L.P.

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals.
A fine collection of late 80s prog, put together by Steven Wilson, now of Porcupine Tree. 'In The End' was an alternative version from the 'Stoat & Bottle' sessions.
A/Isthar, M'Allegro(Opus 5). The Bond, Seriously Siblings. Mazlyn Jones, First Light. Heimdal, Somnis.
B/No Man Is An Island, Faith's Last Doubt. Anthony Phillips, Promenade. Rousseau, Breakfast At Tiffany's. Airspeed, Far Away Screams. Haze, In The End.
C/Plenty, Forest Almost Burning/Sacrifice. Rog Patterson, Party Piece. Galadriel, Summit.
D/Abel Ganz, Dangers Of Strangers. Wierdstone, Circles. Egdon Heath, In The City. Notturno Concertante, Nocturne.

Stoat & Bottle - L.P. & Cassette

Stoat & Bottle logo

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals.

Was finally released on 01/04/97, and includes a different (and rather better) version of 'Tunnel Vision'. The cassette copy includes 'Shadows' from the single B side & has a slightly different running order.

A/ Stoat & Bottle, See Her Face, In The End, Humbug/The Vice, Autumn.
B/ Resealing/Tunnel Vision, Ophelia, In The Universe, Fading Away, Last Orders.

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The Peterborough Tapes - Fan Club Cassette

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals.
Another fan club tape, this time a C90 for £2. Side 1 opened with a studio recording of 'Something In The Air', done around the time of the 'Stoat & Bottle' sessions. Side 2 comprises the second set of our 'Gladstone Arms' gig in Peterborough. This was our last gig before taking a break to record 'Stoat & Bottle', and finds the band in high spirits, with Chisnell's Phil Collins pastiche intros and the absurd 'wire cutters to the guitar strings' incident in 'Mountain'.
A/ Something In The Air, Take Me Home, Merry Xmas/Freedom Rd. Xmas Medley, Summertime (Single Bass), Mirage, Hangman & The Papist, Don't Leave My Portrait Here, Look Around (edit), One Way World (edit)(with Arthur Deas), Badge, Aardvarks Inevitable.
B/ Watford Hotel, Survive, Tunnel Vision, Don't Leave Me Here, Born In Peterboro', Fallen Leaves, Mountain, One Of Those Outro's.

Humphrey - Fan Club Cassette

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals.
Another C90 for £2.00, mainly taken from the Christmas 86 tour, plus some oddments from the club set.
A/ Intro, Into The Fire, Ceiling's Coming Down, Red Room, Turnaportex Medley, Another Country, Autumn, Humbug, TIBATEOS1, Coke.
B/ Mountain, Straw House, 5 Days Of Xmas, Wooden House, Stone House, No Quarter, Too Much Alcohol.

Love For All Seasons - L.P.

Alan Charnley - vocals, Chris McMahon - keyboards & programming, Nick Robinson - guitars.
The first of my extra-curricular dalliances. Alan was a journalist and prolific pop songwriter who used to book time in our studio to demo his songs. This album was recorded over three weekends at Fairview in Hull. Nick left the band on the way home from the last session. I played one gig with Alan plus a guitarist I met for the first time at the soundcheck. That was the end of Sydney Bridge & The Harbour! The style was pop piano ballads with Leo Sayer/early Bee Gees vocals. I had 20 copies of the L.P. which I sold, Alan's still probably got the other 980 in his bedroom.

A/ Best Years, Smoke Signals, Desperation, Without You, Love For All Seasons.
B/ Rodeo Rider, Natural High, Faithful, Safe From The Storm, Home, Leaving.

10th Anniversary Gig - Fan Club Cassette

10th anniversary show by B McMahon c.1988 Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals.
Paul Chisnell's farewell show with the band in all it's glory! Recorded live at Sheffield University on 27th May 1988.
A/ Intro, Into The Fire, Don't Leave Me Here, Autumn, Ceiling's Coming Down, Red Room.
B/ For Whom, Fading Away, The Vice, Hangman & The Papist, In The Light/Dig Them Mushrooms, See Her Face, The Ember.
C/ Another Country, The Load, Wooden House, Fallen Leaves, Mountain, The Hum.
D/ The Night, Cocaine, Stone House.

Last Orders - Fan Club Cassette

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals. 'Drift Away' & 'Prime Mover' Paul McMahon - guitar & vocals, Chris McMahon - keyboards & vocals, Alen Shaw - bass & vocals, Andrew Feeney - drums. The final Haze fan club tape, includes the 17 minute epic 'Changes In Time' from 1980, plus the only live version of 'Last Orders' and covers from the short live 4-piece Haze #6.
A/ Intro, Night/Mush/Dawn Medley, Epitaph, Changes In Time (with Andy McNaghten).
B/ New Song, Seven Stones, Drift Away, Prime Mover, Last Orders, In The End.

