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Haze/World Turtle/Von Daniken & associated bands gigs

For the first 10 years all the gigs are Haze, the next 10 are World Turtle/Groove Taboo/Alien Shore & Von Daniken, after that they're listed by band, as there's so many different ones! I've used the somewhat egocentric criteria of just including bands/gigs that I played. I figure if anyone else wants their gig list, they can do it themselves! 

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HAZE #1		(Chris &Paul McMahon, Andy McNaghten & Michael Powell)	

10/11/78	SHEFFIELD	Stephen Hill Y.C.	
12/12/78	SHEFFIELD	Coldwell Lane Pavilion	
20/12/78	SHEFFIELD	King Edward's VII School (lunchtime)	



20/04/79	SHEFFIELD	Sorby Hall	

HAZE #2		(Chris, Paul & Andy)	

13/07/79	SHEFFIELD	King Edward's School	
27/10/79	SHEFFIELD	Broadfield Hotel	
22/11/79	DRONFIELD	Midland Hotel	
24/11/79	SHEFFIELD	Steven Hill Y.C.	
19/12/79	SHEFFIELD	King Edward's School (lunchtime)	
21/12/79	SHEFFIELD	Broadfield Hotel	


09/04/80	SHEFFIELD	Broadfield Hotel	
10/04/80	SHEFFIELD	Nethergreen Y.C.	
05/07/80	DRONFIELD	Greenacres	
15/07/80	SHEFFIELD	Saddle Bar	
23/08/80	DRONFIELD	Greenacres	
15/09/80	SHEFFIELD	Wapentake	
18/09/80	SHEFFIELD	Nethergreen Y.C.	
01/11/80	DRONFIELD	Greenacres	
04/12/80	SHEFFIELD	Penguin	
16/12/80	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
20/12/80	DRONFIELD	Greenacres	


05/01/81	SHEFFIELD	Wapentake	
01/03/81	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
20/03/81	MALTBY		Queens Head	
30/03/81	SHEFFIELD	Wapentake	
04/04/81	DRONFIELD	Greenacres	
09/04/81	SHEFFIELD	Penguin	
12/04/81	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
31/05/81	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	

HAZE#3		(Chris, Paul & Dave Kirkham)	

20/06/81	ROTHERHAM	Arts Centre	
24/06/81	SHEFFIELD	Marples	
27/06/81	DRONFIELD	Greenacres	
28/06/81	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
01/07/81	SHEFFIELD	Royal Hotel	
14/07/81	SHEFFIELD	Dog &Partridge	
19/07/81	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
20/07/81	SHEFFIELD	Wapentake	
23/07/81	SHEFFIELD	Penguin	
09/08/81	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
26/08/81	DONCASTER	Marlbrough S.C.	(with Bitter Suite)	
03/09/81	SHEFFIELD	Penguin	
06/09/81	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
30/10/81	DINNINGTON	The Dragon	
15/11/81	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
20/12/81	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	


04/01/82	SHEFFIELD	Wapentake	
07/01/82	SHEFFIELD	Penguin	
05/02/82	SHEFFIELD	Marples 	(with E-Plus)	
14/02/82	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
14/03/82	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
25/03/82	SHEFFIELD	Marples	
01/04/82	SHEFFIELD	Penguin	
18/04/82	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
22/04/82	SHEFFIELD	Marples	
01/07/82	SHEFFIELD	Penguin	
08/07/82	SHEFFIELD	Wapentake	
12/07/82	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
18/07/82	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
25/07/82	CHESTERFIELD	Brimington Tavern	
29/07/82	ROTHERHAM	Dickens	

HAZE #4		(Chris, Paul & Arthur Deas)	

11/08/82	SHEFFIELD	Top Rank (competition)	
15/08/82	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
17/08/82	SHEFFIELD	Blue Ball Hackenthorpe	
19/08/82	ROTHERHAM	Tiffany's	
25/08/82	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
26/08/82	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
01/09/82	SHEFFIELD	Rebels	
06/09/82	SHEFFIELD	Penguin	
14/09/82	SHEFFIELD	Limit Club 	(with Fiat Lux)	
19/09/82	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
16/10/82	HULL		New York Hotel	
22/10/82	ROTHERHAM	Tiffany's	
12/12/82	YORK		Bay Horse 	(with Derek Nash - Sax)	
16/12/82	YORK		Bay Horse	
22/12/82	SHEFFIELD	George IV	


03/01/83	YORK		Bay Horse	
06/01/83	CHESTERFIELD	White Swan	
12/01/83	HULL		New York	
13/01/83	LEEDS		Blue Moon	
16/01/83	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
26/01/83	HUDDERSFIELD	White Lion	
29/01/83	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill	
06/02/83	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
11/02/83	YORK		Bay Horse	
23/02/83	BRADFORD	Queen's Hall	
24/02/83	SHEFFIELD	Penguin	
02/03/83	SHEFFIELD	University	
05/03/83	NOTTINGHAM	Hearty Goodfellow	
09/03/83	BARNSLEY	White Hart	
10/03/83	LEEDS		Blue Moon	
12/03/83	YORK		Bay Horse	
14/03/83	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
17/03/83	BLACKPOOL	Rock Battle '83	
27/03/83	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
30/03/83	HULL		New York	
03/04/83	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
06/04/83	LEICESTER	Horsefair	
08/04/83	YORK		Cross Keys	
09/04/83	MATLOCK		Crown Hotel	
12/04/83	SCUNTHORPE	Baths	
16/04/83	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill	
17/04/83	NOTTINGHAM	Trent Bridge 	(with Andy - Drums)	
20/04/83	BRADFORD	Prince Arthur	
21/04/83	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill	
23/04/83	HULL		Wellington Club	
25/04/83	NOTTINGHAM	Hearty Goodfellow	
03/05/83	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
04/05/83	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
06/05/83	MATLOCK		Crown Hotel	
08/05/83	GRIMSBY		Goodbodies	
11/05/83	LEEDS		Packhorse	
15/05/83	LEEDS		Blue Moon	
17/05/83	BRADFORD	Bensons	
18/05/83	LEICESTER	Horsefair	
10/06/83	GRIMSBY		Pestle & Mortar	
14/06/83	HULL		New York 	(with Andy - Drums)	
15/06/83	GRIMSBY		Goodbodies 	(with Andy - Drums)	
16/06/83	DONCASTER	Japs 		(with Andy - Drums)	
17/06/83	LEEDS		Peel Hotel 	(with Andy - Drums)	
18/06/83	YORK		Bay Horse 	(with Andy - Drums)	

HAZE #5		(Chris, Paul &Paul Chisnell)	

19/06/83	HUDDERSFIELD	White Lion	
22/06/83	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
23/06/83	SHEFFIELD	Penguin	
24/06/83	MATLOCK		Crown Hotel	
26/06/83	NOTTINGHAM	Shipley Boat Inn	
29/06/83	BARNSLEY	White Hart	
02/07/83	HULL		Wellington Club	
05/07/83	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
06/07/83	RUNCORN		Cherry Tree	
07/07/83	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
10/07/83	LEEDS		Royal Park	
13/07/83	SHEFFIELD	Top Rank (competition)	
15/07/83	BRADFORD	Prince Arthur	
16/07/83	YORK		Bay Horse	
17/07/83	NOTTINGHAM	Hearty Goodfellow	
22/07/83	LEEDS		Packhorse	
23/07/83	TADCASTER	Forge Inn	
26/07/83	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
27/07/83	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
04/08/83	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
17/08/83	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
18/08/83	SHEFFIELD	Limit Club (competition)	
27/08/83	TADCASTER	Forge Inn	
08/09/83	STOCKPORT	Cobdens Place	
10/09/83	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill	
11/09/83	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
14/09/83	WASHINGTON	Arts Centre	
17/09/83	HULL		Wellington Club	
18/09/83	GRIMSBY		Goodbodies	
20/09/83	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
21/09/83	CHESTERFIELD	White Swan	
22/09/83	YORK		Bay Horse	
23/09/83	YORK		Bay Horse	
24/09/83	GLOSSOP		Surrey Arms	
25/09/83	BRADFORD	Bensons	
27/09/83	SHEFFIELD	Limit Club (competition semi-final)	
29/09/83	DONCASTER	Japs	
02/10/83	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill 	(with Solstice)	
08/10/83	LEEDS		Fforde Green	
10/10/83	NOTTINGHAM	Hearty Goodfellow	
18/10/83	SHEFFIELD	City Hall (competition final)	
19/10/83	SHEFFIELD	University 	(with IQ)	
20/10/83	BIRMINGHAM	Golden Eagle	
21/10/83	ABERYSTWYTH	University 	(with Sapphire)	
22/10/83	PONTYPRIDD	Poly Of Wales	
23/10/83	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
26/10/83	RUNCORN		Cherry Tree	
27/10/83	YORK		Bay Horse	
28/10/83	YORK		Bay Horse	
29/10/83	DARLINGTON	Bowes	
02/11/83	NEWCASTLE	Cooperage	
03/11/83	DARLINGTON	Rumours	
04/11/83	SUNDERLAND	Mayfair	
06/11/83	HUDDERSFIELD	White Lion	
07/11/83	BURNLEY		City Limits	
08/11/83	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
09/11/83	BARNSLEY	White Hart	
10/11/83	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
11/11/83	NEWCASTLE	Mayfair 	(with Mama's Boys)	
12/11/83	NORWICH		Whites	
16/11/83	PRESTON		Kings Arms	
20/11/83	CHORLEY		Joiners Arms	
23/11/83	GLOSSOP		Trap Inn	
27/11/83	YORK		Cross Keys	
28/11/83	STOCKPORT	Brookfield	
29/11/83	BLACKBURN	Bay Horse New Inns	
30/11/83	DONCASTER	Mainline	
01/12/83	YORK		Bay Horse	
02/12/83	SHEFFIELD	Victory Club Stocksbridge	
07/12/83	SHEFFIELD	Poly 		(with Fireclown)	
09/12/83	SHEFFIELD	Ranmoor Hall Ball	
16/12/83	SHEFFIELD	Silverdale School	
18/12/83	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
19/12/83	BRADFORD	Bierkellar	
24/12/83	CASTLEFORD	Trades &Labour Club	
28/12/83	CHESTERFIELD	White Swan	
29/12/83	YORK		Bay Horse	
30/12/83	SHEFFIELD	Victory Club Stocksbridge	


05/01/84	MILTON KEYNES	Peartree Bridge	
07/01/84	LONDON		Marquee 	(with Solstice)	
11/01/84	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
29/01/84	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill 	(with Man)	
18/02/84	HUDDERSFIELD	White Lion	
19/02/84	NORTHAMPTON	White Elephant	
20/02/84	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
23/02/84	WORCESTER	Waterside	
25/02/84	NORWICH		Whites	
29/02/84	RUNCORN		Cherry Tree	
02/03/84	YORK		Bay Horse	
03/03/84	HULL		H.C.H.E.	
05/03/84	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
08/03/84	NEWCASTLE	Cooperage	
12/03/84	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
14/03/84	PRESTON		Kings Arms	
16/03/84	BRADFORD	Palm Cove	
19/03/84	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
21/03/84	KETTERING	Rising Sun	
29/03/84	PRESTON		Clouds	
30/03/84	GREENHAM	The Club	
31/03/84	GRAVESEND	1900 Club	
04/04/84	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
05/04/84	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
07/04/84	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill (lunchtime)	
09/04/84	STOCKPORT	Brookfield Hotel	
10/04/84	YORK		Bay Horse	
11/04/84	CHESTERFIELD	White Swan	
12/04/84	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
15/04/84	NORTHAMPTON	White Elephant	
16/04/84	SOUTHAMPTON	Waterfront	
18/04/84	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
19/04/84	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
23/04/84	REDCAR		Hydro	
24/04/84	BILLINGHAM	The Swan	
25/04/84	MIDDLESBRO'	The Albert	
02/05/84	LEICESTER	University	
04/05/84	LAKENHEATH	Liberty Club	
05/05/84	LAKENHEATH	Liberty Club	
06/05/84	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
03/06/84	NORTHAMPTON	White Elephant	
05/06/84	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
06/06/84	BARNSLEY	White Hart	
07/06/84	YORK		Bay Horse	
09/06/84	NORWICH		Whites	
13/06/84	HUDDERSFIELD	White Lion	
14/06/84	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
15/06/84	HULL		H.C.H.E.	
16/06/84	RUSHDEN		Wheatsheaf	
17/06/84	KETTERING	Rising Sun	
20/06/84	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
21/06/84	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
22/06/84	SCARBOROUGH	Victoria's	
24/06/84	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
27/06/84	CHESTERFIELD	White Swan	
28/06/84	LEEDS		Dortmunder	
29/06/84	LONDON		Royal Standard Walthamstow	
30/06/84	CARDIFF		Bogey's	
03/07/84	SHEFFIELD	University	
05/07/84	YORK		Bay Horse	
06/07/84	SHEFFIELD 	Victory Club Stocksbridge	
07/07/84	MILTON KEYNES	Peartree Bridge	
09/07/84	STOCKPORT	Brookfield	
11/07/84	LEEDS		Cosmo Club	
12/07/84	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
13/07/84	OAKHAM		Springfields	
15/07/84	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
20/07/84	BRADFORD	Thornton's	
21/07/84	BRIDLINGTON	Golden Gloves	
26/07/84	IPSWICH		?	
27/07/84	ABERYSTWYTH	Kings Hall	
29/07/84	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
11/08/84	LONDON		Marquee 	(with Pendragon)	
14/08/84	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill 	(with Pallas)	
26/08/84	KETTERING	Rising Sun	
31/08/84	GRAVESEND	1990 Club 	(with Pendragon)	
01/09/84	SHEFFIELD	Sheffield Show Hillsborough Park	
02/09/84	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
04/09/84	YORK		Bay Horse	
05/09/84	CHESTERFIELD	White Swan	
06/09/84	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
08/09/84	SHEFFIELD	UK Electronica Festival University	
09/09/84	HUDDERSFIELD	White Lion	
12/09/84	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
13/09/84	NORTHAMPTON	White Elephant	
16/09/84	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
28/09/84	HULL		H.C.H.E.	
29/09/84	CROUGHTON	The Club	
03/10/84	SHEFFIELD	Ranmoor Hall	
05/10/84	LAKENHEATH	Liberty Club	
06/10/84	MILTON KEYNES	Peartree Bridge	
07/10/84	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
09/10/84	LONDON		Hammersmith Clarendon 	(with La Host)	
12/10/84	SHEFFIELD	University	
16/10/84	BIRMINGHAM	University	
20/10/84	LONDON		Marquee 	(with Pendragon)	
21/10/84	ULVERSTON	Sun Inn	
22/10/84	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
23/10/84	PETERBRO'	Gladstone Arms	
25/10/84	YORK		Bay Horse	
28/10/84	PEEBLES		Cross Keys	
30/10/84	SHEFFIELD 	The Underground	
01/11/84	ALCONBURY	Aquarius Club	
02/11/84	BRADFORD	Thornton's	
04/11/84	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
07/11/84	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
08/11/84	LEEDS		Bierkellar	
09/11/84	SUDBURY		Key Theatre 	(with La Host)	
10/11/84	HULL		H.C.H.E.	
11/11/84	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill 	(with Twice Bitten)	
14/11/84	WATFORD		Heads	
15/11/84	UPPER HEYFORD	The Club	
17/11/84	CARDIFF		Bogey's	
18/11/84	KETTERING	Rising Sun	
19/11/84	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire	
21/11/84	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
22/11/84	YORK		Bay Horse	
24/11/84	GRAVESEND	1900 Club	
25/11/84	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
29/11/84	NORTHAMPTON	White Elephant	
01/12/84	WHITLEY BAY	Esplanade Club	
04/12/84	UPPER HEYFORD	The Club	
05/12/84	HUDDERSFIELD	White Lion	
12/12/84	CHESTERFIELD	White Swan	
13/12/84	GUILDFORD	Royal	
15/12/84	BRISTOL		Granary 	(with Solstice)	
16/12/84	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
17/12/84	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
19/12/84	YORK		Bay Horse	
20/12/84	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill	
22/12/84	READING		Target	
23/12/84	SHEFFIELD	George IV 	(with Twice Bitten)	
29/12/84	BRISTOL		Granary	
30/12/84	NORTHAMPTON	Old Five Bells	