Chris McMahon Reveals The Truth About Flying Saucers - Cassette

Von Daniken logoChris McMahon - everything, with Warren Jacques, Paul McMahon, Nick Robinson & Jon Grainger - guitar & Alen Shaw - bass
Recorded in anger after the breakup of Haze, side one was the precursor of Von Daniken, side two was mainly covers, with the ill-advised combination of me playing guitar & singing!
A/ Mellow Side: Electrick Fish Music i) Gnathonemus Petersii ii) Mathematical Worms iii) Seasoned Rivers iv) Phasers To Stun v) Alien Shore vi) Chopsticks Thru The Neck Pinned Him To His Sushi Bowl vii) Perplectic Eclectic Didactic Dialectic viii) Fish Finger Frenzy a) Terrapin b) Plank's Ton ix) Ah! That Warm Jazz Tone x) Whelk Song xi) Over The Border xii) Amphibious Aardvarks, Far Over Misty Mountains.
B/ Not So Mellow Side: Shot By Both Sides, Wild Dogs, The Liquidator, Lost Johnny, Roger's House/Gabadon Rap, Seal Cull City, Rodents Of Unusual Size.

Alien Shore - Cassette

World Turtle - Alien Shore cassettePaul McMahon - guitar & vocals, Chris McMahon - keyboards, Fudge Smith - drums, Alen Shaw - bass & vocals.

Warren Jacques engineered the recording of the other three while I was on tour in Germany with Cincinatti. I added keyboards on my return, but the band split up just before the recording was finished, hence the instrumental version of 'Ceiling', mixed by me and the version of 'Stone House' with drum machine only. 'Alien Shore' was a take on Alen Shaw, & was later used as the title of a Von Daniken track. I wanted to call the tape 'Turning Turtle'...

A/ Under Pressure, Devotion, Ceiling (inst.), Another Country, Edge Of Heaven.
B/ See Her Face, Fading Away, Straw House, Wooden House, Stone House.

Lemonade & Cyanide - L.P.

Chris McMahon - keyboards & programming, Nick Robinson - guitar & vocals
One of a number of Mighty Sheffield Records compilations. I collaborated with Nick on a re-recording of one of his old band Red Zoo's songs.
A/ The Warhols, Edge Of Love. The Fireworks, Won't Somebody Tell Me. Rise, When Will The Beat Stop. Don Valley & The Rotherhides, Southbound. The Citizans, Eyes Of Jealous Girl. Debut, Charity. The Big Pants, Big Cake Man. Nick Robinson, Did I? Tear 3, Tears Mark Passion.
B/ Cold Vietnam, Hunt The Man. Death Trash, Death Trash Rock & Roll (live). Crane, Inventor. Devoid, No Ambition. GGF, What's The Point? The Bland, Hurlee Burlee Shirlee. Sedition, Inhuman Industries. The Dollar Babies, Easy Pickings. Blammo, Just A Minute. Into The Storm, The Same Circle.

Shutter Clutter - L.P.

Chris McMahon - keyboards & programming, Nick Robinson - guitar
Another Mighty Sheffield Records compilation. This was a soundtrack album for a photo-art exhibition. We went under the name 736-9, which is apparently the library reference for origami books, and produced a suitably avant-garde soundscape. I am assuming that these L.P.s are deleted, but you could always check with Mighty Sheffield Records on 0114 273 0165.
A/ Stinging Jellyfish, Cupid Is Dead. The Gallery, My Ruin. Media Premonition, Acid Casualty. Loony Tunes, The Lost Revolution. Rise, Blue Murder. Poisonous Little Creatures, Entryhead.
B/ The Warhols, Candytown. World Hum, Selling The Cocaine Life. The Gallery, Time. 736-9, Jung. Rise, Shutter Clutter. The Big Pants, The Toilet Is Your Only Friend.

Von Daniken - New Worlds - Cassette & C.D.