06/01/85	NORTHAMPTON	White Elephant	
07/01/85	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
08/01/85	PETERBOROUGH	Gladstone Arms	
11/01/85	LONDON		Royal Standard Walthamstow	
12/01/85	ALCONBURY	Aquarius Club	
13/01/85	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
15/01/85	SHEFFIELD	The Underground	
18/01/85	BANGOR		University	
20/01/85	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
25/01/85	PEEBLES		Cross Keys	(with Twice Bitten)	
26/01/85	WISHAW		Heathery Bar	(with Twice Bitten)
27/01/85	BLAIRGOWRIE	The Gig 	(with Twice Bitten)	
01/02/85	GRAVESEND	1900 Club	
03/02/85	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
04/02/85	NOTTINGHAM	Vino's	
05/02/85	SHEFFIELD	University	
06/02/85	BIRMINGHAM	Railway	
08/02/85	LAKENHEATH	Liberty Club	
09/02/85	LAKENHEATH	Liberty Club	
22/02/85	LONDON		Chelsea College (with Here &Now)	
06/03/85	SHEFFORD	Chicksands Club	
07/03/85	FINNINGLEY	Rose &Acorn Club	
08/03/85	HEREFORD	Market Tavern	
09/03/85	CARDIFF		Bogey's Club	
10/03/85	NORTHAMPTON	Old Five Bells	
11/03/85	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
13/03/85	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
14/03/85	CIRENCESTER	Fairford Club	
16/03/85	CROUGHTON	The Club	
17/03/85	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
20/03/85	SHEFFIELD	University 	(with Solstice)	
22/03/85	UPPER HEYFORD	The Club	
24/03/85	PETERBOROUGH	Gladstone Arms	
25/03/85	BIRMINGHAM	Railway	
02/04/85	SHEFFIELD	Rockwells	
03/04/85	BRADFORD	Coach &Horses	
05/04/85	NORTHAMPTON	Black Lion	
07/04/85	KETTERING	Rising Sun	
09/04/85	YORK		Bay Horse	
10/04/85	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
11/04/85	BOULMER		Hot Trod Club	
12/04/85	PEEBLES 	Cross Keys	
13/04/85	WHITLEY BAY	Esplanade Club	
14/04/85	BRIZE NORTON	Spotlight Club	
17/04/85	RUNCORN		Cherry Tree	
18/04/85	BIRMINGHAM	Railway	
19/04/85	READING		Target Club	
20/04/85	BRISTOL		The Granary	
21/04/85	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
23/04/85	NORTHAMPTON	Old Five Bells	
24/04/85	HANLEY		The Roxy	
26/04/85	BRADFORD	Thornton Club	
05/05/85	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse	
06/05/85	NOTTINGHAM	News House	
07/05/85	SHEFFIELD	George IV 	(with La Host)	
08/05/85	CHESTERFIELD	White Swan	
09/05/85	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
10/05/85	MANCHESTER	UMIST 		(with Pendragon)	
11/05/85	CARDIFF		Red Dragon Club	
12/05/85	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill 	(with Huw Lloyd Langton)	
14/05/85	YORK		Windmill	
16/05/85	UPPER HEYFORD	The Club	
17/05/85	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
18/05/85	LONDON		Marquee 	(with Pendragon)	
20/05/85	NOTTINGHAM	Billborough College (lunchtime)	
21/05/85	SHEFFIELD	Rockwells	
01/06/85	LONDON		Marquee 	(with Pendragon)	
02/06/85	KETTERING	Rising Sun	
04/06/85	YORK		Spotted Cow	
07/06/85	STOCKPORT	Manchester Arms	
09/06/85	NORTHAMPTON	Old Five Bells	
12/06/85	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
13/06/85	LUTON		Cotters	
14/06/85	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
15/06/85	BIRMINGHAM	University (video released as GABV1)	
16/06/85	BIRMINGHAM	Railway 	(with Twice Bitten)	
27/06/85	NORTHWOOD	New Galaxy Club	
30/06/85	PETERBRO'	Gladstone Arms	
10/07/85	LONDON		Dingwalls	
12/07/85	STOCKPORT	Manchester Arms	
13/07/85	BARNSLEY	Arcadian Hall	
16/07/85	YORK		Spotted Cow	
17/07/85	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
19/07/85	CHESTERFIELD	Aquarius 	(with Dagaband)	
20/07/85	GRAVESEND	1900 Club	
21/07/85	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse	
24/07/85	BIRMINGHAM	Railway	
25/07/85	CIRENCESTER	Fairford Club	
26/07/85	CARDIFF		Bogey's	
27/07/85	BRISTOL		Granary	
28/07/85	KETTERING	Rising Sun	
02/08/85	STOCKPORT	Manchester Arms	
03/08/85	KETTERING	Wedding	
26/08/85	LONDON		Marquee 	(with Twice Bitten)	
02/09/85	ORPINGTON	Civic Hall (Wedding)	
03/09/85	STOCKPORT	Boars Head	
04/09/85	NEWTON		Fosse Club	
05/09/85	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
06/09/85	YORK		Corner House	
07/09/85	WHITLEY BAY	Esplanade Club	
08/09/85	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
11/09/85	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
12/09/85	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse	
13/09/85	CARDIFF		Bogey's	
14/09/85	TONYPANDY	Royal Naval Club	
15/09/85	LLANHARREN	Rugby Football Club	
17/09/85	ROSYTH		Lion Club	
18/09/85	BLAIRGOWRIE	The Gig	
19/09/85	GLENROTHES	Rothers Arms	
20/09/85	BRECHIN		Edzell Club	
25/09/85	BIRMINGHAM	Railway	
26/09/85	YEOVILTON	Heron Club	
27/09/85	PENZANCE	De Melza's	
28/09/85	ST AUSTELL	Bugle F.C.	
29/09/85	KETTERING	Rising Sun	
02/10/85	LEEDS		Royal Park	
03/10/85	YORK		Cross Keys	
04/10/85	DERBY		Rockhouse	
05/10/85	BRISTOL		Granary	
12/10/85	STOCKPORT	Manchester Arms	
16/10/85	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
17/10/85	LUTON		College	
18/10/85	BRENTFORD	Hermit Club 	(with Twice Bitten)	
19/10/85	LONDON		Pearly King Bow	
20/10/85	NORTHAMPTON	Old Five Bells	
25/10/85	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
27/10/85	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
31/10/85	BIRMINGHAM	Moor Green	
01/11/85	NORWICH		Whites	
03/11/85	PETERBOROUGH	Gladstone Arms	
05/11/85	BIRMINGHAM	Railway	
06/11/85	SHEFFIELD	University	
09/11/85	LOSSIEMOUTH	Fulmar Club	
10/11/85	FALKIRK		Burns Bar	
11/11/85	EDINBURGH	Preservation Hall	
12/11/85	GLASGOW		Shadows	
13/11/85	FASLANE		Trident Club	
15/11/85	ST ANDREWS	Leuchars Club	
16/11/85	WISHAW		Heathery Bar	
17/11/85	PEEBLES		Cross Keys	
18/11/85	HALIFAX		Raffles 	(with Mournblade)	
20/11/85	RIPON		Brontes 	(with Mournblade)	
21/11/85	MANCHESTER	Cloud 9 	(with Mournblade)	
22/11/85	LONDON		Pearly King Bow	
26/11/85	ASTON		University	
30/11/85	BRISTOL		Granary	
01/12/85	KETTERING	Rising Sun	
03/12/85	STOCKPORT	Boars Head	
04/12/85	LEEDS		Royal Park	
06/12/85	YORK		Spotted Cow	
09/12/85	LONDON		Imperial College (with Twice Bitten)	
11/12/85	HULL		Troggs Bar	
15/12/85	NORTHAMPTON	Old Five Bells	
16/12/85	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
17/12/85	BIRMINGHAM	Railway	
18/12/85	CHESHAM		Elgiva	 	(with Burnessence)	
20/12/85	LONDON		Pearly King Bow	
22/12/85	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker	
23/12/85	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
31/12/85	NORTHAMPTON	Old Five Bells	


25/01/86	BRISTOL		Granary	
29/01/86	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
30/01/86	LUTON		College	
01/02/86	WOKINGHAM	Angies	
02/02/86	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
05/02/86	SOUTHAMPTON	Joiners Arms	
06/02/86	HASTINGS	Mr. Cherry's	
07/02/86	CHRISTCHURCH	Regent 		(with Galahad)	
13/02/86	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
18/02/86	STOCKPORT	Boars Head	
20/02/86	YORK		Lynx Club	
21/02/86	SHEFFIELD	University	
22/02/86	NORWICH		Festival House	
23/02/86	PETERBOROUGH	Gladstone Arms	
28/02/86	SOUTHAMPTON	University	
02/03/86	BRIGHTON	Richmond	
05/03/86	HULL		Troggs Bar	
06/03/86	SWINDERBY	Lincoln Club	
07/03/86	LONDON		William Morris Club	
09/03/86	LONDON		Dolphin	Kingston	
10/03/86	HUDDERSFIELD	Poly 		(with Twice Bitten)	
11/03/86	CORBY		St. Brendons	
14/03/86	BRENTWOOD	Hermit	
18/03/86	NOTTINGHAM	Mardi Gras	
21/03/86	HARWICH		Park Pavillion	
22/03/86	LONDON		Dolphin	Kingston	
01/04/86	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
02/04/86	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf	
03/04/86	SOUTHAMPTON	Joiners	
04/04/86	WICKHAM		Black Horse	
05/04/86	GRAVESEND	1900 Club (Red Lion)	
16/04/86	NOTTINGHAM	Rock City 	(with IQ)	
17/04/86	FINEDON		Mulso Arms	
18/04/86	LEEDS		Royal Park	
20/04/86	STOCKPORT	Cobdens Place	
23/04/86	RUNCORN		Cherry Tree	
25/04/86	YORK		Spotted Cow	
01/05/86	NOTTINGHAM	Billborough College (lunchtime)	
03/05/86	NEW MILLS	Queens Arms	
04/05/86	NOTTINGHAM	Hemlock Camp	
28/05/86	LINCOLN		Cornhill Vaults	
30/05/86	SLEAFORD	Follies	
31/05/86	BOSTON		Indian Queen	
01/06/86	NEWARK		Old Kings Arms	
19/06/86	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf	
20/06/86	LUTON		244 Club	
21/06/86	LONDON		Dolphin Kingston	
22/06/86	NORTHAMPTON	Old Five Bells	
23/06/86	WEST BROMWICH	Coach &Horses	
24/06/86	NOTTINGHAM	Mardi Gras (Twice Bitten farewell concert)	
25/06/86	SOUTHAMPTON	Joiners Arms	
26/06/86	BRIGHTON	Richmond Hotel	
27/06/86	LONDON		William Morris Club Wimbledon	
28/06/86	TONYPANDY	Royal Naval Club	
30/06/86	SHEFFIELD	George IV	
02/07/86	LEICESTER	Princess Charlotte	
03/07/86	FINEDON		Mulso Arms	
04/07/86	KESSINGLAND	Kings Head	
05/07/86	HASTINGS	Carlisle Hotel	
06/07/86	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham	
07/07/86	WICKHAM		Victory Club	
08/07/86	NOTTINGHAM	Mardi Gras	
10/07/86	YEOVILTON	Heron Club	
12/07/86	ST AUSTELL	Bugle F.C.	
18/07/86	LONDON		Marquee 	(with Dumpy's Rusty Nuts)	
23/07/86	YORK		Spotted Cow	
25/07/86	LONDON		Marquee 	(with Pendragon)	
26/07/86	LETCHWORTH	Youth Club	
27/07/86	PETERBOROUGH	Gladstone Arms	
30/08/86	BOSTON		White Hart Festival	
01/10/86	THE CRASH!!!	(at Abingdon on the way to Southampton -
				Oct & Nov tour dates cancelled)	
Christmas tour with Rog Patterson & Single Bass
16/12/86	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker 	
17/12/86	SOUTHAMPTON	Joiners Arms
18/12/86	LONDON		Ruskin Arms
19/12/86	GRAVESEND	1900 Club
20/12/86	WEST BROMWICH	Coach &Horses
21/12/86	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse 	
22/12/86	SHEFFIELD	George IV
23/12/86	YORK		Spotted Cow


17/01/87	BIRMINGHAM	University
11/02/87	SHEFFIELD	University (with Niadem's Ghost & Rog Patterson)
12/02/87	LONDON		Wellington
14/02/87	TONYPANDY	Royal Naval Club
15/02/87	WEST BROMWICH	Coach & Horses
17/02/87	NOTTINGHAM	Mardi Gras
18/02/87	LEICESTER	Princess Charlotte
19/02/87	KINGS LYNN	The Eagle
20/02/87	KESSINGLAND	Kings Head
21/02/87	MILTON KEYNES	Queen Vic
25/02/87	SOUTHAMPTON 	Joiners Arms
26/02/87	POOLE		Mr C's 	(with Galahad)
27/02/87	PENZANCE	De Melzas
10/04/87	LONDON		Centaurs Rugby Club
11/04/87	CHRISTCHURCH	Wedding
15/04/87	BRIGHTON	Zap Club
16/04/87	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham
17/04/87	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse
18/04/87	BURTON LATIMER	Football Club
19/04/87	BRISTOL		Fleece &Firkin
21/04/87	GLASGOW		Shadows
23/04/87	BLAIRGOWRIE	The Gig
24/04/87	ST ANDREWS	Leuchars
25/04/87	GLASGOW		University
26/04/87	FALKIRK		Burns Bar
29/04/87	YORK		Spotted Cow
30/04/87	FINEDON		Mulso Arms
01/05/87	WICKHAM		Black Horse
22/05/87	BRAINTREE	Wethersfield
23/05/87	BIRMINGHAM	Railway
27/05/87	SOUTHAMPTON	Joiners Arms
29/05/87	SHEFFIELD	Library Theatre
31/05/87	LLANHARREN	Rugby Football Club
02/06/87	YORK		Spotted Cow
03/06/87	LONDON		William Morris Club Wimbledon
07/06/87	LONDON		Ruskin Arms East Ham
08/06/87	NOTTINGHAM	Mardi Gras
27/06/87	LEEDS		Private Party
29/06/87	ASTON		University
04/07/87	SHEFFIELD	Ringinglow Festival
29/07/87	FASLANE		Trident Club
30/07/87	DUNOON		Ardnadam Complex
31/07/87	DUNOON		Ardnadam Complex
01/08/87	DUNOON		Ardnadam Complex
08/08/87	SOUTH MIMMS	Private Party
02/09/87	DUNSTABLE	Wheatsheaf
05/09/87	BOSTON		Indian Queen
07/09/87	KETTERING	Watercress Harry

DUTCH TOUR 	(with Rog Patterson & Single Bass)
12/09/87	EDE		Octopus
17/09/87	OLDENZAAL	De Kroeg
18/09/87	NIJMEGEN	Genesis Bar
20/09/87	EMMEN		Blanco
23/09/87	GRONINGEN	Troubadoer
24/09/87	ENSCHEDE	De Vestingbar
25/09/87	NIJMEGEN	GS9
26/09/87	UDEN		Nieuwepul
27/09/87	TILBURG		Egelantier

14/10/87	NOTTINGHAM	Mardi Gras
15/10/87	FINEDON		Mulso Arms
16/10/87	KESSINGLAND	Kings Head
17/10/87	BIRMINGHAM	Railway
20/10/87	LONDON		Royal Standard	Walthamstow
21/10/87	SOUTHAMPTON	Joiners Arms
22/10/87	LONDON		Jolly Boatman	Kingston
23/10/87	LONDON		William Morris Club
24/10/87	TONYPANDY	Royal Naval Club
29/10/87	GLASGOW		Shadows
04/11/87	BRIGHTON	Zap Club
05/11/87	DOVER		Louis Armstrong
07/11/87	LINCOLN		Cornhill Vaults
11/11/87	SHEFFIELD	University 	(with Pendragon)
12/11/87	BRADFORD	Wheatsheaf
16/11/87	KETTERING	Watercress Harry
20/11/87	CHRISTCHURCH	Regent Centre
21/11/87	BIRMINGHAM	University
27/11/87	WICKHAM		Black Horse
28/11/87	MILDENHALL	Galaxy Club
04/12/87	ALCONBURY	Aquarius Club
05/12/87	SOUTHAMPTON	Conaught Hall
15/12/87	YORK		Spotted Cow
16/12/87	SOUTHAMPTON	Joiners Arms
17/12/87	BIRMINGHAM	Mermaid
18/12/87	SHEFFIELD	Cavern Club
19/12/87	GRAVESEND	1900 Club
20/12/87	BRISTOL		Fleece & Firkin
21/12/87	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse
22/12/87	NOTTINGHAM	Mardi Gras
23/12/87	SHEFFIELD	Library Theatre


17/01/88	SHEFFIELD	University(with Lonely Hearts & Cincinatti)
30/01/88	GREENHAM	Colony Club
01/04/88	UPPER HEYFORD	Club
08/04/88	ALCONBURY	Aquarius Club
09/04/88	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse
21/04/88	PORT TALBOT	Bob Tyler's Wedding
27/05/88	ALCONBURY	Aquarius Club
28/05/88	MILDENHALL	Club
29/05/88	SHEFFIELD	University (10th Anniversary)

SYDNEY BRIDGE &THE HARBOUR 	(Chris, Nick Robinson & Alan Charnley)

19/03/88	SHEFFIELD	University Maze Bar (with Agerton Sax)
18/04/88	SHEFFIELD	Springvale 	(with unknown guitarist)

BAD ASS MOTHERS 		(Chris, Nick & Richard)

04/06/88	CROUGHTON	Club
01/07/88	UPPER HEYFORD	Club
09/07/88	MILDENHALL	Club
15/07/88	ALCONBURY	Aquarius Club
23/08/88	ROTHERHAM	Precinct

WINSTON N'GOBOLA 		(Chris & Nick)

04/08/88	SHEFFIELD	Take 2

RODENTS OF UNUSUAL SIZE 	(Chris, Paul, Alen Shaw & Andy Feeney)

07/10/88	MANCHESTER	Swinging Sporan (with Most Dangerous House
				In Stockport)
12/10/88	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire

HAZE #6 	(Chris, Paul, Alen &Andy)

15/10/88	BIRMINGHAM	University
21/10/88	LONDON		Royal Standard 	(with Ark)
28/10/88	ALCONBURY	Aquarius Club
08/11/88	SHEFFIELD	University Maze Bar
19/11/88	SHEFFIELD	Ranmoor Hall
03/12/88	SOUTHAMPTON	University
04/12/88	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse
12/12/88	YORK		Spotted Cow
13/12/88	MANCHESTER	Swinging Sporan
18/12/88	SHEFFIELD	George IV

ALEN SHAW QUARTET 		(Chris, Paul, Alen & Fudge Smith)

22/01/89	SHEFFIELD	Leadmill (with Edgar Broughton Band)

BASTARD CUSTARD BAND 		(Chris, Paul, Alen & Nick Beesley)

25/01/89	SHEFFIELD	Take 2(with Alan Charnley, Winston N'Gobola
				& Comsat Angels rhythm section).

WORLD TURTLE #1 		(Chris, Paul, Alen & Nick B)

08/03/89	BRADFORD	Queens Hall

VON DANIKEN 			(Chris & Warren Jacques)

15/04/89	NOTTINGHAM	The Old Vic 	(with Rog Patterson)

WORLD TURTLE #2 		(Chris, Paul, Alen & Fudge)

24/05/89	LONDON		Royal Standard	Walthamstow (with Ark)
03/06/89	SHEFFIELD	Western Park 	(with Happening Men)


17/06/89	DERBYSHIRE	A  Field 	(with Reg & Wedge and
				Crispin & Dave of The Happening Men)
20/06/89	SHEFFIELD	University Maze Bar


08/07/89	SHEFFIELD	Alen's Wedding


24/07/89	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker


28/07/89	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse 	(with Single Bass)
14/10/89	BIRMINGHAM	University 	(with Treeband)


04/11/89	SHEFFIELD	Rag Parade
06/11/89	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker 		(with Winston N'Gobola)
15/11/89	YORK		Spotted Cow
16/11/89	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse
22/11/89	SHEFFIELD	University Maze Bar


25/01/90	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse
20/06/90	SHEFFIELD 	University Maze Bar
28/09/90	NORTHAMPTON	Racehorse

22/02/91	YORK		Spotted Cow (with Magic Faraway Tree Band)
28/02/91	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire (with Magic Faraway Tree Band)
08/03/91	NOTTINGHAM	Yorker      (with Magic Faraway Tree Band)

ALIEN SHORE #1 			(Chris, Paul, Alen, Fudge)

08/04/91	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer


19/05/91	BIRMINGHAM	Red Lion    (with Magic Faraway Tree Band)
06/06/91	NORTHAMPTON	King Billy


07/06/91	SHEFFIELD	The Owl

ALIEN SHORE #2 			(Chris, Paul, Alen &Sam Carr)

17/06/91	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer 


19/06/91	YORK		Spotted Cow  (with Magic Faraway Tree Band)
21/06/91	COLLINGHAM	Festival     (with Magic Faraway Tree Band)
25/06/91	NOTTINGHAM	Running Horse(with Magic Faraway Tree Band)


02/07/91	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire
04/07/91	SHEFFIELD	Normanton Springs Inn
05/07/91	SHEFFIELD	The Owl


07/07/91	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire  (with Magic Faraway Tree Band)


11/07/91	HUDDERSFIELD	White Lion
17/07/91	SHEFFIELD 	City Hall Ballroom 	(with Big Chill)
26/07/91	SHEFFIELD	Domino
02/08/91	SHEFFIELD	The Owl
07/08/91	HUDDERSFIELD	Bogey's Bar
14/08/91	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer
28/08/91	SHEFFIELD	Gossips
30/08/91	DONCASTER	The Jug
31/08/91	SHEFFIELD	Brincliffe Oaks (lunchtime festival)
26/09/91	SHEFFIELD	Ecclesall Non-Pots Club
09/10/91	SHEFFIELD	Gossips (with Jon Grainger on 2nd guitar,
				replacing Chris who was touring with The
				Dylans & Mock Turtles).

GROOVE TABOO #1 		(Chris, Paul, Alen &Sam)

22/10/91	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer
25/10/91	SHEFFIELD	The Owl
30/10/91	SHEFFIELD	Gossips
07/11/91	SHEFFIELD	Normanton Springs Inn
23/12/91	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer (Last gig with Alen & Sam who
				leave to play in Chicken Ass Blues Band
				with Jon Grainger. Sam later joins Apes
				Pigs & Spacemen).

GROOVE TABOO #2 		(Chris & Paul)

15/04/92	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire
24/06/92	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer
08/07/92	SHEFFIELD	Gossips
08/08/92	SHEFFIELD 	Jolly Buffer
30/10/92	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer
15/11/92	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire


27/11/92	NOTTINGHAM	News House (with ex-Tree Band members)
19/12/92	NOTTINGHAM	Hearty  Goodfellow (with Andy Tinsel Band)


22/12/92	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire


04/02/93	SHEFFIELD	Star & Garter
05/02/93	SHEFFIELD	Domino
13/02/93	SHEFFIELD	Ratteners Rest
19/02/93	SHEFFIELD	Domino
21/02/93	SHEFFIELD	Olive Grove
27/02/93	SHEFFIELD	The Hind
05/03/93	SHEFFIELD	Domino
12/03/93	SHEFFIELD	The Hind
17/03/93	SHEFFIELD	Pheasant
18/03/93	NOTTINGHAM	Hearty Goodfellow
26/03/93	LEEDS		Fenton 		(with Izon Paradise)
03/04/93	SHEFFIELD	The Hind
15/04/93	NOTTINGHAM	News House
27/04/93	SHEFFIELD	Yorkshire Grey
28/04/93	NOTTINGHAM	Hearty Goodfellow
26/05/93	SHEFFIELD	Pheasant
27/05/93	NOTTINGHAM	News House
30/05/93	SHEFFIELD	Endcliffe Park
12/06/93	NOTTINGHAM	Leisure Centre 	(with Savage Jelly)
13/06/93	MANCHESTER	Heaton Park (Greenpeace Whale Walk)
22/06/93	LEEDS		Fenton

Chris also played keyboards with  club band Positive Touch (along with
Sam Carr on drums) on the following dates:-

06/06/93	Hemsworth Working Mens Club  
18/06/93	Doncaster W.M.C	
19/06/93	Immingham W.M.C	
20/06/93	Chadderston Jubilee Club
26/06/93	Thryberg W.M.C.  
27/06/93	Somewhere in S.Yorks W.M.C!
03/07/93 	Goldthorpe Miners Welfare
04/07/93 	Swillington W.M.C.
10/07/93 	Doncaster Railway Club
15/07/93 	Wickersley W.M.C.
17/07/93 	Sheffield Dial House

Chris also played keyboards in a production of 'Little Shop Of Horrors'
at Sheffield University's  West End Theatre from 20-24/7 along with Sam
Carr, Alan Shaw & Jon Grainger)


29/09/93	NOTTINGHAM	Filly & Firkin 	(with Strange Affair)

WORLD TURTLE #3 		(Chris & Paul)

09/12/93	SHEFFIELD	Pheasant 	(with Izon Paradise)
10/12/93	LEICESTER	Princess Charlotte(with Moonflowers)
14/12/93	NOTTINGHAM	Filly & Firkin 	(with Von Daniken)
15/12/93	LEEDS		Fenton 		(with Von Daniken)
16/12/93	NORTHAMPTON	King Billy
22/12/93	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire 	(with Rog Patterson)


05/02/94	BANBURY		Wheatsheaf 	(with Strangeland)
28/03/94	NOTTINGHAM	Filly & Firkin
02/04/94	YORK		Fibbers 	(with Funkfish & Yo-Yo's)
07/04/94	SHEFFIELD	Pheasant
11/05/94	MANCHESTER	Band On The Wall (Greenpeace Benefit)
16/05/94	LEEDS		The Fenton
19/05/94	SHEFFIELD	Pheasant
23/05/94	NOTTINGHAM	Filly & Firkin
12/06/94	MANCHESTER	Heaton Park (Greenpeace Whale Walk)
17/06/94	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire (Green Party Benefit
				with Izon Paradise)
16/07/94	LONDON		Trinity Stage, Walthamstow Village Festival
19/07/94	LONDON		The Village, Walthamstow
20/07/94	LEICESTER	Royal Mail
21/07/94	SHEFFIELD	Pheasant
22/07/94	LEEDS		Worlds End, Pudsey
26/07/94	NOTTINGHAM	Filly & Firkin
28/07/94	NORTHAMPTON	Fitchett & Firkin
29/07/94	YORK		Spotted Cow 	(with New Level)
01/09/94	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer
01/12/94	NORTHAMPTON	Fitchett & Firkin


03/12/94	NOTTINGHAM	Filly & Firkin (with Champion The Underdog)


08/12/94	LEICESTER	Royal Mail
09/12/94	YORK		Spotted Cow 	(with Cloud Machine & Pure)
11/12/94	SHEFFIELD	The Hind
17/12/94	LONDON		Prince Of Wales, Chingford
21/12/94	SHEFFIELD	Pheasant


04/01/95	PRESTON		Kings Arms 	(with Izon Paradise)
20/01/95	BANBURY		The Mill
10/03/95	LEICESTER	Royal Mail 	(with Beswick)
08/04/95	NOTTINGHAM	Filly & Firkin 	(with Last Cosmonauts)
16/05/95	PRESTON		Kings Arms
26/05/95	BANBURY		The Mill
27/05/95	YORK		Spotted Cow
03/06/95	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire Hotel
08/07/95	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire Hotel(with Izon Paradise)
12/07/95	SHEFFIELD	Fountain Bar
06/09/95	SHEFFIELD	Fountain Bar
09/09/95	ROTHERHAM 	Herringthorpe Leisure Centre
				(with Sphere, Threshold & Magnum)
14/10/95	LEICESTER	Royal Mail 	(with What Ever)
28/10/95	YORK		Spotted Cow 	(with Von Daniken)
09/11/95	BANBURY		Muswells
10/11/95	NOTTINGHAM	Filly & Firkin 	(with Von Daniken)
18/11/95	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire 	(with Von Daniken)
25/11/95	ROTHERHAM	Herringthorpe Leisure Centre
				(with Credo & Moria Falls)
16/12/95	NORTHAMPTON	Brewers Arms
21/12/95	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire 	(with Vietgrove)


05/01/96	LONDON		Royal Standard 	(with Credo)
13/01/96	NOTTINGHAM	Filly &Firkin 	(with Vietgrove)
20/01/96	YORK		Spotted Cow 	(with Cloud Machine)
03/02/96	LEICESTER	Pump & Tap 	(with Izon Paradise)
09/03/96	NORTHAMPTON	Cricketers
16/03/96	NOTTINGHAM	Royal Hunt, Top Valley 	(with Lines)
14/04/96	MANSFIELD	Town Mill 	(with Nick Robinson)
26/04/96	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer 	(with Paradox State)
31/05/96	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer
08/06/96	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire Hotel 	(with Lines)
14/06/96	SHEFFIELD	Speakeasy 	(with Terminal Tom)
05/07/96	SHEFFIELD	Jolly Buffer
16/07/96	SHEFFIELD	Fountain Bar
20/09/96	BRENTFORD	Red Lion 	(with Vietgrove &Credo)
18/10/96	NOTTINGHAM	Filly & Firkin 	(with Izon Paradise)
20/10/96	MANSFIELD	Town Mill 	(with Nick Robinson)
25/10/96	LEEDS		Fford Grene
31/10/96	SHEFFIELD	Speakeasy 	(with Satsuma &Nick)
01/11/96	DONCASTER	The Leopard 	(with Satsuma)
02/11/96	LONDON		Union Tavern, Camberwell
09/11/96	ROTHERHAM	Herringthorpe Leisure Centre
				(with Galleon & Ritual)
21/11/96	CREWE		The Limelight Club (with Izon Paradise)
20/12/96	SHEFFIELD	Hallamshire 	(with Satsuma)
21/12/96	STOKE		The Wheasheaf 	(with Grace)


21/04/97	CROYDON		The Gun Tavern 	(with Sphere)
21/05/97	HULLAND WARD	Timstock Festival(with Paul Chisnell,
				Gordon Walker & Nick Robinson)
29/08/97	WHITCHURCH	Prog Fest
				(with Damian Wilson, Arena & ReGenesis)
05/09/97	NOTTINGHAM	Filly &Firkin 	(with Nick &Gordon)
06/09/97	SHEFFIELD	Green Fair, Merlin Theatre
				(with Nick, Gordon & Linda Wilson)
26/09/97	ROTHERHAM	The Florence	(with Nick &Gordon)
27/09/97	WAKEFIELD	Henry Boon's
02/10/97	NORTHAMPTON	Fitchett & Firkin(with Nick &Gordon)
17/10/97	DONCASTER	The Leopard	(with Nick &Gordon)
18/10/97	CREWE		The Limelight	(with Jean Geanie)
26/10/97	LEEDS		CJ's		(with Parallel or 90°)
31/10/97	BANBURY		The Mill
26/11/97	SHEFFIELD	Dikkins 	(with Nick, Gordon &Emma)
27/11/97	STOKE		Wheatsheaf	(with Monster)
02/12/97	CROYDON		Gun Tavern 	(with Derek Nash)
18/12/97	SHEFFIELD	Speakeasy    (with Nick, Gordon & Satsuma)

Things splintered in 1998, even more than they had in 1988, Paul announced a (temporary) 
retirement from World Turtle due to the imminent birth of his son Danny, I formed Satsuma! 
with Freddie Satsuma & Nick Robinson, as well as getting the call from American heavy 
rockers Strongheart. And of course Haze reformed, both as an electric band, and acoustic band, 
which quickly metamorphosised into Treebeard.

04/02/98	WORLD TURTLE 	The Boardwalk, Sheffield (with Derek, Nick, Gordon & Satsuma,
						Parallel or 90° supporting)
18/04/98	STRONGHEART	The Fishponds, Matlock (appearing as Jimi Zeppelin)
1-3/05/98	Chris trip to Holland to promote the Haze 20th anniversary show
16/05/98	STRONGHEART	College, Grimsby (appearing as Jimi Zeppelin)
30/05/98	HAZE & WORLD TURTLE	Classic Rock Society, Rotherham
31/05/98	HAZE		Greenpeace Mayfest, Endcliffe Park, Sheffield (acoustic show)
31/05/98	HAZE 		The Boardwalk, Sheffield (20th anniversary show)
05/06/98	STRONGHEART	Peterlee Leisure Centre
04/07/98	STRONGHEART	Little Un, South Elmsall
18/07/98	STRONGHEART	Cross Keys, Barnsley
20/07/98	STRONGHEART	Gardeners, Chesterfield
24/07/98	WORLD TURTLE	Whitchurch Festival
25/07/98	Chris		Folk Club, Whitchurch Festival (First solo appearance!)
07/08/98	STRONGHEART	Rochdale
14/08/98	STRONGHEART	Polish Club, Barnsley
16/08/98	Chris		Under the Boardwalk jam night (with Herbie Armstrong)(I went most Sunday nights)
04/09/98	STRONGHEART	Don Valley Stadium "Race for Life" Sheffield
05/09/98	"WORLD TURTLE"	Green Fair, Merlin Theatre, Sheffield (Chris, Nick, Sats, Gordon?)
06/09/98	SATSUMA!	Pen Nook, Deepcar
25/09/98	STRONGHEART	Pheasant, Sheffield
27/09/98	SATSUMA!	Under The Boardwalk, Sheffield
30/09/98	WORLD TURTLE	Tin Pan Alley, Sheffield (Greenpeace benefit) (with Paul Chisnell, guest on acoustic set)
02/10/98	STRONGHEART	Pheasant, Sheffield
03/10/98	STRONGHEART	Boardwalk, Sheffield (private party for Steve Phoenix)
04/10/98	HAZE		Under the Boardwalk, Sheffield (acoustic set)
09/10/98	STRONGHEART	Springhead, Hull
10/10/98	WORLD TURTLE	Tut & Shive, Rotehrham (with Paul Chisnell, guest on acoustic set)
11/10/98	SATSUMA!	Pen Nook, Deepcar
16/10/98	STRONGHEART	Pheasant, Sheffield
17/10/98	STRONGHEART	Little 'Un, South Elmsall
23/10/98	STRONGHEART	Polish Club, Barnsley
13/11/98	STRONGHEART	Burton Street, Sheffield (visit by Prince Charles)
15/11/98	SATSUMA!	Little 'Un, South Elmsall
22/11/98	SATSUMA!	Ark Tavern, Chesterfield
27/11/98	STRONGHEART	Polish Club, Barnsley
29/11/98	SATSUMA!	Pen Nook, Deepcar
03/12/98	STRONGHEART	Plumpers, Sheffield
07/12/98	STRONGHEART	Gardeners, Chesterfield
16/12/98	HAZE		Under the Boardwalk, Sheffield (Acoustic set)
17/12/98	STRONGHEART	Pheasant, Sheffield
20/12/98	HAZE		Boardwalk, Sheffield


03/01/99	SATSUMA!	The Ark, Brimington
10/01/99	SATSUMA!	Pen Nook, Deepcar
11/01/99	SATSUMA!	Gardeners, Chesterfield
14/01/99	SATSUMA!	Deep End, Sheffield
17/01/99	WORLD TURTLE	Pen Nook, Deepcar
24/01/99	SATSUMA!	Little Un, South Elmsall
05/02/99	SATSUMA!	Tut & Shive, Rotherham
04/03/99	SATSUMA!	Pheasant, Sheffield
12/03/99	STRONGHEART?	Springhead, Hull
28/03/99	WORLD TURTLE	Pen Nook, Deepcar