Von Daniken 'New Worlds' CDChris McMahon - keyboards & vocals, Warren Jacques - guitar & vocals.
After World Turtle broke up, Von Daniken took over the outstanding tour dates & then set to work on following up 'Flying Saucers'. The 'B' side was recorded in 24 hours, less than a month after 'Flying Saucers' was finished. Side 'A' took a little longer. 'New Worlds' has recently been re-issued on CD. The tracks have been re-mixed, with guitar added to 'New Worlds', and we recorded a new piece 'Electric Fish Music', based around side one of 'Flying Saucers'.
A/ Suspended Animation a) Ursa Minor b) Cataclysm Imminent c) Closedown.
B/ New World Improvisation.
Suspended Animation; Ursa Minor, Cataclysm Imminent, Closedown
Electrick Fish Music; Gnathonemus Petersii, Mathematical Worms, Phasers On Charge, Seasoned Rivers, Phasers To Stun, Alien Shore, Earthlight, Fish Finger Frenzy/Planck's Ton, Syncopated Cephalopod Scurry, Amphibious Aardvarks
New Worlds; From The Submarine Canyons Of The Eigenmannia..., Funky Dog, Pleasant Interlude 17/ Horribly Atonal Sequence, ...To The Farthest Worlds Of Space.
"Powerful space music... featuring soaring symphonic melodies- very grand." C & D Services

"...a splendid and delicate web of music. New age, progressive and rock comes here to a beautiful encounter."
Acid Dragon

"A sort of ambient house/new age sound with some classic 70s style Genesis-isms in a work of Mike Oldfield 
proportions."	The Organ

" unlikely musical combination that bridges styles from cosmic synth onto high-tech progressive 
rock realms." Audion

"...excellent keyboards solos, and a couple of great lead guitar workouts from Warren Jacques... a marvellous 
accomplishment." Zenith

"New age music from old age hippies."	Sheffield Star

World Turtle - Groove Taboo - Cassette

World Turtle by Sharon Pycock c.1994Paul McMahon - guitar, vocals & programming, Chris McMahon - keyboards, vocals & programming.
World Turtle reformed in 1991 and promptly changed their name to Alien Shore. Sam Carr joined on drums and the name was again changed to Groove Taboo. Sam & Alen left at the end of 1991 and the McMahon brothers continued as Groove Taboo, releasing the 'Groove Taboo' cassette in 1992. Finally the name was changed back to World Turtle and the cassette was reissued with new sleeve artwork. Like 'Alien Shore', a number of these tracks were re-recorded for the World Turtle 'Haze' CD.  This was definitely our funkiest phase. Not recommended for the hardened 'if it ain't prog it's no good' types.

Tracks Under My Skin, Under Pressure, Safe Harbour, New Dark Ages, The Silence, Rip Van Winkle, Tunnel Vision, Ship Of Fools, Stone House.
Playing time 42 minutes.

"The best production work they've done...a much more funk/rock direction than anyone could have imagined.... 
'Stone House' is wonderful and more 
of an epic than ever." Angry

"Highly accomplished funk/rock/pop." Sheffield Telegraph

Peterhouse Trust - DELETED
Click here to hear a quick sample of the CDThe Peterhouse Trust is a Nottingham based charity whose aim is to raise money for an AIDS/HIV hospice in Nottingham. A number of very different bands have contributed, making this a very eclectic compilation indeed! Everything from Folk to Cow-Punk, House to guitar histrionics can be found here. (But no prog!). The World Turtle tracks are the funkier than average 'Devotion' and 'Rip Van Winkle'. 'Devotion' is an outtake from the 'Groove Taboo' sessions and 'Rip Van Winkle' is a remix of the 'Groove Taboo' track. All proceeds go to the Peterhouse Trust. Also available on cassette.

Tracks: Drop In The Ocean, Baby, Seven Little Sisters. Rip Van Winkle, Devotion, World Turtle. The Drowning Song, Absolutely Polkas, Stranger Fayre. Where and why have you gone? New Life, The Dark Waltz, Lines. TV, Mr California, The V Necks. Flashing Yellow Light, Chemical. Starski 1, Starski. Open Up Your Mind, Ian Siegal.
Playing time 60 minutes.

On to cassettes

Haze - In The End
Click here to hear a quick sample of the CDPaul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals.
We thought Haze were dead & buried, when along came Kinesis with the offer of releasing a 'best of' CD. This is a rather unrepresentatively 'progressive' selection of the back catalogue.
Haze were arguably the most individualistic of the 80's British Progressives. Some songs may recall Genesis or Camel, but what comes through overall is their own unique yet accessible style. The first Haze CD to be released, 'In The End' is a compilation of the most progressive of Haze's music, remixed by Chris McMahon & Warren Jacques and issued on Kinesis Discs in December 1992.

The track listing relies heavily on the 1987 LP 'Stoat & Bottle', and also includes tracks from 'C'est La Vie', 'Cellar Replay', 'The Ember' and one track 'Red Room' from the fan club live '10th Anniversary cassette. Includes all lyrics.