02/05/99	SATSUMA!	Rising Sun, Chesterfield
03/05/99	STRONGHEART & SATSUMA!	Lundhill Tavern "Wombstock" Hemmingfield
13/05/99	HAZE		Boardwalk, Sheffield (supporting Bedouin)
15/05/99	STRONGHEART	Borstrock, HOLLAND
24/05/99	SATSUMA!	Gardeners, Chesterfield
30/05/99	SATSUMA!	Little Un, South Elmsall
03/06/99 	SATSUMA! 	The Pheasant, Barnsley Road, Sheffield Lane Top
04/06/99	STRONGHEART	Spring Head Pub, Aston Rd, Willerby, Hull 
10/06/99	WORLD TURTLE	Under the Boardwalk, Sheffield (Greenpeace benefit)
11/06/99	STRONGHEART 	The Pheasant, Barnsley Road, Sheffield Lane Top
17/06/99	SATSUMA! 	The Deep End, Langsett Road, Sheffield 
22/06/99	SATSUMA! 	The Slug & Fiddle, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield 
01/07/99	STRONGHEART 	The Little 'Un, Spring Terrace, South Elmsall 
01/07/99	VON DANIKEN	Transient CD released
03/07/99	STRONGHEART	Little Un, South Elmsall
05/07/99	SATSUMA!	Pheasant, Sheffield
09/07/99	STRONGHEART 	The Pheasant, Sheffield
10/07/99	WORLD TURTLE	The Rising Sun, New Whittington, Chesterfield 
13/07/99	ACOUSTIC HAZE, WORLD TURTLE, OLD PEKULIAR, WINSTON N'GOBOLA, MICK MASSER Greenpeace Benefit, Under The Boardwalk, Snig Hill, Sheffield 
15/07/99	SATSUMA! 	The Pheasant, Barnsley Road, Sheffield Lane Top 
16/07/99	WORLD TURTLE 	Spring Head Pub, Hull 
18/07/99	WORLD TURTLE 	The Pen Nook, Deepcar 
25/07/99	3 LEGGED CAT, SATSUMA! & OLD PEKULIAR RugRock, CFUFC, Chesterfield 
30/07/99	STRONGHEART	Pheasant, Sheffield
07/08/99 	HAZE & IQ 	Whitchurch Music Festival
08/08/99	ACOUSTIC HAZE	Whitchurch Festival
20/08/99	STRONGHEART 	The Pheasant, Sheffield 
21/08/99	STRONGHEART	Catholic Club, Peterlee
23/08/99	STRONGHEART 	The Gardener's Arms, Chesterfield 
29/08/99	WORLD TURTLE	Rising Sun, Chesterfield
04/09/99	ACOUSTIC HAZE	Green Fair, Merlin Theatre, Sheffield
05/09/99	SATSUMA! 	The Pen Nook, Heliwell Lane, Deepcar 
06/09/99	SATSUMA! 	The Gardener's Arms, Glumangate, Chesterfield 
10/09/99	STRONGHEART 	Spring Head Pub, Aston Rd, Willerby, Hull 
17/09/99	STRONGHEART 	The Pheasant, Barnsley Road, Sheffield Lane Top 
20/09/99	STRONGHEART	Gardeners, Chesterfield
09/10/99	SATSUMA!	Racecourse, Chesterfield
17/10/99	SATSUMA!	Little Un, South Elmsall
23/10/99	SATSUMA! 	Wheatsheaf, Bakewell 
24/10/99	SATSUMA!	The Ark, Chesterfield
30/10/99	SATSUMA!	Out of Town, Ripley
19/11/99	STRONGHEART	Pheasant, Sheffield
26/11/99	SATSUMA!	Goodfellows, Stocksbridge
27/11/99	SATSUMA!	Peacock, Bakewell
02/12/99	SATSUMA!	Deep End, Sheffield
10/12/99	STRONGHEART	Pheasant, Sheffield
12/12/99	WORLD TURTLE	Pen Nook, Deepcar
17/12/99	STRONGHEART	Pheasant, Sheffield
18/12/99	SATSUMA!	Goodfellows, Stocksbridge
19/12/99	HAZE		Boardwalk, Sheffield
22/12/99	ACOUSTIC HAZE	The Grapes, Sheffield (Green social)
14/01/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
19/01/2000	Treeebard	Morrisey's East House, Sheffield
21/01/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
02/02/2000	Treebeard	Morrisey's East House, Sheffield
16/02/2000	Treebeard	Morrisey's East House, Sheffield
18/02/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
26/02/2000	Strongheart	Little Un, South Elmsall
01/03/2000	Treebeard	Morrisey's East House, Sheffield
04/03/2000	Haze		Racehorse, Northampton
05/03/2000	World Turtle	Portland Arms, Cambridge
09/03/2000	Treeebard	Fishponds, Matlock
10/03/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
15/03/2000	Treebeard	Morrisey's East House, Sheffield
17/03/2000	Treeebard	Tollgate, Sheffield (Bobby drums)
18/03/2000	Strongheart	Catholic Club, Peterlee
23/03/2000	Treeebard	Green Room, Chesterfield (with Three Legged Cat)
29/03/2000	Treebeard	Morrisey's East House, Sheffield
07/04/2000 	Strongheart 	The Pheasant, Sheffield
08/04/2000	Satsuma!	Chesters, Chesterfield
09/04/2000	Satsuma!	The Little Un, South Elmsall
12/04/2000	Treebeard	Morriseys, Sheffield
15/04/2000	Satsuma!	The Pheasant, Sheffield
21/04/2000	Strongheart	The Pheasant, Sheffield
22/04/2000	Satsuma!	Wheatsheaf, Bakewell
23/04/2000	Satsuma!	Woodman, Bolsover
24/04/2000	Satsuma!	Gardeners, Chesterfield
27/04/2000	Haze		Spirit of 66, Verviers, BELGIUM
28/04/2000	Haze		Grotto Pasinetti, Gorduno, SWITZERLAND
29/04/2000	Haze		Teatro Aurora, Olgiate, ITALY
30/04/2000	Haze		Caplago, Torno, ITALY
04/05/2000	Satsuma!	Travellers Rest, Chesterfield
07/05/2000	Treebeard	Greenpeace benefit, Boardwalk, Sheffield (with Poke & Mick Masser)
10/05/2000	Treebeard	Morriseys, Sheffield
13/05/2000	Strongheart	Lochgelly, Fife (with Saxon)
19/05/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
20/05/2000	Satsuma!	Chesters, Chesterfield
24/05/2000	Treebeard	Morriseys, Sheffield
01/06/2000	Treebeard	Ecclesall Non pots, Sheffield (supporting Seize the Day)
02/06/2000	Strongheart	Heaton Buffs, Byker, Newcastle
03/06/2000	Treebeard	Merlin Theater, Sheffield
07/06/2000	Treebeard	Morriseys, Sheffield
09/06/2000	World Turtle	Grapes, Sheffield (with Izon Paradise)
10/06/2000	Satsuma!	Racecourse, Chesterfield
13/06/2000	Chris &Gordon	Deep End Jam Night, Sheffield
17/06/2000	Satsuma!	Egstow
21/06/2000	Treebeard	Morriseys, Sheffield
22/06/2000	Treebeard	Fishponds, Matlock
23/06/2000	Satsuma!	Coach House, Pilsley
24/06/2000	Satsuma!	Fleur de Lys, Sheffield
27/06/2000	Chris, Paul & Gordon	Deep End Jam Night, Sheffield
28/06/2000	Treebeard	Burton Street, Sheffield
30/06/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
01/07/2000	Satsuma!	Durham Ox, Langley Mill
05/07/2000	Treebeard	Morriseys, Sheffield
07/07/2000	Strongheart	Revival Bar, Halifax
08/07/2000	Treebeard	Fleur de Lys, Sheffield
15/07/2000	Strongheart	Little Un, South Elmsall(without me?)
19/07/2000	Treebeard	Morriseys, Sheffield
22/07/2000	Three Legged Satsuma!	Cricket Club, Welbeck
26/07/2000	World Turtle & Toastplant	The Grapes, Sheffield
27/07/2000	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
28/07/2000	World Turtle	Axe &cleaver, Boston (with Izon Paradise)
02/08/2000	Treebeard	Morriseys, Sheffield
05/08/2000	Haze		Whitchurch Festival
06/08/2000	Treebeard	Whitchurch Festival
16/08/2000	Treebeard	Morriseys, Sheffield (cancelled?)
22/08/2000	Chris &Gordon	Deep End Jam Nights, Sheffield
25/08/2000	World Turtle	The Grapes, Sheffield (with Izon Paradise)
30/08/2000	Treebeard	Morriseys, Sheffield (cancelled?)
31/08/2000	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
01/09/2000	StrongHaze	Pheasant, Sheffield (Paul Mc - guitar)
02/09/2000	Satsuma!	Chesters, Chesterfield
03/09/2000	Treebeard	Clinton Arms, Retford
09/09/2000	Treebeard	Green Fair, Merlin Theatre, Sheffield
11/09/2000	Strongheart	Gardeners, Chesterfield
16/09/2000	Three Legged Satsuma!	Wellbeck Cricket Club
22/09/2000	World Turtle & Toastplant	Grapes, Sheffield
23/09/2000	Satsuma!	Eggstow Club, Clay Cross
27/09/2000	Treebeard	The Lion, Nottingham
29/09/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
30/09/2000	Haze		Racehorse, Northampton
05/10/2000	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
07/10/2000	Treebeard	Classic Rock Society, Rotherham (afternoon)
13/10/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
14/10/2000	Satsuma!	Wheatsheaf, Bakewell
21/10/2000	Treebeard	Chris Jellis & Hazel's Wedding
27/10/2000	Satsuma!	Countryman, Kirkby in Ashfield
28/10/2000	StrongHaze	Pheasant, Sheffield (Paul Mc on guitar)
03/11/2000	Treebeard	Burton Street, Sheffield
04/11/2000	Satsuma!	Old Harrow, Sheffield
09/11/2000	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
10/11/2000	Haze		Pheasant, Sheffield (replacing Strongheart)
11/11/2000	Strongheart	Little Un, South Elmsall
15/11/2000	Toastplant	Boardwalk, Sheffield (Chris keyboards)
18/11/2000	Satsuma!	Peacock, Bakewell
24/11/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
25/11/2000	Satsuma!	Coach House, Pilsley
07/12/2000	World Turtle	Grapes, Sheffield
08/12/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
14/12/2000	Treebeard	Fishponds, Matlock
18/12/2000	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
22/12/2000	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
29/12/2000	Satsuma!	Coach House, Pilsley


05/01/2001	Satsuma!	Springhead, Hull
06/01/2001	Satsuma!	Wheatsheaf, Bakewell
02/02/2001	Strongheart	Revival Bar, Halifax
09/02/2001	Treebeard	Lion, Nottingham
10/02/2001	Satsuma!	Peacock, Bakewell
15/02/2001	Strongheart	Springhead, Hull
17/03/2001	Treebeard	Prince, Hoyland
18/03/2001	Treebeard	Sports Bar, Swinton
20/03/2001	Toastplant & Chris solo		Broadfield, Sheffield
22/03/2001	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
01/04/2001	Strongheart	Diamond Club, Sutton in Ashfield
06/04/2001	Strongheart	Little Un, South Elmsall
08/04/2001	Von Daniken, Satsuma!, Treebeard, World Turtle, Toastplant, Strongheart & Haze
		Chris's 40th Birthday, Boardwalk, Sheffield
15/04/2001	Treebeard	Clinton Arms, Retford
19/04/2001	Treebeard	Fishponds, Matlock
07/05/2001	Satsuma!	Racecourse, Chesterfield
12/05/2001	Strongheart	Labour Club, Rawmarsh
24/05/2001	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
26/05/2001	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Newark
28/05/2001	Satsuma!	Derwent Buildings, Clay Cross
01/06/2001	Satsuma!	Coach House, Pilsley
02/06/2001	Strongheart	Clowne Community Centre
08/06/2001	Strongheart	Springhead, Hull
10/06/2001	Treebeard	Golden Fleece, Nottingham
26/07/2001	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
27/07/2001	Strongheart	Rugby Club, Rochdale
01/08/2001	World Turtle, Treebeard, Toastplant	Boardwalk, Sheffield
04/08/2001	World Turtle	Whitchurch Festival
05/08/2001	Treebeard	Whitchurch Festival
15/08/2001	Strongheart	The Office, Hull
18/08/2001	Strongheart	Catholic Club, Peterlee
19/08/2001	Strongheart	Diamond Club, Sutton in Ashfield
23/08/2001	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
27/08/2001	Strongheart	Lundhill Tavern "Wombstock"
01/09/2001	Strongheart	Little Un, South Elmsall
04/09/2001	Toastplant	Arundel &Surrey, Sheffield
15/09/2001	Treebeard	Sheffield Green Fair, Merlin Theatre
23/09/2001	Treebeard	Golden Fleece, Nottingham
29/09/2001	Strongheart	Rock Garden, Easington Colliery
04/10/2001	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
06/10/2001	Strongheart	Easington Colliery
07/10/2001	Treebeard?	Running Horse, Nottingham
09/10/2001	Toastplant	Arundel & Surrey, Sheffield
13/10/2001	Strongheart	Barnsley
13/10/2001	Treebeard	County & Station, Matlock (no Chris!)
21/10/2001	Treebeard	Clinton Arms, Retford
27/10/2001	Treebeard	The Lion, Nottingham
02/11/2001	Strongheart	Springhead, Hull
03/11/2001	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
09/11/2001	Treebeard	The Plough, Sheffield
10/11/2001	Strongheart	Rock Garden, Easington Colliery
25/11/2001	Treebeard	Clinton Arms, Retford
27/11/2001	Toastplant	Bar 8, Sheffield
06/12/2001	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
08/12/2001	Treebeard	Matlock
10/12/2001	Treebeard	Bar 8, Sheffield
22/12/2001	Toastplant	Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield


11/01/2002	Treebeard	Arundel &Surrey, Sheffield (with Kingfisher Blue)
15/01/2002	CRF		Earl of Arundel & Surrey, Sheffield (with Wilbur's disappearance back to the 
States, I joined Strongheart roadies Rick (guitar) & Fred (drums), replacing bass player Paul, 
and changing the name to CRF. Rick developed a bad habit of disappearing Wilbur like to the States, 
so we'd often go out as CPF, with brother Paul replacing him)
24/01/2002	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
02/02/2002	CRF		Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
08/02/2002	Treebeard	Golden Fleece, Nottingham
09/02/2002	Treebeard	The Plough, Sheffield
19/02/2002	Chris, CJ & Chis	Deep End Jam Night, Sheffield
(over the next few years, most nights I wasn't gigging I was at jam/open mic/sessions, but there's too many to list & most didn't even 
make my diary. I think this was one of the first, though)
24/02/2002	Treebeard	Clinton Arms, Retford
26/02/2002	Chris & Gordon	Deep End Jam Night, Sheffield
28/02/2002	Treebeard	Deep End, Sheffield
02/03/2002	Treebeard	County & Station, Matlock
07/03/2002	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
08/03/2002	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
12/03/2002	Toastplant	Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
16/03/2002	Treebeard	Prince, Hoyland Common
22/03/2002	Strongheart	Springhead, Hull
23/03/2002	Strongheart	Little Un, South Elmsall
26/03/2002	Treebeard	Folk Train, Sheffield to Edale
29/03/2002	Strongheart	Rock Garden Easington Colliery
30/03/2002	CRF		Little Un, South Elmsall
04/04/2002	Strongheart	Boardwalk, Sheffield
06/04/2002	Treebeard	Chesters, Chesterfield
09/04/2002	CRF		Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
23/04/2002	Toastplant & Chris	Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
25/04/2002	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield
02/05/2002	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
03/05/2002	Treebeard	Cutting Edge, Barnsley
14/05/2002	CRF		Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
17/05/2002	CRF		Chesterfield
18/05/2002	Treebeard	Star & Garter, Burton
21/05/2002	World Turtle & Toastplant	Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
24/05/2002	Haze		Running Horse, Nottingham
25/05/2002	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Newark
01/06/2002	CRF		Yorkshiremans Arms, Sheffield (afternoon)
01/06/2002	Treebeard	Plough, Sheffield (evening)
03/06/2002	CRF & Toastplant	Lundhill Tavern "Wombstock"
07/06/2002	Treebeard	Golden Fleece, Nottingham
11/06/2002	Treebeard	Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
15/06/2002	Toastplant	The Yorkshireman, Sheffield
18/06/2002	Toastplant	Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
06/07/2002	Treebeard	Wath on Dearne
11/07/2002	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
27/07/2002	CRF		Yorkshireman, Sheffield
03/08/2002	Haze		Whitchurch Festival
04/08/2002	Treebeard	Whitchurch Festival
16/08/2002	Treebeard (with Fred)	Beer Festival, Barnsley
20/08/2002	CRF		Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
23/08/2002	CRF		Axe &Cleaver, Boston
27/08/2002	Toastplant	Tuxedo Blue
05/09/2002	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
07/09/2002	Treebeard	Green Fair, Merlin Theater, Sheffield (afternoon)
07/09/2002	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Tamworth (evening)
10/09/2002	CRF		Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
14/09/2002	CRF		Rock Garden, Easington Colliery
28/09/2002	Chris		Hallamshire Golf Club, Sheffield (solo accordion gig!)
03/10/2002	CRF		White Lion, Sheffield
05/10/2002	Treebeard	Golden Fleece, Nottingham
08/10/2002	Toastplant	Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
10/10/2002	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
17/10/2002	Chris		Cobden View session, Sheffield
20/10/2002	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield
22/10/2002	Chris		Red House session, Sheffield
24/10/2002	Treebeard	Clinton Arms, Retford
26/10/2002	Treebeard	The Lion, Nottingham
01/11/2002	CRF		The Prince, Hoyland
05/11/2002	CRF		Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
07/11/2002	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
08/11/2002	CRF		Rochdale
10/11/2002	Strongheart	Rock Garden, Easington Colliery
12/11/2002	Toastplant	Tuxedo Blue, Sheffield
13/11/2002	Strongheart	Boardwalk, Sheffield
15/11/2002	Strongheart	Axe & Cleaver, Boston
20/11/2002	Strongheart	Wellington, Hull
21/11/2002	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
23/11/2002	Strongheart	Polish Club, Barnsley
29/11/2002	Strongheart	Pheasant, Sheffield
01/12/2002	Treebeard	Golden Fleece, Nottingham
05/12/2002	CRF		White Lion, Sheffield
06/12/2002	Toastplant	Jolly Buffer/Classic Rock Bar, Sheffield
07/12/2002	CRF		Jolly Buffer/Classic Rock Bar, Sheffield
08/12/2002	Treebeard	Cutting Edge, Barnsley
12/12/2002	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
13/12/2002	CRF		Axe & Cleaver, Boston
19/12/2002	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield
20/12/2002	Treebeard	Barley Sheaf, Wombwell
21/12/2002	CRF		Jolly Buffer/CRB, Sheffield
26/12/2002	CRF		Polish Club, Barnsley
31/12/2002	CRF		Renishaw Miners Welfare

03/01/2003	CRF		Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe
04/01/2003	CRF		Empress, Bradford
11/01/2003	CRF		Rock Garden, Easington Colliery
27/02/2003	CRF		White Lion, Sheffield
01/03/2003	CRF 		Classic Rock Bar, Sheffield 
02/03/2003	Haze 		Classic Rock Bar, Sheffield 
07/03/2003	Haze 		Officina della birra Bioggio nr Lugano SWITZERLAND 
08/03/2003	Treebeard with Haze	Milonga Pub Lipomo nr. Como ITALY
09/03/2003	Treebeard &Sulutumana Teatro Excelsior Erba ITALY
10/03/2003	Haze 		Spirit of 66 Verviers BELGIUM 
15/03/2003	Treebeard	The Prince, Hoyland Common Barnsley 
19/03/2003	Treebeard	Navigation, Newark 
21/03/2003	CRF 		Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe 
22/03/2003	Treebeard &Haze Paul's 40th Birthday Party, Burton St, Sheffield
26/03/2003	CRF 		Woodseats Hotel, Sheffield 
28/03/2003	CRF 		Racecourse Tavern, Chesterfield 
29/04/2003	Treebeard	CRB, Sheffield (Green Party Benefit)
04/04/2003	CRF 		Classic Rock Bar, Sheffield 
05/04/2003	Treebeard 	The Lion, Nottingham 
10/04/2003	Treebeard	The White Swan, Belper 
18/04/2003	Treebeard	The Classic Rock Bar, Sheffield 
19/04/2003	Treebeard 	Norton Club, Doncaster 
25/04/2003	Treebeard 	Racecourse Tavern, Chesterfield 
29/04/2009	Treebeard & Haze	Classic Rock Bar Green Benefit, Sheffield
02/05/2003	Treebeard 	Golden Fleece, Nottingham 
03/05/2003	CRF		Classic Rock Bar, Sheffield 
08/05/2003	CRF		Sun Inn, Saxilby  
09/05/2003	Treebeard	The Catholic Club, Wombwell (with Charley, fiddle)
22/05/2003	Treebeard	The Cutting Edge, Barnsley (with Charley, fiddle)
23/05/2003	Treebeard & Haze 	CAMRA Beer Festival Newark 
24/05/2003	CRF, Racecourse Tavern, Chesterfield
27/05/2003	Treebeard Folk Train Rambler Inn Edale 
31/05/2009	Treebeard	Square & Compass, Matlock
01/06/2003	Haze 		25th anniversary show The Boardwalk Sheffield 
06/06/2003	CRF 		Classic Rock Bar Ecclesall Road Sheffield 
07/06/2003	Treebeard 	Chesters, Chesterfield 
12/06/2003	CRF 		White Lion, Sheffield
14/06/2003	Treebeard 	County &Station, Matlock 
20/06/2003	Treebeard	South Wingfield Social Club
21/06/2003	CRF 		Rock Bar Easington Colliery 
26/06/2003	Treebeard 	White Lion, Sheffield 
27/06/2003	Treebeard	The Victoria, Coalville
28/06/2003	Chris Treebeard	Green Fair, St Mary’s,  Bramhall Lane, Sheffield
05/07/2003	CRF		Classic Rock Bar, Sheffield
1/2/3/08/2003	Treebeard & Haze	Whitchurch Festival, Hants
22/08/2003	CRF	Sun Inn, Saxilby
24/08/2003	Chris Treebeard	Open Mic, Towersy Festival
29/08/2003	Treebeard	Countryman, Kirkby in Ashfield
30/08/2003	Haze	The Lion, Nottingham
05/09/2003	Treebeard	Tamworth Beer Festival
06/09/2009	CRF		The Emress, Bradford
20/09/2003	Chris Treebeard	Blue Moon, Sheffield
25/09/2003	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield
01/10/2003	CRF		Newark
03/10/2003	Treebeard	Sports & Social Club, South Wingfield
04/10/2003	Treebeard	Nottingham
11/10/2003	Treebeard	Social Club, Askern Spa
12/10/2003	CRF		Bold Forester, Mansfield
17/10/2003	Treebeard	Coalville
25/10/2003	CRF		Sun Inn, Saxilby
14/11/2003	Treebeard 	Salutation, Nettleton
20/11/2003	Treebeard	Deep End, Sheffield
21/11/2003	Scratch Band	Blind Institute Ceilidh
26/11/2003	Treebeard	White Swan, Belper
03/12/2003	CRF		Birley, Sheffield
11/12/2003	Treebeard	Clinton Arms, Retford
17/12/2003	Treebeard	Catholic Club, Wombwell
19/12/2003	Blackmail Pete	Maltby Special School (afternoon)
19/12/2003	Treebeard	Classic Rock Bar, Sheffield
30/12/2003	CRF		Sun Inn, Saxilby
03/12/2004	Treebeard	Party, Belper
17/01/2004	CRF		Empress, Bradford
18/01/2004	CRF		CRB, Sheffield
21/01/2004	CRF		Woodseats, Sheffield
23/01/2004	CRF		Salutation, Nettleton
24/01/2004	CRF		CRB, Sheffield
30/01/2004	Treebeard	Black Bull, Bolsover
31/01/2004	Treebeard	Golden Fleece, Nottingham
04/02/2004	Treebeard	Deep End, Sheffield
06/02/2004	Treebeard	South Wingfield
07/02/2004	Treebeard	Chesters, Chesterfield
12/02/2004	CRF		Cricketers, Sheffield
13/02/2004	CRF		White Lion, Sheffield
14/02/2004	CRF		Snafu, Rotherham
21/02/2004	CRF		Sutton in Ashfield
22/02/2004	CRF		CRB, Sheffield
26/02/2004	Treebeard	Grouse, Chesterfield (with Charley, fiddle)
27/02/2004	Haze &Treebeard	Bonnington Theatre, Nottingham
28/02/2004	Haze &Treebeard	Racehorse, Northampton
29/02/2004	Haze &Treebeard	Boardwalk, Sheffield
05/03/2004	World Turtle	Nottingham
13/03/2004	Treebeard	Sammy's Hoyland
15/03/2004	Treebeard &Ceridwen's Cauldron	Fargate Festival, Sheffield
17/03/2004	Chris Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield
18/03/2004	Chris Treebeard	Phoenix 3, Sheffield
19/03/2004	Treebeard	CRB, Sheffield (with Minnie Moosika)
21/03/2004	CRF		Bold Forester, Mansfield
22/03/2004	Treebeard	Sammy's Hoyland (with Charley)
25/03/2004	Treebeard	White Swan, Belper
27/03/2004	Treebeard	WMC Askern Spa
28/03/2004	Chris Treebeard	BRBs, Sheffield (formerly Hallamshire Hotel)
02/04/2004	CRF		CRB, Sheffield
10/04/2004	Ceilidh scratch band Hathersage
21/04/2004	Chris Treebeard	Bukowskis, Sheffield
23/04/2004	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield
25/04/2004	Chris Treebeard	CRB, Sheffield
03/05/2004	Treebeard	Kelham Island Mayfest, Sheffield
06/05/2004	Chris Treebeard	Grapes, Sheffield
07/05/2004	Treebeard	The Lion, Nottingham
09/05/2004	Chris Treebeard	BRBs, Sheffield
20/05/2004	Chris &Sue	Blind Institute, Sheffield
22/05/2004	Chris &Sue	Black Swan Folk Day, York
26/05/2004	Treebeard	Deep End, Sheffield (with Minnie Moosika)
27/05/2004	Chris &Sue support Dead by Friday	CRB, Sheffield
28/05/2004	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Newark
29/05/2004	Treebeard	Norton Club, Doncaster (with Charley)
30/05/2004	Treebeard	Rose of England, Nottingham
03/06/2004	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield
05/06/2004	Treebeard	Perverts in Leather, Bike Fest
09/06/2004	Paul Pearson	Rivelin Folk Club, Sheffield
12/06/2004	Treebeard	Mum &Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary
13/06/2004	Haze		Boardwalk, Sheffield
18/06/2004	Chris Treebeard	CRB, Sheffield (with Paul)
20/06/2004	Blackmail Pete	Mumpers Ceilidh, Derby
23/06/2004	Chris Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield
27/06/2004	Chris &Sue	CRB, Sheffield
03/07/2004	Treebeard	Lodgemoor Festival, Sheffield
04/07/2004	Blackmail Pete	Ruskin Park, Sheffield
08/07/2004	Treebeard	White Swan, Belper
09/07/2004	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Derby
10/07/2004	Strongheart	Hog roast, York
16/07/2004	Treebeard	South Wingfield
17/07/2004	Chris Treebeard	Green Fair, Sheffield (afternoon)
17/07/2004	Treebeard	Treefest, Newstead
18/07/2004	Strongheart	CRB, Sheffield
22/07/2004	Treebeard	Grouse, Chesterfield (with Ceri)
24/07/2004	Haze & Treebeard	Nettlestock Festival
25/07/2004	Strongheart	Nettlestock Festival
30/07/2004	Treebeard	CRB, Sheffield
05/08/2004	Ceilidh scratch band	Hallam Uni, Sheffield
06/08/2004	Treebeard	Maynard Arms, Grindleford
07/08/2004	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland (with Charley)
18/08/2004	Chris Treebeard Band	CRB, Sheffield (Chris, Paul, Fred, Charley, Ian)
24/08/2004	Chris & Sue	Frog & Parrot, Sheffield
28/08/2004	Chris, Sue, Ian, Charley, Ceri	Open Stage Towersey Festival
31/08/2004	Treebeard	Folk Train, Sheffield to Edale
02/09/2004	CRF		Charisma, Hoyland
03/09/2004	CRF		CRB, Sheffield (with Paul)
05/09/2004	CRF		Polish Club, Barnsley
07/09/2004	Chris & Sue	Frog & Parrot, Sheffield & every Tuesday for next 2 years!
09/09/2004	Treebeard	Ruskins, Sheffield
10/09/2004	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Tamworth
11/09/2004	Chris, Sue, Paul, Charley,	Beer Festival, Tamworth
12/09/2004	Chris & Sue 	CRB, Sheffield
17/09/2004	Ceilid scratch band	Blind Institute, Sheffield
19/09/2004	Chris & Sue	Ruskins, Sheffield
24/09/2004	CRF		Polish Club, Barnsley
29/09/2004	Treebeard	Sammy's Hoyland
30/09/2004	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Sheffield
01/10/2004	Treebeard	Brampton Manor, Chesterfield
03/10/2004	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield
04/10/2004	Chris & Sue support Kingfisher Blue	Bellhouse Club, Sheffield
07/10/2004	Treebeard	White Swan, Belper
08/10/2004	Ceilidh scratch band	Stephenson Hall, Sheffield
10/10/2004	Chris & Sue	CRB, Sheffield
17/10/2004	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland
20/10/2004	CRF	 	Woodseats, Sheffield
22/10/2004	Treebeard 	Dog & Partridge, Holmfirth
23/10/2004	Treebeard	South Wingfield
27/10/2004	Chris Treebeard Band	Deep End, Sheffield
29/10/2004	Treebeard	Folk Festival, Sheffield
31/10/2004	Treebeard	Folk Festival, Sheffield
03/11/2004	Chris Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield
04/11/2004	CRF		Charisma, Hoyland
05/10/2004	CRF		Sportsman, Long Eaton
07/11/2004	CRF		Bold Forester, Mansfield (with Nick Toastplant & Rob)
10/11/2004	Treebeard	Woodseats, Sheffield
11/11/2004	CRF		Victoria, Coalville
14/11/2004	Chris & Sue	CRB, Sheffield
15/11/2004	Chris & Sue support Kingfisher Blue	Bellhouse Club, Sheffield
18/11/2004	CRF		Olive Grove, Sheffield
19/11/2004	CRF		Salutation, Nettleton
20/11/2004	Derwenna	Bamford (with Chris - bass)
25/11/2004	CRF		CRB, Sheffield
26/11/2004	CRB		Leaking Boot, Cleethporpes
28/11/2004	Chris & Sue	Ruskins, Sheffield
02/12/2004	Treebeard	Ruskins, Sheffield
04/12/2004	Treebeard	Polish Club, Barnsley
15/12/2004	CRB		CRF, Sheffield
17/11/2004	CRF		White Lion, Sheffield
18/12/2004	Treebeard	Wombwell High St (afetrnoon)
18/12/2004	Treebeard support Colvin Qualmby	St Michaels Hall, Wombwell (with Ceri)
19/12/2004	Treebeard	CRB, Sheffield (with Ceri)
27/12/2004	CRF		Polish Club, Barnsley