Tracks: Ophelia, I Fear That I'll..., Survive, For Whom, Fallen Leaves, Humbug, The Vice, In The Universe, Dig Them Mushrooms, A Firkin of Mead, The Load, Stoat and Bottle, Resealing, Tunnel Vision, In The End, Red Room, Mountain, Last Orders.
Playing time 78 minutes

"...a great package for both the newcomer and enthusiast...Reissues just don't come any better than this."

"...a fine addition to any collection... Haze knew how to experiment and didn't just go for the rampant 
GENESIS-isms of their contemporaries." Angry
Ophelia, I Fear That I'll...Survive, For Whom, Fallen Leaves, Humbug, The Vice, In The Universe, Dig Them Mushrooms, A Firkin Of Mead, The Load, Stoat & Bottle, Resealing, Tunnel Vision, In The End, The Red Room, Mountain, Last Orders.

Pathways Of Illusion - Cassette

Pathways of Illusion cassette c.Electronical Dreams Chris McMahon - keyboards & programming, Warren Jacques - guitar. Also Jon Grainger - guitar.
A collection of 'new age' tracks from the Electronical Dreams label. 'Turtle Haze' is a previously unreleased rearrangement of familiar Von Daniken music. I also provided keyboards, programming & mixing for Jon Grainger's track.

Von Daniken, Turtle Haze. Jon Grainger, When words aren't enough. Loads of others!

The Progressive Rock Audio Directory - Cassette

The Progressive Rock Audio Directory is a three cassette compilation of everyone who's anyone in the current prog rock scene. Includes numerous exclusive & previously unreleased tracks. From Dave Robinson, the author of the prog rockers' Bible 'The Progressive Rock Directory'. Includes Von Daniken's 'Earthlight' and World Turtle's 'More'.
Tape 1: Guitar Orchestra, Africa. Manitou, This Life. Big Big Train, Far Distant Thing. Rook, Time To Decide. Evolution, Matter Of Fact. Final Conflict, Wastelands. Pallas, Refugee. Galahad, Suffering In Silence. Ezra, Smiled At Me. Iron Clowns, Like A Drug. Von Daniken, Earthlight. Sphere, Fallout. No-Man (+Fripp), Things Change. Epilogue, Hide.
Tape 2: Cyan, Broken Man. World Turtle, More. Exhibit A, Within These Walls. Vietgrove, K.W. Marc Catley, November. Primitive Instinct, Friend. Quasar, As You Fall Asleep. Framework, Picture Glass Theatre. Maryen Cairns, Breaking. Mr So & So, Hobson The Traveller. Grace, The Fool. Earthstone, Green Pipe. Porcupine Tree, Fadeaway.
Tape 3: Credo, Sweet Scarlet Whisper. Vulgar Unicorn, House At Fudge Corner. Strangeland, Wake Far Away. The Covenant, Flowers In The Desert. Iona, The Final Journey & Treasure. Legend, Storm Warning. Red Jasper, The Night Visitor. Simon Champion, Siberia. Grey Lady Down, Time & Tide. Mike Stobbie, Exordium. Solstice, Medicine.

Cyclops Sampler 1 - C.D.

Click here to hear a quick sample of the CDPaul McMahon - guitar, vocals & programming, Chris McMahon - keyboards, vocals & programming.
The first of Cyclops' 3 budget samplers. Our track is 'The Ember', from the World Turtle 'Haze' CD, which Cyclops credited as Haze. (We agreed to differ on the World Turtle CD - Cyclops are promoting it as 'World Turtle' by Haze, while we are promoting it as 'Haze' by World Turtle! Confused? You will be!)
Abfinoosty, Future. Credo, A Kindness. Epilogue, Swords & Knives. Grace, The Fool. Grey Lady Down, 12:02. Haze(World Turtle), The Ember. Steve Hillman, Into The Blue. Geoff Mann, Creation. Mr So & So, Circus. Primitive Instinct, Slaves. Walking On Ice, Set Me Free. Grace, Lean On Me

World Turtle - Haze
Paul McMahon - guitar, vocals & programming
Chris McMahon - keyboards, vocals & programming
When Cyclops approached us at Christmas '93 to re-record some Haze/World Turtle material for CD issue, we jumped at the chance. Much of the material was written toward the end of Haze, but only previously released on the World Turtle cassettes (and Haze live fan club tapes). All tracks were recorded in our home studio, then mixed at Fon studio. Formed by Chris & Paul McMahon, Haze established themselves as one of the hardest working underground 'progressive' bands of the 80s. Ten years, four drummers and nearly 700 gigs later the band broke up and the McMahon brothers formed World Turtle. World Turtle have continued the eclectic style of Haze, mixing rock & funk, pop & progressive in their own distinctive style. This CD features brand new recordings of previously unreleased latter day Haze tracks, plus the best of World Turtle's two cassette only releases.