09/01/2005	Silverwheel	CRB, Sheffield
16/01/2005	Chris & Sue	Ruskins, Sheffield
26/01/2005	Chris & Sue	Green Room, Sheffield
31/01/2005 	Chris & Sue	CRB open mic, Sheffield (I went to this most Mondays until it closed)
02/02/2005	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
09/02/2005	Treebeard	Woodseats, Sheffield (with Ceri & Peter)
11/02/2005	Treebeard	The Black Bull, Bolsover (with Ceri & Peter)
14/02/2005	Chris Treebeard	CRB Open Mic, Sheffield (with Ceri)
16/02/2005	Silverwheel	CRB, Sheffield (with Paul Chisnell - drums)
17/02/2005	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield
20/02/2005	Chris & Sue	Ruskins, Sheffield
26/02/2005	Chris & Sue	Hosting session at Red House, Sheffield
04/03/2005	Treebeard	Green Conference. Chesterfield
05/03/2005	Chris & Sue	Cricketers, Sheffield
09/03/2005	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
10/03/2005	Silverwheel	Olive Grove, Sheffield (standing in for CRF)
11/03/2005	Treebeard	The Lion, Nottingham
12/03/2005	Treebeard	Polish Club, Barnsley
16/03/2005	Treebeard/Silverwheel	Wombwell Folk Club
17/03/2005	Treebeard	White Swan, Belper
18/03/2005	Chris Treebeard	interval spot, Stephenson Hall Ceilidh, Sheffield
20/03/2005	Treebeard	Victoria, Beeston, Nottingham (with Ceri)
23/03/2005	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland (with Ceri)
24/03/2005	Chris & Sue	Tree Merry Lads, Sheffield
26/03/2005	Chris & Sue	Hosting session at Red House, Sheffield
27/03/2005	Silverwheel	Bold Forester, Mansfield
31/03/2005	CRF		White Lion, Sheffield
01/04/2005	Chris & Sue	Jake's Wedding, Sheffield
03/04/2005	Chris & Sue	interval spot, Mumper's Ceilidh, Derby
04/04/2005	Chris & Sue	last CRB open mic, Sheffield
08/04/2005	CPF		The Bush, Royston
13/04/2005	Chris & Sue	Green Room, Sheffield
16/04/2005	Treebeard	Polish Club (with Ceri)
20/04/2005	Chris & Sue	Wombwell Folk Club
22/04/2005	Treebeard	Social Club, South Wingfield
24/04/2005	Treebeard	Fox & Horses, Ripley (with Ceri)
27/04/2005	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
28/04/2005	Chris & Sue	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
02/05/2005	Treebeard	Mayfest, Kelham Island, Sheffield
03/05/2005	Treebeard	The Boardwalk (supporting Psi-Phi)(with Ceri)
04/05/2005	CRF		The Cricketers, Sheffield
05/05/2005	Treebeard	The Grouse, Chesterfield (with Ceri)
06/05/2005	CRF		The Roost Rock Club, Long Eaton
07/05/2005	Chris & Sue	Hosting session at Red House, Sheffield
08/05/2005	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield (& Ceri & Charley)
12/05/2005	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
27/05/2005	Silverwheel	Beer Festival, Newark
29/05/2005	Silverwheel	Herringthorpe Leisure Centre (noon!)
01/06/2005	Chris & Sue	Ruskins, Sheffield
02/06/2005	CRF		The Olive Grove, Sheffield
03/06/2005	Chris & Sue	interval spot Blind Institute Ceilidh
04/06/2005	CRF		The Little Un, South Elmsall
08/06/2005	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
09/06/2005	Treebeard	The White Lion, Sheffield (The night that Mad Sass died)
11/06/2005	Silverwheel	Ruskin Park Festival, Sheffield
12/06/2005	Silverwheel	Broomhill Festival, Fox & Duck, Sheffield
16/06/2005	Silverwheel	Black Swan, York
19/06/2005	Silverwheel	Bishop Burton College, Beverley
23/06/2005	Chris &Sue	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
01/07/2005	Silverwheel (acoustic & Paul) Sass's wake, ChaCha's Sheffield
03/07/2005	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland
06/07/2005	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
07/07/2005	Treebeard	The Talbot, Mansfield
09/07/2005	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Derby
10/07/2005	Chris, Sue & Peter	The Gate, Hoyland
13/07/2005	Chris & Sue	Green Room, Sheffield
17/07/2005	Chris & Sue & Anna	The Gate, Hoyland
22/07/2005	Treebeard	The Lion, Nottingham
23/07/2005	Treebeard	Three Stage Head, Darley Bridge
24/07/2005	Treebeard	The Lion, Beeston, Nottingham (afternoon)
24/07/2005	Treebeard	The Old Plough Inn,Eggington (evening)
29/07/2005	Chris & Sue	The Red House, Sheffield
30/07/2005	Silverwheel	Shefstock Festival (afternoon)
30/07/2005	Treebeard	Chesters, Chesterfield (with Ceri)
31/07/2005	Treebeard	The Grouse, Chesterfield (with Ceri)
03/08/2005	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
04/08/2005	CPF		White Lion, Sheffield
06/08/2005	Haze, Treebeard, ceilidh	Wedding, Bradford (with Fred &Charley)
24/08/2005	CPF		Woodseats, Sheffield
27/08/2005	Chris & Sue	Towersey Festival Folk Club
28/08/2005	Chris & Sue	Towersey Festival Open Mic
29/08/2005	Chris & Sue	Towersey Festival Church Concert
01/09/2005	CRF		Olive Grove, Sheffield
03/09/2005	Treebeard	Edale flying club
04/09/2005	Treebeard	Party in the Park, Alfreton (no Gordon)
07/09/2005	Chris Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield
08/09/2005	Three Legged Cat	White Lion, Sheffield (Chris on bass)
09/09/2005	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Tamworth
10/09/2005	Chris, Phil & Trev	Conoco Gala, S Killingholme
18/09/2005	Silverwheel	Wedding, Sheffield
23/09/2005	CRF		Cricketers, Sheffield
25/09/2005	Haze & Treebeard	Party, Hartlepool
28/09/2005	Treebeard	Ilkeston Folk & Blues Club
29/09/2005	Silverwheel (acoustic)	Beer Festival, Sheffield
30/09/2005 	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Sheffield (with Ceri)
01/10/2005	Treebeard	Polish Club, Barnsley
02/10/2005	CRF		Bold Forester, Mansfield
06/10/2005	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield
07/10/2005	Treebeard	South Wingfield (with Ceri)
08/10/2005	CRF		Bike Rally, nr Wakefield
14/10/2005	Treebeard	Brampton Manor, Chesterfield
16/10/2005	CRF		Clowne Blues Club
26/10/2005	Chris & Sue	Ruskins, Sheffield
28/10/2005	Chris & Sue	intro session, Sheffield Folk Festival
29/10/2005	Silverwheel	Sheffield Folk Festival
02/11/2005	CRF		Woodseats, Sheffield
09/11/2005	Silverwheel	West Street Live, Sheffield
10/11/2005	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
11/11/2005	Treebeard	Countryman, Kirkby in Ashfield (Ceri, no Gordon)
16/11/2005	Chris & Sue	Wombwell Folk Club
19/11/2005	Silverwheel	Polish Club, Barnsley
25/11/2005	Treebeard	The Boat, Cromford
26/11/2005	Treebeard	The Polish Club, Barnsley
30/11/2005	Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield
01/12/2005	CRF		Cricketers, Sheffield
05/12/2005	Chris, Sue, Peter		Under The Boardwalk, Sheffield
07/12/2005	Chris & Sue	Green Room, Sheffield
08/12/2005	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield
09/12/2005	Silverwheel & Derwenna	Christmas Ceilidh
10/12/2005	Treebeard	Star & Garter, Burton (CANCELLED)
15/12/2005	CRF		White Lion, Sheffield
16/12/2005	CRF 		West Street Live, Sheffield
17/12/2005	CRF 		West Street Live, Sheffield
21/12/2005	Treebeard/Haze	West Street Live, Sheffield
02/01/2006	Chris & Sue	Conwy Folk Club (with Ceri)
11/01/2006	Silverwheel	West Street Live, Sheffield
12/01/2006	CRF		The Sheaf, Sheffield
13/01/2006	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland
14/01/2006	Treebeard	Reinshaw Miners Welfare
18/01/2006	Chris & Sue	Green Room, Sheffield
20/01/2006	Haze		SNAFU, Rotherham (with Andy from 3LC)
28/01/2006	Treebeard	Three Stags Head, Darley Bridge
29/01/2006	Treebeard	The Vic, Beeston, Nottingham (with Ceri)
15/02/2006	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
18/02/2006	Silverwheel	Party, nr Newark (Paul on drums)
28/02/2006	Treebeard	Folk Train
02/03/2006	CRF		Cricketers, Sheffield
03/03/2006	Paul Pearson, Chris & Sue	Rockingham Arms, Wentworth
09/03/2006	CRF		The Sheaf, Sheffield
10/03/2006	Treebeard, 	Horse & Jockey, Ripley
13/03/2006	Chris & Sue	The Sal, Doncaster
15/03/2006	Silverwheel	West Street Live, Sheffield
16/03/2006	Treebeard, 	The Grouse, Chesterfield
17/03/2006	Treebeard	Irish Bar, Barnsley (5pm)
17/03/2006	Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield (8pm)
18/03/2006	Treebeard	Market Arms, Elsecar
23/03/2006	Silverwheel	West Street Live, Shefield (70s night)
31/03/2006	CPF		Sports & Social Club, Caistor
01/04/2006	Treebeard, 	Chesters, Chesterfield
05/04/2006	Silverwheel 	Cricketers, Sheffield
07/04/2006	Chris & Sue	Session, Red Deer, Sheffield
12/04/2006	Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield
13/04/2006	Chris & Sue	Black Swan, York (supporting Nick Henersey)
14/04/2006	Boggarts Breakfast	Planet Zogg, Sheffield
15/04/2006	Treebeard	Polish Club, Barnsley (with Ceri)
16/04/2006	CPF		Clowne Blues Club
19/04/2006	Chris & Sue	Green Room, Sheffield
20/04/2006	CPF		The Sheaf, Sheffield
21/04/2006	Treebeard	New Masons Arms, Mexborough
22/04/2006	Treebeard	The Lion, Nottingham
25/04/2006	Silverwheel	Folk Train
04/05/2006	Paul Pearson, Chris & Sue	The Tump, Brinklow
05/05/2006	Treebeard	Countryman, Kirkby in Ashfield
06/05/2006	Treebeard, Paul Pearson & Silverwheel	Holmfirth Festival
10/05/2006	Silverwheel	West Street Live, Sheffield
14/05/2006	Silverwheel	Herringthorpe Leisure Centre (noon)
14/05/2006	Paul Pearson, Chris & Sue	Styvechalle Folk Club, Coventry
17/05/2006	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
20/05/2006	Silverwheel	Black Swan Folk Day, York
26/05/2006	Treebeard	Party, nr Chesterfield (with Ceri)
27/05/2006	Treebeard	Renishaw Miners Welfare (with Ceri)
28/05/2006	Treebeard	Gawber Road WMC, Barnsley
01/06/2006	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Tump, Brinklow
03/06/2006	The Outlandish Knights	Ceilidh, Lockerbrook
08/06/2006	Silverwheel	Fox & Duck, Broomhill Festival, Sheffield
09/06/2006	CPF		West Street Live, Sheffield
10/06/2006	CPF		West Street Live, Sheffield
13/06/2006	Treebeard	Frog &Parrot, Sheffield (as part of Chris & Sue's ongoing residency)
14/06/2006	Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield
15/06/2006	Paul Pearson, Chris & Sue	Anston Folk Club
16/06/2006	Treebeard	South Wingfield
17/06/2006	Paul Pearson, Chris & Sue	Rivelin Folk Festival (afternoon)
17/06/2006	Johnny & The Prison Didn't Help Boys	Rivelin Folk Festival (Chris keyboards)
18/06/2006	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield
18/06/2006	Chris, Paul, Fred, Sue	Sass Benefit, Corporation, Sheffield (about 1am!)
22/06/2006	CPF		The Sheaf, Sheffield
24/06/2006	Chris & Paul Chisnell	Twice Bitten reunion, Nottingham
30/06/2006	Paul Pearson, Chris & Sue	Rockingham Arms, Wentworth
01/07/2006	Treebeard	Midhope Gala, Sheffield
02/07/2006	Silverwheel	Glasson Dock Festival
05/07/2006	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
07/07/2006	Silverwheel	Tewkesbury Medaeval Festival
08/07/2006	Treebeard	Derby Beer Festival (afternoon &evening)
09/07/2006	Chris & Sue	Styvechale Folk Club, Coventry
12/07/2006	Silverwheel	West Street Live, Sheffield
15/07/2006	Silverwheel	Stainsby Festival
16/07/2006	Treebeard	Tattoo Festival, Derby
19/07/2006	CPF		Woodseats Hotel, Sheffield
20/07/2006	Paul Pearson & Chris	Dalton Arms, Glasson Dock
22/07/2006	Treebeard	Three Stags Head, Darley Bridge (with Ceri)
23/07/2006	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland
26/07/2006	Chris Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield
29/07/2006	Treebeard	The Vic, Beeston, Nottingham
30/07/2006	Treebeard	The Grouse, Chesterfield (Chris, Paul, Chis, Ceri) (afternoon)
30/07/2006	Silverwheel	West Stret Live, Sheffield(80s night)
04/08/2006	CPF 		West Street Live, Sheffield
05/08/2006	CPF 		West Street Live, Sheffield
06/08/2006	Treebeard	The Queens, West Melton
26/08/2006	Paul Pearson, Chris & Michelle	Solfest, Cumbria
28/08/2006	Chris &Sue	Frogstock, Frog &Parrot, Sheffield
01/09/2006	Treebeard	New Masons Arms, Mexborough (&Ceri)
02/09/2006	Treebeard	Wedding, Belper
06/09/2006	Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield
08/09/2006	Treebeard	Tamworth Beer Festival
09/09/2006	The Mercenaries	The Lion, Nottingham (Haze & Andy)
10/09/2006	Chris, Phil &Trev	Conoco Gala, S Killingholme
14/09/2006	CPF		White Lion, Sheffield
15/09/2006	CPF		West Street Live, Sheffield
16/09/2006	CPF		West Street Live, Sheffield
21/09/2006	Chris & Sue & Paul Pearson	The Tump, Brinklow
22/09/2006	Treebeard	Countryman, Kirkby in Ashfield
23/09/2006	Treebeard	Brownlow Arms, High Marnham (afternoon)
23/09/2006	Treebeard	Lowood Club, Deepcar (evening)
24/09/2006	CPF		Clowne Blues Club
29/09/2006	Treebeard	Shefifeld Beer Festival
30/09/2006	Treebeard (electric)	Polish Club, Barnsley
01/10/2006	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland (Cat &Ceri)
05/10/2006	Silverwheel	Nottingham House, Sheffield
07/10/2006	Silverwheel	Tam & Sarah's Wedding, Sheffield
11/10/2006	Silverwheel	West Street Live, Sheffield
13/10/2006	Silverwheel	Caistor Sports &Social Club
15/10/2006	Treebeard	Nags Head, Ripley
18/10/2006	CPF		Woodseats, Sheffield
20/10/2006	Treebeard	Waggon & Horses, Kirkby in Ashfield (Chris, Paul, Chis, Ceri)
21/10/2006	Treebeard	The Lion, Nottingham
29/10/2006	Treebeard	Sheffield Folk Festival (& Ceri)
01/11/2006	Silverwheel	Cricketers, Sheffield
03/11/2006	CPF		West Street Live, Sheffield
04/11/2006	CPF		West Street Live, Sheffield
08/11/2006	Treebeard	Bell Inn, Nottingham
09/11/2006	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Grove, Leeds (supporting Tom Pachico)
10/11/2006	Mercenaries	SNAFU, Rotherham (Haze & Andy)
11/11/2006	The Outlandish Knights	Ceildh, Wadsley Club
14/11/2006	Chris & Sue	Frog &Parrot, Sheffield(last one)
18/11/2006	Chris, Ceri & Cat	Rare & Racey Benefit, George IV, Sheffield
25/11/2006	Treebeard	Polish Club, Barnslwey
26/11/2006	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield
29/11/2006	Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield
02/12/2006	Silverwheel	Three Stags Head, Darley Bridge
03/12/2006	Freddie Satsuma!	George & Dragon, Wentworth (Chris keyboards)
06/12/2006	Treebeard	Bell Inn, Nottingham
07/12/2006	World Turtle	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield (Chris, Paul & Fred)
09/12/2006	Paul Pearson & Chris	Tennis Centre, Doncaster (supporting Clive Gregson)
10/12/2006	Treebeard	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
13/12/2006	Paul Pearson & Chris	Nags Head, Ripley
16/12/2006	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland
17/12/2006	The Outlandish Knights	Lantern Theatre, Sheffield
21/12/2006	Haze		Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
31/12/2006	Treebeard	Renishaw Miners Welfare
04/01/2007	Treebeard	Derby Beer Festival
07/01/2007	Chris Treebeard	Red House, Sheffield
10/01/2007	Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield	
11/01/2007	Silverwheel	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
13/01/2007	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
14/01/2007	Haze		Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
15/01/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Regent, Doncaster (supporting Jon Strong)
17/01/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Rivelin Folk Club, Sheffield
18/01/2007	Silverwheel	West Street Live, Sheffield
20/01/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Rivelin, Sheffield
21/01/2007	Treebeard	Nags Head, Ripley
24/01/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Rivelin Folk Club, Sheffield (guest spot)
25/01/2007	Chris Treebeard	Coffee Moco, Sheffield
27/01/2007	Treebeard	Bell Inn, Nottingham
28/01/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Black Bull, Aston cum Aughton
31/01/2007	Haze		Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
01/02/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Tump, Brinklow
02/02/2007	Haze		Caistor Sports &Social Club
03/02/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Rivelin, Sheffield
04/02/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Red House, Sheffield
10/02/2007	The Outlandish Knights	Ceilidh, Polish Club, Sheffield
12/02/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Regent, Doncaster
14/02/2007	Chris Treebeard & Hiraeth	The Holly Bush, Sheffield
15/02/2007	Treebeard	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
17/02/2007	Treebeard	New Inn, Sheffield
18/02/2007	Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield
23/02/2007	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
24/02/2007	Haze, Treebeard & Three Legged Cat	Club Erotica/Marsdens Club, Chesterfield
25/02/2007	Haze		Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
03/03/2007	Treebeard	Private Party, S Darley
04/03/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Red House, Sheffield
06/03/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Brown Cow, Mansfield
09/03/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Upperthorpe Hotel, Sheffield
10/03/2007	The Outlandish Knights	Private Party, Sheffield
15/03/2007	Treebeard	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
16/03/2007	Treebeard	Market Arms, Elsecar
17/03/2007	Treebeard	Lowood Club, Deepcar
18/03/2007	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield
21/03/2007	Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield (Green Party Benefit)
22/03/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Coffee Moco, Sheffield
23/03/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris, Moot Hall, Halton Le Moor
25/03/2007	Haze		Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
29/03/2007	Silverwheel	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
31/03/2007	Paul Pearson & Silverwheel	Castle, Sheffield
01/04/2007	Silverwheel	West Street Live, Sheffield
07/04/2007	Haze		Three Stags Head, Darley Bridge
08/04/2007	Treebeard	Nags Head, Ripley (with Peter & Ceri)
13/04/2007	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
15/04/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Red House, Sheffield
19/04/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Holly Bush, Sheffield (supporting Ron Trueman Border)
20/04/2007	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield
21/04/2007	Treebeard	Greyhound, Belper
22/04/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Riverside, Sheffield
05/05/2007	The Outlandish Knights	Hesley Wood, Sheffield (Chris, Paul, James & Josie)
06/05/2007	Silverwheel	West Street Live, Sheffield (60s night)
09/05/2007	Silverwheel	Holly Bush, Sheffield
12/05/2007	Treebeard	Party, Derby
13/05/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Red House, Sheffield
19/05/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Black Swan Folk Day, York
24/05/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Sanctuary Bar, Sheffield
25/05/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Rock, Maltby (supporting Vin Garbutt)
26/05/2007	Treebeard	Lincoln Beer Festival
30/05/2007	Haze		Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
01/06/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Folk Club, Market Raisen
02/06/2007	Treebeard Stockport Beer Festival
03/06/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Red House, Sheffield
04/06/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Abbey Folk Club, Leeds
07/06/2007	Silverwheel	Broomhill Festival, Fox &Duck, Sheffield
08/06/2007	Treebeard	G&Ts, Hoyland
10/06/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Riverside, Sheffield
15/06/2007	Treebeard	Stag & Pheasant Beer Festival, Nuneaton
16/06/2007	Treebeard	Rivelin Folk Festival, Sheffield
17/06/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Red House, Sheffield
22/06/2007	Chris Treebeard	The Rock Maltby (supporting Sean Cannon) (with Cat &Ceri)
23/06/2007	Treebeard	Wedding, Otley
27/06/2007	Silverwheel	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
30/06/2007	Silverwheel &Paul Pearson	Glasson Dock Festival
04/07/2007	Silverwheel	Holly Bush, Sheffield
05/07/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Sanctuary Bar, Sheffield
07/07/2007	Treebeard 	Whatstandwell Beer Festival
08/07/2007	Silverwheel, Red House, Sheffield
13/07/2007	Treebeard	Party, South Wingfield
15/07/2007	Strongheart	Boardwalk, Sheffield
17/07/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Runaway Girl, Sheffield
18/07/2007	Strongheart	Springhead, Hull
20/07/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Abbey Folk Festival, Leeds (7pm)
20/07/2007	Silverwheel	Bar Abbey, Sheffield (10pm)
21/07/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Dulo Bar, Sheffield (afternoon)
21/07/2007	Haze &Paul Pearson	Wedding, Hatfield
28/07/2007	Treebeard	Party, Whatstandwell
29/07/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Riverside, Sheffield
31/08/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Runaway Girl, Sheffield
03/08/2007	The Outlandish Knights	Ceilidh, Barnsley
05/08/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Red House, Sheffield
12/08/2007	Silverwheel	Firefly Festival, Doncaster
17/08/2007	The Outlandish Knights	Ceilidh, Sheffield
18/08/2007	The Outlandish Knights	Ceilidh, Pontefract
23/08/2007	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Tump, Brinklow
24/08/2007	Silverwheel	Solfest
25/08/2007	Treebeard 	Three Stags Head, Darley Bridge
26/08/2007	Chris & Ceri	Midgestock, Pen Machnu
28/08/2007	Treebeard	Folk Train
31/08/2007	Treebeard	New Masons Armsa, Mexborough
01/09/2007	Strongheart	Boardwalk, Sheffield
02/09/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris, Liggers Lounge, Barnsley
07/09/2007	Treebeard	Tamworth Beer Festival
08/09/2007	Treebeard	Party, South Darley
15/09/2007	Treebeard	The Queens, Melton
16/09/2007	Strongheart	Yardbirds, Grimsby
17/09/2007	Chris Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield
21/09/2007	Outlandish Knights	Ceilidh, Holmbridge
22/09/2007	Treebeard	Black Swan, Ashover
23/09/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Spiegeltent, Rotherham
26/09/2007	Chris Treebeard & Hiraeth	Holly Bush, Sheffield
27/09/2007	Haze		Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
28/09/2007	Treebeard	Nantwich Beer Festival
29/09/2007	Treebeard	Sheffield Beer Festival
30/09/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Millstone, Hathersage
01/10/2007	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland
02/10/2007	Treebeard	Doncaster
03/10/2007	Haze, Treebeard & Three Legged Cat	Club Erotica, Chesterfield
07/10/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Red House, Sheffield	
10/10/2007	Silverwheel	The Boardwalk, Sheffield (supporting Three Daft Monkeys)
12/10/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Caistor Sports & Social Club
13/10/2007	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Owl, Leeds
14/10/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Red House, Sheffield
17/10/2007	Strongheart	Springhead, Hull
18/10/2007	Silverwheel	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
19/10/2007	Treebeard	Stoke Beer Festival
20/10/2007	Strongheart	New Masons Arms, Mexborough
24/10/2007	Silverwheel	Holly Bush, Sheffield
28/10/2007	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Red House, Sheffield
29/10/2007	Strongheart & Haze	Boardwalk, Sheffield
03/11/2007	Treebeard	Renishaw Miners Welfare, Sheffield
09/11/2007	Haze		Sports Club, Caistor (private party)
10/11/2007	Treebeard	Dearnsman Pub, Wath on Dearne
19/11/2007	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Under The Boardwalk, Sheffield
22/11/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Folk Club, Spread Eagle, Lymm
23/11/2007	Paul Pearson & Chris	Folk Club, Gainsborough
28/11/2007	Chris Treebeard & Ceri	Ruskins, Sheffield
29/11/2007	Silverwheel	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
30/11/2007	Treebeard	New Inn, Sheffield
01/12/2007	Treebeard	Black Swan, Ashover
05/12/2007	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Holly Bush, Sheffield
07/12/2007	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Rock, Maltby (supporting Dick Gaughan)
08/12/2007	Treebeard	Cricket Club, Elland (private party)
10/12/2007	Chris Treebeard & Ceri	The Moon, Sheffield
15/12/2007	Treebeard	The Lion, Nottingham
16/12/2007	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Riverside, Sheffield
20/12/2007	Haze		Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
21/12/2007	Treebeard/Haze	Sports & Social Club, Caistor
29/12/2007	Blackmail Pete	private party, Sheffield
02/01/2008	Outlandish Knights	private party, Mexborough
04/01/2008	Outlandish Knights 	private party, Sheffield
06/01/2008	Chris Treebeard		Red House, Sheffield
08/01/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Lescar, Sheffield
11/01/2008	Johnny & The Prison Didn't Help Boys	The Rock, Maltby (Chris keys)
12/01/2008	Outlandish Knights	private party, Sheffield
16/01/2008	Chris Treebeard		Green Room, Sheffield
19/01/2008	Johnny & The Prison Didn't Help Boys	Station Inn, Dodworth (Chris keys)
24/01/2008	Chris Treebeard	Holly Bush, Sheffield
01/02/2008	Chris Treebeard	Nottingham House, Sheffield
02/02/2008	Outlandish Knights	private party
03/02/2008	Outlandish Knights	Mumpers Ceilidh, Derby
04/02/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
08/02/2008	Outlandish Knights	Ceilidhsoc, Sheffield University
09/02/2008	Treebeard	Wedding, York
13/02/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Moon, Sheffield
18/02/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
21/02/2008	Silverwheel (acoustic)	Washington, Sheffield
23/02/2008	Chris Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield (4pm)
27/02/2008	Treebeard	Rivelin Folk Club, Sheffield
29/02/2008	Silverwheel	Plug, Sheffield (supporting 3 Daft Monkeys)
01/03/2008	Outlandish Knights	private party, Sheffield
02/03/2008	Chris Treebeard	Red House, Sheffield
04/02/2008	Chris Treebeard	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
05/03/2008	Chris Treebeard	Moon, Sheffield
07/03/2008	Treebeard	Lion, Nottingham
08/03/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Folk Festival, Doncaster
12/03/2008	Treebeard	The Grapes, Sheffield (with Northern Oak)
14/03/2008	Treebeard	Market Inn, Elsecar
15/03/2008	Treebeard	Community Centre, Bishops Wood
17/03/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
19/03/2008	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland
21/03/2008	Treebeard	New Inn, Sheffield
29/03/2008	Treebeard	Gawber Road WMC, Barnsley
31/03/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
03/03/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Stags Head, Sheffield (with Jacks Rake)
04/03/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Sports & Social Club, Caistor
05/03/2008	Treebeard	private party, Nottingham
11/04/2008	Mercenaries	SNAFU, Rotherham (Haze plus Andy from 3 legged cat)
14/04/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
18/04/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris &Ceri	Rock, Maltby (supporting Crucible)
19/04/2008	"Treebeard"	Academy Theatre, Birdwell (Chris & Paul McMahon only)
24/04/2008	Paul Pearson Chris & Ceri	Deerstalker, Sheffield (supporting Ron Trueman Border)
25/04/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
26/04/2008	Outlandish Knights	private party, Holmbridge
28/04/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
30/04/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Green Room, Sheffield
01/05/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Holly Bush, Sheffield
03/05/2008	Treebeard	Dearnsman Pub, Wath on Dearne
06/05/2008	Treebeard	West Street Live, Sheffield
08/05/2008	Haze		Lucorum, Barnsley (Battle of Bands)
10/05/2008	Treebeard & Paul Pearson	Holmfirth Folk Festivals
12/05/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
16/05/2008	Outlandish Knights	private party, Scarborough
17/05/2008	Treebeard	Black Swan, Ashover
22/05/2008	Haze		Lucorum, Barnsley (Battle of Bands)
23/05/2008	Treebeard	New Inn, Sheffield
24/05/2008	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Lincoln
25/05/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Abbey Folk Festival, Leeds
26/05/2008	Haze		Dove &Rainbow, Sheffield
29/05/2008	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Stockport
31/05/2008	Haze & Twice Bitten	The Peel, Kingston (30th anniversary show)
01/06/2008	Haze & Twice Bitten	The Boardwalk, Sheffield (30th anniversary show)
05/06/2008	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
08/06/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Festival, Cottingahm, Hull
09/06/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
13/06/2008	Treebeard	Queens, West Melton
14/06/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Peace in the Park, Sheffield
15/06/2008	Chris Treebeard	Red House, Sheffield
17/06/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Folk Club, Kiveton
18/06/2008	Silverwheel	Broomhill Festival, Sheffield
21/06/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Abbey, Leeds
21/06/2008	Outlandish Knights, private party, Sheffield
22/06/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Hull
23/06/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
26/06/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Tump Folk Club
07/07/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
09/07/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Green Room, Sheffield
11/07/2008	Treebeard	Lion, Nottingham
12/07/2008	Treebeard	Polish Club, Barnsley
16/07/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Winter Gardens, Sheffield
17/07/2008	Treebeard	private party
18/07/2008	Treebeard	Community Centre, Bishops Wood
19/07/2008	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield (afternoon)
21/07/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
26/07/2008	Treebeard	private party, Nostell Priory
02/08/2008	Outlandish Knights	private party, Wetherby
03/08/2008	Treebeard	Weston Park, Sheffield (afternoon)
05/08/2008	Outlandish Knights	Anchor Gardens, Sidmouth Festival
06/08/2008	Treebeard	GBBF, Earls Court, London
07/08/2008	Treebeard	Brasenose, Cropredy Festival
18/08/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
22/08/2008	Treebeard	private party, Rufford
23/08/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Rodley Festival, Leeds (afternoon)
23/08/2008	Paul Pearson Chris & Ceri &Treebeard	Nettlestock Festival, Caistor
24/08/2008	Treebeard	private party (afternoon)
27/08/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Green Room, Sheffield
30/08/2008	Treebeard	private party, Matlock
31/08/2008	Outlandish Knights	Weston Park, Sheffield (afternoon)
01/09/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
04/09/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Holly Bush, Sheffield
05/09/2008	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Tamworth
06/09/2008	Outlandish Knights	private party, Holmbridge
07/09/2008	Chris Treebeard	Red House, Sheffield
12/09/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Venue, Stocksbridge
13/09/2008	Treebeard	Thawleys, Wombwell
15/09/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
19/09/2008	Treebeard	New Inn, Sheffield
20/09/2008	Treebeard	private party, Whitchurch
21/09/2008	Paul Pearson & Acoustic Knights (Chris, Paul , Cat, Ceri)West Street Live, Sheffield
23/09/2008	Silverwheel	Folk Train, Sheffield to Edale
26/09/2008	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Nantwich
27/09/2008	Treebeard	private party, Barnsley
29/09/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
01/10/2008	Treebeard	The Gate, Hoyland (Chris, Paul, Ceri)
03/10/2008	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Sheffield
04/10/2008	Haze		Polish Club, Barnsley
05/10/2008	Chris Treebeard	Red House, Sheffield
13/10/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	Old Heavygate, Sheffield
17/10/2008	Acoustic Knights	private party, Sheffield
18/10/2008	Acoustic Knights	private party, Sheffield
19/10/2008	Old Pekuliar, Paul Pearson, Treebeard & Haze	Oktoberfest, Sheffield
24/10/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Caistor Sports & Social Club
25/10/2008	Treebeard	The Lion, Nottingham
26/10/2008	Treebeard & Paul Pearson Gainsborough Folk Festival
27/10/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Old Heavygate, Sheffield
02/11/2008	Paul Pearson Chris & Ceri	Sheffield Folk Festival
02/11/2008	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Red House, Sheffield
10/11/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Old Heavygate, Sheffield
15/11/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Abbey, Leeds
22/11/2008	Treebeard	Beggar & Gentleman, Hoyland
28/11/2008	Treebeard	Warwick Uni Beer Festival
29/11/2008	Treebeard 	private party
01/12/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Old Heavygate, Sheffield
03/12/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Green Room, Sheffield
04/12/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Holly Bush, Sheffield
07/12/2008	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Red House, Sheffield
19/12/2008	Treebeard	The New Inn, Sheffield