Tracks: The Ember, See Her Face, Ship Of Fools, Edge Of Heaven, Don't Leave Me Here, Epitaph, Under My Skin, New Dark Ages, Safe Harbour, Autumn, Another Country, Straw House, Wooden House, Stone House.
Playing time 69 minutes.

"They take their lead from the best of the prog bands of the early 70s, mix it with a mid-80s pop sensibility 
and utilize 90s technology to bring the sound up to date." Sheffield Telegraph

"Stone House, a real anthem and ideal as a closing number." Progress

"Multi-influenced but never plagiaristic, distinctive in style but never repetitive." Wondrous Stories

"One of the real joys of this album is that each track is so different from the one that has just finished 
playing... a driving rock song with great bass & guitar work... (is followed by) ...a ballad of sheer beauty. 

"Extraordinarily catchy, loaded with one hummable hook after another." Progression

"Palatable prog reissue (sic) from well known early 80s combo." Kerrang!

Haze In Concert - Video

Haze in ConcertFilmed at Birmingham University in 1985 using five cameras, this is a full, unedited one hour Haze set. The sound and picture quality are good, if not perfect. (The sound is direct from the desk and the live mixing of the five cameras is a little idiosyncratic at times!) Sound and picture have been enhanced from the original master, although the colour is not 100% natural, due to the setting up of the U-Matic master at the time of the recording. (Take a bow Birmingham Guild of Students Guild Television!)

Tracks: The Vice, Survive, Freedom Road, Don't Leave Me Here, In The Light/Dig Them Mushrooms, Shadows, The Ember, The Hum, Mountain.
Playing time 60 minutes.

(There are some other videos of Haze/World Turtle in our archives, full shows were video'd at Stocksbridge in 83 and Christchurch in 86, but the quality is too poor for release. There are also studio versions of 'Ophelia' from 86, 'Under My Skin' from 92 and 'One Day' from 96 which may be worth putting out if there's any interest - let us know what you think).

Kinesis Sampler - C.D.

Click here to hear a quick sample of the CDPaul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals, Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals.
One track from each of Kinesis' artists, including 'Ophelia' from 'In The End'. A popular introduction to Kinesis.
Casternarc, Peyote. Casternarc, Leo. Multi Storey, The Wire. Ken Watson, Next. Haze, Ophelia. Fonya, Blue Foot. Iluvater, Exodus. Cathedral, Pinochio. However, It's Good Fun. Earthstone, In The Winter Of Night. Jeremy, Deep Sleep.

Haze - C'est La Vie/The Ember - C.D.

Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals
Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, bass pedals & vocals
Paul Chisnell - drums & vocals. Haze 'C'est La Vie/The Ember' CD

Haze's first vinyl album "C'est la vie" is now a collector's item fetching upward of £40 at record fairs. For this CD the entire album has been remixed & remastered, de-noised and computer enhanced, to achieve a sound quality unheard on the original release. Also included are the four tracks from the band's 1985 12" single "The Ember", again remixed & remastered. Includes 8 page booklet of photos and extensive sleeve notes. Free lyric book available on request.

The first of a series of Cyclops Records re-issues of the Haze back catalogue. We reversed the order of the sides of 'C'est La Vie' to make it more 'prog friendly'. (In 1984 the idea was to fool reviewers & radio stations into thinking it wasn't a 'prog' album so they wouldn't slag it off!)

Mirage, For Whom, The Hum, Gabadon, Roger's Revenge, Don't Leave Me Here, Fallen Leaves, The Load, The Ember, The Ceiling's Coming Down, Freedom Road, Mountain.

"The music stands the test of time well with lots of memorable songs, excellent guitar work from Paul and lots 
of nice touches from Chris on both bass and keyboards." Sheffield Star  
"Haze are the epitome of the 80s prog sound...this CD is packed with classic REAL prog...highly recommended." 
The Organ
"Serious songs, deft lyrics and solid musicianship...If you want prime Haze this is your best bet. A return to 
the good old days of the progressive resurgence. The Haze revival starts here."  Angry

World Turtle
Wilderness Of Eden
Chris McMahon - bass & keyboards.
Paul McMahon - guitar & vocals.

With special guests:-
Sam Carr - drums, Warren Jacques - guitar, Derek Nash - sax & flute, Nick Robinson - guitar, Fredrik Satsuma - guitar & vocals, Gordon Walker - violin & mandolin, Linda Wilson - viola.

Our latest, and in our opinion, greatest release! Many special guests make this our most richly textured work. We've also finally got the recording quality to a standard that we are happy with, while maintaining the feel by using a real drummer.

Paul & Gordon in the studio For a track by track breakdown of the CD go to So what's on this CD then, about halfway down the Aug 97 Newsletter 

Tracks:- Let Go, Heroes, Wilderness Of Eden, The Last Unicorn, Kickback, Queen's Gambit, Stalemate, Vertigo, The Long Sleep, Rip Van Winkle, Wolf, Wave, Human, One Day.
Total playing time 71.48.

"Another seventy-two minutes of exemplary song writing from the McMahon 
brothers...the album has a much greater variety and complexity than much of 
the band's old work...the best the McMahon brothers have ever produced." Angry

"The album is a typical mix of progressive rock (extended instrumental passages, funny time signatures, 
acoustic breaks), funky bits, pure pop & Paul's Midge Ure-style strident vocals." Sheffield Telegraph

"The band prove they are masters of writing short, very catchy pop and prog...this release will certainly 
extend their reputation." Wondrous Stories

20th anniversary show
Click here to hear a quick sample of the CDChris McMahon - bass, bass pedals, keyboards & vocals.
Paul McMahon - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar synth & lead vocals.
Paul Chisnell - percussion & vocals.

You've seen the show, now eat the pie - or something like that. Amazingly, we remembered the songs, and probably played them better than we ever did in the 80s.

The original limited edition release of 500 numbered copies featured a bonus CD-R with the first 100 orders. Both are now sold out so we are making them available as a double CD-R 20th anniversary CD back cover

CD1 Tracks:- The Vice, Gabadon, Survive, Shadows, In The Universe, In The Light, Dig Them Mushrooms, The Hum, Seven Stones, Mountain, The Night.

CD 2 Tracks:- The Ember, For Whom, Fallen Leaves, The Load, Don't Leave Me Here, See Her Face, Chat, Hangman & The Papist, The Red Room, Brain Damage/Eclipse, The Exiles Song.

Von Daniken Transient - C.D.

Von Daniken -TransientThe long awaited (by us anyway) follow up to 'New Worlds'. 'Transient' is as much Warren's work as the first album was mine, so there's a much harder guitar edge to many of the pieces, as well as more vocal numbers. Von Daniken gig goers (I know you're out there somewhere) should recognise 'See What We Believe' as 'This Song', and some of the other pieces are developments of ideas from the first album.
Recorded using Cubase VST in Warren's Apple Mac.

Warren Jacques - vocals, guitars, percussion & programming.
Chris McMahon - keyboards & programming.
Derek Nash - tenor & alto saxophone.
Gordon Walker - violin.

Tracks:- Paradigmatic, See What We Believe, Ant-Bear Variations, Are You Or Have You Ever Been, Adventures Of The Interim Group, Pradigmatic II, Transient.

Haze - Cellar Replayed
Haze - Cellar Replayed

Released in March 2000, this is the remastered 'Cellar Replay' cassette, plus extra tracks from 'Cellar Tapes' and bonus live tracks. Track listing is:-

Tracks:- The Night, I fear that I'll, Survive, Portrait, A Firkin Of Mead, Take Me Home, Aardvarks Anonymous, Turn Around, Unto The Dawn, In The Light, Dig Them Mushrooms, Anonymous Aardvarks, Seven Stones, The Exiles Song, Seven Stones (live), Aardvarks reprise.


Heavy Wood

Treebeard "Heavy Wood" CD The debut CD from Treebeard, featuring Chris & Paul McMahon, Paul Chisnell, Chris Jellis & Gordon Walker on assorted acoustic instruments. Includes a mix of traditional, contemporary & original songs & tunes. 

Track listing:- Wilderness of Eden, Drowsy/Sleepy Maggie, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, One Day, It's The End Of The World As We Know It, Danny's Jig/Comrade Chris's Balalaika, Barley & Grape Rag, Nothing Ever Happens, Far Over Misty Mountains, The Hangman And The Papist, Farewell To Ireland/Dusty Windowsills, The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald, The Lark In The Morning, Fallen Leaves, Make Me Smile, Percy In The Linen, The Devil Went down To Georgia

See the website for more details.



Silverwheel Demo

6 track demo featuring 3 studio & 3 live tracks. Plus video of "Matty Groves" from the 2weeks to make it competition.

Track listing:- Cold Haily Windy Night, Black Is The Colour, Ye Jacobites, Port of Amsterdam, Copshawholme Fair, Matty Groves.



The Outlandish Knights Demo

4 track demo featuring St Chartier, Tabbitha's Jig, Hitchiking, Capra Demonicus . See the website for more details.