04/01/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Red House, Sheffield
05/01/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Old Heavygate Inn, Sheffield
15/01/2009	Chris & Ceri	The Washington, Sheffield
25/01/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Monkwood, Rotherham
31/01/2009	Treebeard	G&T's, Hoyland
04/02/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Green Room, Sheffield
06/02/2009	Treebeard	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
07/02/2009	Treebeard	Gawber Road WMC, Barnsley
14/02/2009	The Outlandish Knights	Newbald School, N Newbald
15/02/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Red House, Sheffield
20/02/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
27/02/2009	Treebeard	The Boat, Cromford
01/03/2009	Paul Pearson & Treebeard	The Red House, Sheffield
13/03/2009	Treebeard	The Grouse, Chesterfield
14/03/2009	Treebeard	Village Hall, Bishops Wood
15/03/2009	Treebeard, Haze & Outlandish Knights	Big White Tent, Sheffield
19/03/2009	Treebeard	Market Tavern, Elsecar
21/03/2009	Treebeard	Winslow Beer Festival
25/03/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Green Room, Sheffield
26/03/2009	The Outlandish Knights	Manchester Uni Ceilidh
28/03/2009	Treebeard	Bishops Wood House, Ross on Wye
02/04/2009	Treebeard	Cafe Moco, Sheffield
03/04/2009	Treebeard	Robin Hood, Nottingham
12/04/2009	Treebeard	Broomhill Centre, Sheffield
14/04/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	Burton Street, Sheffield
16/04/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Washington, Sheffield
17/04/2009	Haze & Paul Pearson	Folk Thing, Ashby Folville
18/04/2009	The Outlandish Knights & Treebeard	Folk Thing, Ashby Folville
24/04/2009	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield
27/04/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Spin Rocs, Sheffield
30/04/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	Holly Bush, Sheffield
02/05/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Wath Fesatival
08/05/2009	Haze		Rotherham Rocks Festival
09/05/2009	The Outlandish Knights	Scarborough Spa
11/05/2009	Treebeard	The Red House, Sheffield
15/05/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Ropewalk, Barton upon Humber
16/05/2009	The Outlandish Knights	St Anns Church Hall, Worksop
22/05/2009	Treebeard	Newark Beer Festival
23/05/2009	Treebeard 	Horse & Groom, Nottingham
24/05/2009	Treebeard & Paul Pearson	Three Merry Lads Beer Festival, Sheffield
27/05/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Ringside, Hull
30/05/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Black Swan Folk Festival, York
31/05/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	Springboard Festival, Cottingham (1pm)
31/05/2009	Treebeard	Nags Head, Ripley (5pm)
05/06/2009	Treebeard	New Inn, Sheffield
06/06/2009	Paul Pearson & The Outlandish Knights	Peace in the Park, Sheffield (2pm)
06/06/2009	Treebeard	Chesters, Chesterfield
09/06/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Blue Stoops, Dronfield
12/06/2009	Treebeard	Three Stags Head, Darley Bridge
13/06/2009	Treebeard & Paul Pearson	Worral Folk Festival
17/06/2009	Silverwheel	Broomhil Festival, Sheffield
27/06/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris Rotherham Festival
28/06/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris &Paul	Red House, Sheffield
01/07/2009	Chris, Paul, Paul & Anna	FACE Conference Stoke Uni
04/07/2009	Paul Pearson &Chris	Abbey Festival, Leeds
16/07/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	Lymm Folk Club
17/07/2009	Treebeard	Countryman, Kirkby in Ashfield
18/07/2009	The Outlandish Knights	private party, Yorkshire Sculpture Park
24/07/2009	Treebeard	Three Stags Head, Darley Bridge
30/07/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	Crookes Club, Sheffield
01/08/2009	The Outlandish Knights	private party, The Swan, Leek
02/08/2009	The Outlandish Knights, The Anchor Gardens, Sidmouth Folk Festival
03/08/2009	The Outlandish Knights, The Anchor Gardens, Sidmouth Folk Festival
07/08/2009	The Outlandish Knights, Bulverton Marquee, Sidmouth Folk Festival
17/08/2009	The Outlandish Knights, private party, Ringwood Hall, Brimington
22/08/2009	Treebeard	Three Stags Head, Darley Bridge
23/08/2009	The Outlandish Knights	Weston Park, Sheffield
25/08/2009	Treebeard	The Folk Train Sheffield to Edale
28/08/2009	Paul Pearson, Chris & Ceri	The Rodley Barge, Leeds
29/08/2009	Haze		The Peel progfest, Kingston, London
31/08/2009	Treebeard 	Yorkshire Beer &Music Festival, Barnsley
03/09/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Holly Bush, Sheffield
04/09/2009	Treebeard	The Robin Hood, Nottingham
05/09/2009	Treebeard	Clere Hall, Bughclere, Hants
11/09/2009	Treebeard	Tamworth Beer Festival, Assembly Rooms
18/09/2009	Paul Pearson	The Rock, Maltby
19/09/2009	Chris, Ceri & Paul Pearson	Brownlow Arms, High Marnham (lunchtime)
19/09/2009	Paul Pearson	The Abbey,  Leeds
25/09/2009	The Outlandish Knights	Into Ceilidh, The Edge, Sheffield University
26/09/2009	Treebeard	Three Stags Head, Darley Bridge
02/10/2009	Treebeard	New Inn, Sheffield
03/09/2009	Treebeard	Sheffield Beer Festival, Cemetery Park
07/10/2009	Treebeard	Victoria Club, Chesterfield
10/10/2009	Treebeard	Nottingham Beer Festival, Castle Park
11/10/2009	Paul Pearson	The Red House, Sheffield
24/10/2009	Johnny & The Prison Didn't Help Boys (Chris - keyboards) New Barack Tavern, Sheffield
14/11/2009	The Outlandish Knights	St David's Hall, Holmbridge (with Graham Knapp - percussion)
20/11/2009	Treebeard	The Countryman, Kirkby in Ashfield
21/11/2009	Treebeard	Seaton Sluice Social Club, Whitley Bay
27/11/2009	Treebeard	The Stadium, Nottingham (private party)
02/12/2009	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Green Room, Sheffield
06/12/2009	Treebeard	The Polish Club, Barnsley (5-8pm)
11/12/2009	Paul Pearson Chris & Ceri	The Rock, Maltby (supporting Dick Gaughan)
13/12/2009	Treebeard	Barnsley Market (11am-3pm)