Haze - Stoat & Bottle CD

Finally out on CD! Remastered from the original master tapes, with the addition of "Shadows" & 5 other bonus tracks

Track listing:-Stoat & Bottle, See Her Face, In The End, In The Universe, Humbug, The Vice, Autumn, Resealing, Tunnel Vision, Ophelia, Shadows, Fading Away, Last Orders, Into The Fire, Another Country, Safe Harbour, Wooden House, Stone House.


Haze - 10th anniversary CD

Finally out on CD! Remastered from the original cassette only release onto 2xCD-Rs


Intro, Into The Fire, Don't Leave Me Here, Autumn, The Red Room, For Whom, Fading Away, The Vice, The Hangman & The Papist, In The Light, Dig Them Mushrooms, See Her Face, The Ember, 


Another Country, The Load, Wooden House, Fallen Leaves, Mountain, The Hum, The Night, Cocaine, Stone House, Outro (Last Orders)

Haze - 30th anniversary double CD

Recorded live at The Peel in Kingston & The Boardwalk in Sheffield on 31st May & 1st June 2008, includes all the songs played at both concerts. 

For these gigs the band tried to avoid playing too many of the obvious choices that had already been captured live on their 10th and 20th Anniversary CDs, by including six new songs and some of their oldest (Turn Around, Portrait and Unto The Dawn) together with classics from their repertoire (Last Orders, Seven Stones and The Vice).

The classic trio line up of Paul Chisnell and brothers Paul and Chris McMahon are joined on some tracks by flautist Ceri Ashton, to make this an essential buy even if you couldn’t make the concerts.

Track listing:- CD1 Intro, Turn Around, Mirage, Over The River, Another Country, Autumn, 4 Real, See her Face, Portrait, The Edge of Heaven, Let Go, The Vice. CD2 Hitchhiking, Ophelia, In The End, Dragonfly, Train, The Hum (inc Danny’s jig), A Firkin of Mead, The Barrister & The Bargast, Unto The Dawn, In The Light, The Night, Seven Stones, Last Orders, Comfortably Numb.

Treebeard - Reel Ale CD

The brand new CD from "Heavy Wood" band Treebeard, "Reel Ale" is a 17 track CD in full colour 4 page digipack released on Gabadon Records GABCD 15. The band play a mix of original, traditional & contemporary rock, pop & folk songs & tunes.  Features:- Ceri Ashton - flutes, whistles, strings, vocals. Paul Chisnell - percussion, vocals. Chris McMahon - guitar, bouzouki, vocals. Paul McMahon - bass, guitar, vocals. Gordon Walker - fiddle, mandolin, vocals 

Track listing:-Train, Three McMahons, Driftwood, Dun Ringill, Ale Jug/Rice, Believe, Over The Hills And Far Away, Tam Lin/Sleep Soundly In The Morning, Free Electric Band (dedicated to Sass), Going To California, Singularly Fine Day, Star Of The County Down, Chris World/Around The World For Sport, Highwayman’s Hollow, Russian Medley, Ace Of Spades, One Day Like This/Hey Jude.

in that branch of the lake DVD & double CD-R

The DVD was paid for & produced by Daniel Castracane, fan, friend & promoter of our three Italian tours. It was professionally filmed & edited, the sound is from one of the cameras & is good quality, though not as sharp and clear as it would be directly from the mixing desk. More info here.

Tracks listing:-Mirage, Portrait, Survive, Ophelia, Dragonfly, Fallen Leaves, Over The River, The Barrister And The Bargast, The Edge Of Heaven, The Last Battle, The Load, The Vice, Changes In Time, Seven Stones, Dig Them Mushrooms, Mountain, Last Orders.

Haze The Last Battle CD

A long time coming, this is the first CD of new studio recordings from Haze for over 20 years (Stoat & Bottle was released in 1987, if you don't count 1984's World Turtle, which didn't feature Paul Chisnell)

Featuring the "classic" line-up of Chris & Paul McMahon & Paul Chisnell, joined by Cat & Ceri Ashton of The Outlandish Knights, this is Paul Chisnell's swan song, as he has just announced his retirement from playing due to tinnitus. A return to classic Haze form, with a new folky twist.

Track listing:- The Last Battle (7.15), Grey To Blue (4.25), Over The River (5.54), For Real (3.04), Dragon Fly (5.32), Classic Rock Bar (5.06), Long, Long Gone (4.04), The Barrister And The Bargast (5.41), Train (4.10), Silent Water (1.42), The Edge Of Heaven (5.36), Is That It? (7.37), Balder And The Mistletoe (5.21), The Red Room (6.43). Total time 72.42

More info & order here.

Haze The Cellar Tapes 30th anniversary edition

The Cellar Tapes

Released as a limited edition CD-R in December 2013, this is now available only as a download from bandcamp. As well as the 8 tracks from the original cassette, we added both sides of The Night 7" single, two demo tracks and two previously unreleasaed live tracks.

There are also a further 10 download only bonus tracks, including our Radio Hallam session, live and demo recordings

Line up:- Paul McMahon - guitar, vocals, bass on 6, drums on 11 & 12, Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards, backing vocals, Arthur Deas - drums on 1-8, Andy McNaughten - drums on 9 & 10, Dave Kirkham - drums on 13 & 14, Jill Stoddart - flute on 2 & 4, Judith Copley - flute on 4, Derek Nash - alto sax on 6.

Track listing:- Turn Around, Seven Stones, Portrait, The Exiles Song, Survive, In Gods Hands, The Vice, In The Light, Dig Them Mushrooms (7" single B side), The Night (7" single A side), Turn Around (demo), The Exiles Song (demo), Look Around (live), Time (live)

 Bonus tracks:- Turn Around (from the Breakaway LP with Paul Chisnell on drums), Portrait (demo with Paul McMahon on drums), The Night, Dig Them Mushrooms, In Gods Hands, Seven Stones, The Exiles Song, The Vice pt 2 (Radio Hallam session with Dave Kirkham on drums), Homecoming, Help (live at the Hallamshire Hotel 14/2/1982)


Treebeard New Leaves CDNew Leaves CD

We were close to having a 3rd Treebeard CD ready, when it all went pear shaped in October 2016 & I had to recruit a new band & recorded 'New Leaves' as fast as I could!

Line up:- Ceri Ashton - fiddle, flute, whistle & vocals, James Howe - drums & vocals, Rob Lowdon - guitar, bass & vocals, Paul Pearson - guitar, percussion & vocals, Chris McMahon - guitar, bass & bouzouki, with Anna Hambleton - fiddle

Track listing:- Lonely Troubadour, Helena's Handfasting/Dusk 'Til Dawn, The Stone And The Flute, You Rattle Me, Lady Of The Moors, Turn To Gold, Not This Day, Days Of Still Cider, Emily's Jig/Llydaw, The Unbeliever, Em tunes (Amhran Na Leabhar/Derwenna/Four Posts Of The Bed), Molly, House Of The Rising Sun, The Grove inc. Raven's Reel, Matty Groves/Runio's


Haze 40th anniversary double live CD & DVD40th anniversary CD

Recorded live at the Greystones in Sheffield on Saturday 23rd June 2018 and Talking Heads in Southampton on Sunday 24th June. Most of the songs on the CD came from the Southampton show, while the Sheffield show was filmed for the DVD release.

Line up:- Danny McMahon - drums, Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass & keyboards, Ceri Ashton - flute & whistle, Catrin Ashton (Sheffield show only) - fiddle, flute & mandolin

Track list CD1:- The Last Battle, Over The River, The Snake, Balder & The Mistletoe*, The Barrister & the Bargast*, Train, The Awakeners, A Call To Arms, Wilderness of Eden, Wave*, Paranoid, The Night.

CD2:- The Load, I fear that I'll... Survive, Long, Long Gone*, Tunnel Vision, Wolf, Dragon Fly, Seven Stones (inc Ophelia), Dig Them Mushrooms (inc Cinema Show), The Vice, Stone House*.

* from Sheffield show40th DVD

DVD:- The Last Battle, Faces on the Wall, Over The River, The Snake, Balder & The Mistletoe, The Barrister & the Bargast, Train, The Awakeners, A Call To Arms, Wilderness of Eden, Wave, Paranoid, The Night, Long, Long Gone, Dragon Fly, Seven Stones (inc Ophelia), Dig Them Mushrooms (inc Cinema Show), Stone House, The Vice.





Haze Back To The Bones

Back to the Bones CD

Our latest CD, produced by Danny, it was nearly finished before lockdown, with just two tracks 'Suzanne' and 'Lockdown' recorded in isolation after March 2020. In true Haze style we revived one very old song 'To Us All' from 1979, the rest are post 2013 compositions.

Line up:- Danny McMahon - drums, Paul McMahon - guitars & vocals, Chris McMahon - bass & keyboards, Catrin Ashton - fiddle, flute & mandolin

Track listing:- See You On The Other Side, Faces On The Wall, Snake, The Last Post, Suzanne, To Us All, Lockdown, The Awakeners, A Call To Arms, The Summoning Dark


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