CJ had left Treebeard, Gordon was asked to leave by the end of the year, he was only playing about half the 
gigs anyway, so we played as a four piece; Chris & Paul McMahon, Paul Chisnell & Ceri Ashton

15/01/2010	Treebeard	The Robin Hood, Nottingham
17/01/2010	Treebeard	Nags Head, Ripley (5-8pm)
29/01/2010	Treebeard	The Countryman, Kirkby in Ashfield
31/01/2010	Treebeard	The Polish Club, Barnsley (5-8pm)
05/02/2010	The Outlandish Knights	Laycock Sports & Social Club, Sheffield (private party)
06/02/2010	Treebeard	Gawber Road WMC, Barnsley
28/02/2010      Treebeard       Polish Club, Barnsley
17/03/2010      Treebeard       The Venue, Birdwell
18/03/2010      Treebeard       Big White Tent, Sheffield (with Paul Pearson &Jacks Rake)
19/03/2010      Treebeard       Market Hotel, Elsecar
20/03/2010      Treebeard       Wedding, Ashby Folville
27/03/2010      Treebeard       private party, South Darley
28/03/2010      Treebeard       Polish Club, Barnsley
08/04/2010      Haze & Treebeard        Cherry Plum, Como, Italy
09/04/2010      Haze    	Lofficiana Della Musica, Lecco, Italy
10/04/2010      Treebeard       Bopo, Bergamo, Italy
11/04/2010      Haze            Bopo, Bergamo, Italy
17/04/2010      Treebeard       Folk Thing, Ashby Folville (with Paul Pearson, Old Pekuliar & Ashton Sisters)
25/04/2010      Treebeard       Polish Club, Barnsley
30/04/2010      Treebeard       Chesters, Chesterfield
01/05/2010      Treebeard       3 Stags Head, Darley Bridge
08/05/2010      Treebeard       private party, Immingham
14/05/2010      Treebeard       Countryman, Kirkby in Ashfield
15/05/2010      Treebeard       private party, Ilkeston
21/05/2010      Treebeard       private party
25/05/2010      Treebeard       wedding, Ashbourne
23/05/2010      Paul Pearson    Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
28/05/2010      Haze    	Newark Beer Festival
29/05/2010      Outlandish Knights      wedding
30/05/2010      Paul Pearson    The Hallgate, Cottingham Festival (afternoon)
30/05/2010      Treebeard       Polish Club, Barnsley
12/06/2010      Treebeard & Outlandish Knights  Worrall Festival, Sheffield
16/06/2010      Treebeard       Fox & Duck, Sheffield
19/06/2010      Treebeard       private party
26/05/2010      Treebeard       Sheffield Green Fair
26/05/2010      Treebeard       Ambervalley Bike Fest, Summercotes
27/05/2010      Treebeard       Polish Club, Barnsley
09/07/2010      Treebeard       Derby Beer Festival
15/07/2010      Treebeard       Chelmsford Beer Festival
17/07/2010      Outlandish Knights      private party, Tickhill
24/07/2010      Treebeard       private party, Chapeltown
31/07/2010      Treebeard       wedding, Somerset
06/08/2010      Treebeard       private party, Ormskirk
08/08/2010      Outlandish Knights      Weston Park, Sheffield
12/08/2010      Treebeard       Roy on the Radio, live session, Mansfield
13/08/2010      Johnny & the prison didn't help boys    New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield (Chris - keyboards)
14/08/2010     	Mountain Oyster Band    party, N Wales (Chris - bass, Ceri - flute)
28/08/2010      Treebeard       wedding, Clampits Creek
04/09/2010      Outlandish Knights      wedding, Handsworth
10/09/2010      Treebeard       Countryman, Kirkby in Ashfield
18/09/2010      Haze    	The Peel, Kingston (with Mother Black Cap)
25/09/2010      Outlandish Knights      wedding, Bristol
02/10/2010      Treebeard       private party
14/10/2010      Treebeard       Nottingham Beer Festival
23/10/2010      Treebeard       Erewash Beer Festival
30/10/2010      Treebeard       Birmingham Beer Festival
07/11/2010      Treebeard       Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
09/11/2010      Treebeard       Fox & Duck, Sheffield
21/11/2010      Treebeard       Nags Head, Ripley
27/11/2010      Treebeard       Dearnesman, Wath on Dearne
17/12/2010      Outlandish Knights      Ceilidhsoc, Sheffield
28/12/2010      Outlandish Knights      green party, Sheffield


In December 2010 Ceri & I were asked to fill in with some dates for Broadsword, singer/guitarist Rob had broken 
his arm, and they've fallen out with mandolin player Phil. For the first month I played rhythm guitar & Rob just 
sang, then I moved to lead guitar/mandolin/bouzouki/accordion as Rob recovered & took over guitar & we changed
the name to Jabberwocky.
Ceri & I also joined Meson, an experimental improvisational band, with a flexible line-up revolving around Bo Meson's 
poetry, which also included Nick Robinson (guitar).
I also briefly joined Nick's rock covers band Muttley, but was unhappy with the rehearsal to gig ratio (too many 
rehearsals, not enough gigs!)

01/01/2011	Broadsword	Malt Shovel, Scunthorpe (Rob Lowdon - vocals, Trev Cunnington - percussion, Chris - guitar, Ceri - fiddle & flute
09/01/2011	Broadsword	Louth
28/01/2011	Broadsword	Horse &Groom, Doncaster
18/02/2011	Treebeard	Red House, Sheffield
21-25/02/2011	Haze		recording drums in Laundry Room Studio, Sheffield
27/01/2011	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield
03/03/2011	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Magna, Rotherham
15/03/2011	Treebeard	Fox & Duck, Sheffield
17/03/2011	Broadsword	Louth
18/03/2011	Broadsword	Horse &Groom, Doncaster
08/04/2011	Haze		Racehorse, Northampton
09/04/2011	Outlandish Knights	wedding, Nottingham
10/04/2011	Haze, Treebeard, Outlandish Knights Chris's Birthday, Burton Street, Sheffield
16/04/2011	Treebeard	Folk Thing, Ashby Folville
23/04/2011	Paul Pearson	The Abbey, Leeds
24/04/2011	Jabberwocky	Salutation, Nettleton
01/05/2011	Treebeard	private party, Oakthorpe
07/05/2011	Treebeard	Chesters, Chesterfield
19/05/2011	Meson		Red House, Sheffield
28/05/2011	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Newark (afternoon)
28/05/2011	Treebeard	private party, Sheffield
29/05/2011	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
04/06/2011	Outlandish Knights, Paul Pearson & Chris Treebeard	Peace in the Park (afternoon)
11/06/2011	Mahogany Newt	White Lion, Sheffield (with Chris - keyboards)
15/06/2011	Treebeard	Fox & Duck, Sheffield
17/06/2011	Outlandish Knights	private party, Worksop
18/06/2011	Treebeard	Heeley Festival, Sheffield (afternoon) Chris, Paul &Ceri
18/06/2011	Outlandish Knights	Wedding, Edale
22/06/2011	Chris Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield (supporting Odd Todd)
24/06/2011	Jabberwocky	Cobbles Bar, Louth
25/06/2011	Jabberwocky	Green Fair, Sheffield (afternoon)
25/06/2011	Jabberwocky	Woolpack, Brigg
26/06/2011	Jabberwocky	Nettlestock, Nettleton
03/07/2011	Paul Pearson	Abbey Festival, Leeds
08/07/2011	Paul Pearson & Chris Treebeard	Red House, Sheffield
09/07/2011	Haze		Paul & Cat's Wedding (with Danny - drums)
22/07/2011	Jabberwocky	private party, Norton Lees, Sheffield
23/07/2011	Jabberwocky	The Shack, Ludford
24/07/2011	Meson		Riverside, Sheffield
25/07/2011	Meson		West Street Live, Sheffield
29/07/2011	Jabberwocky	Horse & Groom, Doncaster
31/07/2011	Outlandish Knights	Weston Park, Sheffield (afternoon)
05/08/2011	Outlandish Knights	wedding, Bradfield
06/08/2011	Outlandish Knights	wedding, Bolsover
07/08/2011	Treebeard	Pagan Pride, Nottingham (afternoon)
13/08/2011	Meson		Festival, Colchester (afternoon)
13/08/2011	Jabberwocky	wedding, Kirton in Lindsey
20/08/2011	Mountain Oyster Band	wedding, Anglsey
23/08/2011	Treebeard	Folk Train
24/08/2011	Meson		West Street Live, Sheffield
25/08/2011	Paul Pearson	Robert Gillow, Lancaster
27/08/2011	Muttley		Sportsman, Shiregreen
29/08/2011	Treebeard	Grimsthorpe Festival
03/09/2011	Treebeard	Elsecar Festival Folk Train
04/09/2011	Treebeard	Elsecar Festival Folk Train
07/09/2011	Muttley		Killamarsh
10/09/2011	Outlandish Knights	Wedding, Bradfield (with Danny - drums)
11/09/2011	Treebeard	private party, Sheffield (with Danny - drums)
17/09/2011	Jabberwocky	The Shack, Ludford
21/09/2011	Bellhagg Orkestra	Academy, Sheffield (Chris - bass)
01/10/2011	Treebeard	Wedding, Langsett
07/10/2011	Treebeard	Tamworth
08/10/2011	Treebeard	Whitwell
09/10/2011	Treebeard	Bold Forester, Mansfield
22/10/2011	Jabberwocky	The Shack, Ludford
27/10/2011	Paul Pearson	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
29/10/2011	Meson	Walkley Community Centre, Sheffield
30/10/2011	Paul Pearson	The Crown, Rotherham
05/11/2011	Muttley		?
07/11/2011	Outlandish Knights	Botanical, Sheffield
09/11/2011	Paul Pearson	Old Market Gallery, Rotherham
19/11/2011	World Turtle	Red House, Sheffield (Toasties birthday)
26/11/2011 	Jabberwocky	The Shack, Ludford
01/12/2011	Muttley	Nelson, Sheffield
03/12/2011	Outlandish Knights	Hallam Uni, Sheffield
04/12/2011	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
15/12/2011	Chris Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
16/12/2011	Jabberwocky	The Shack, Ludford
18/12/2011	Jabberwocky 	The Shack, Ludford
22/12/2011	Treebeard	private party, Barnsley


07/01/2012   	Jabberwocky     Malt Shovel Scunthorpe
15/01/2012      PP & Chris Treebeard    Red House Sheffield
27/01/2012      Treebeard       Sportsman Crospool (guests of Jacks Rake)
03/02/2012   	Muttley 	Chesters Chesterfield
18/02/2012      Muttley 	Delaneys Sheffield
19/02/2012      PP & Chris Treebeard    Red House Sheffield
22/02/2012      Chris Treebeard Delaneys Sheffield
25/02/2012      Muttley 	Sportsman Sheffield
02/02/2012	Jabberwocky	Ye Olde Crowne
09/03/2012	Outlandish Knights	The Edge, Sheffield
11/03/2012	Paul Pearson	Red House, Sheffield
16/03/2012	Jabberwocky	Cobbles, Louth
17/03/2012	Jabberwocky	Salutation, Nettleton (afternoon)
17/03/2012	Jabberwocky	The Shack, Ludford (eve)
19/03/2012	Meson	West Street Live, Sheffield
22/03/2012	Treebeard	wedding, Mitton Hall
07/04/2012	Jabberwocky	6 Bells, Barrow
08/04/2012	Treebeard &Paul Pearson	Red House, Sheffield (with Danny)
13/04/2012	Jabberwocky	Dog &Rat, Broughton
14/04/2012	Treebeard	Folk Thing, Salutation, Nottingham
19/04/2012	Chris Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
19/04/2012	Paul Pearson	Crookes Club, Sheffield
28/04/2012	Treebeard	wedding, Scarborough
12/05/2012	Outlandish Knights	Wedding, Ecclesall 
13/05/2012	Paul Pearson	Red House, Sheffield (with Richard Masters)
18/05/2012	Haze & Treebeard	private party, Caistor
19/05/2012	Treebeard	private party, Wales (with Danny)
26/05/2012	Treebeard	wedding, Dronfield (afternoon)
26/05/2012	Treebeard	wedding, Haddon Grove (eve)
02/06/2012	Outlandish Knights	wedding, Barnborough
08/06/2012	Paul Pearson	Nether Edge Cabaret Club, Sheffield
09/06/2012	Paul Pearson	Peace in the Park (afternoon)
09/06/2012	Jabberwocky	private party, Lincoln
10/06/2012	Paul Pearson	Red House, Sheffield (with Johnny &Prison didn't Help Boys)
22/06/2012	Paul Pearson	Gardeners, Sheffield
23/06/2012	Jabberwocky	Malt Shovel, Scunthorpe
29/06/2012	Paul Pearson	Six Bells, Barrow on Humber
30/06/2012	Haze	Green Fair, Sheffield (with Danny)
06/07/2012	Treebeard	Walkley Festival, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
07/07/2012	Jabberwocky	Nettlestock Festival, Caistor
08/07/2012	Paul Pearson	Red House (with Peter Rophone)
15/07/2012	Paul Pearson	Gardeners, Sheffield
21/07/2012	Treebeard	private party, Keyworth
29/07/2012	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
04/08/2012	Paul Pearson	Barlow Festival
18/08/2012	Outlandish Knights/Treebeard	private party, Worrall
23/08/2012	Paul Pearson	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
25/08/2012	Jabberwocky	wedding, Walkeringham
25/08/2012	Haze	private party, Kenilworth (Paul Chisnell's last Haze gig)
27/08/2012	Treebeard	Market Tavern, Elsecar
01/09/2012	Jabberwocky	Six Bells, Barrow on Humber
01/09/2012	Outlandish Knights	private party, Sheffield
08/09/2012	Outlandish Knights	wedding, Arkholme
22/09/2012	Treebeard	Elsecar Festival Folk Train
23/09/2012	Treebeard	Elsecar Festival Folk Train
10/10/2012	Paul Pearson	Old Market Arts, Rotherham
18/10/2012	Chris Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
27/10/2012	Outlandish Knights	weddding, Chatsworth (with Anna & Lee, Paul Chisnell's last gig with us on drums)
08/11/2012	Paul Pearson	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
10/11/2012	Treebeard	Hallam Uni, Sheffield
11/11/2012	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
18/11/2012	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
23/11/2012	Paul Pearson	Gardeners, Sheffield
01/12/2012	Paul Pearson	Six Bells, Barrow on Humber
14/12/2012	John & Prison Boys	The Rock, Maltby (Chris - keys)
16/12/2012	Jabberwocky	Waves, Cleethorpes

13/01/2013	Jaberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
30/01/2013	Meson		Cremorne, Sheffield
09/02/2013	Jabberwocky	Malt Shovel, Scunthorpe
16/02/2013	Treebeard	Chesters, Chesterfield
23/02/2013	Treebeard	Wedding, Beauchief Hotel, Sheffield (with Trev Cunnington (Jabberwocky) percussion)
24/02/2013	Chris Treebeard	Green Conference, Nottingham
03/03/2013	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
07/03/2013	Paul Pearson	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
15/03/2013	Jabberwocky	Bottle &Glass, Normanby by Spital
16/03/2013	Haze (covers set)	Private party Mechanics Hall, Eyam (with Danny on drums)
16/03/2013	Jabberwocky	Salutation, Caistor
17/03/2013	Jabberwocky	Cobbles Bar, Louth
23/03/2013	Haze		Mum, Paul & Ceri's birthday party Walkley Community Centre, Sheffield
27/03/2013	Meson		Cremorne, Sheffield
01/04/2013	Treebeard	Market Hotel, Elsecar
06/04/2013	Outlandish Knights	Wedding, Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield
13/04/2013	Outlandish Knights	Beer Festival, Doncaster
17/04/2013	Tag Team Quartet	Sheffield
18/04/2013	Chris Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
20/04/2013	Haze & Comedy of Errors	CRS, Maltby (Danny's first original Haze gig as full member)
21/04/2013	Treebeard	Peace in the Park Benefit, Hadfield, Sheffield
29/04/2013	Tag Team Quartet	Sheffield
04/05/2013	Treebeard/Outlandish Knights	Wedding, Crown Inn, Roecliffe
06/05/2013	Meson		Over The Top, Sheffield
16/05/2013	Paul Pearson	Red Deer, Sheffield
17/05/2013	Haze		Railway, Bolton
19/05/2013	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
26/05/2013	Jabberwocky	Folk & Cider Festival, Cleethorpes
27/05/2013	Treebeard	Market Tavern, Elsecar
07/06/2013	Outlandish Knights	Ceilidhsoc, The Edge, Sheffield
08/06/2013	Haze (covers set)	Coach & Horses Beer Festival, Dronfield
15/06/2013	Treebeard	Chesters, Chesterfield
16/06/2013	Meson		West Street Live, Sheffield
22/06/2013	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Co-op Club, Nuneaton
23/06/2013	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
24/06/2013	Chris Treebeard	White Lion Folk Club, Sheffield
29/06/2013	Outlandish Knights	Wedding, Old Hall Hotel, Buxton
05/07/2013	Meson		Three Cranes, Sheffield
06/07/2013	Treebeard	The Boat, Cromford
07/07/2013	Haze		Slamfest, Clifton Park, Rotherham
11/07/2013	Paul Pearson	Station Inn, Silkstone common
13/07/2013	Haze		Green Fair, Sheffield
14/07/2013	Treebeard	Market Hotel, Elsecar
18/07/2013	Paul Pearson	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
19/07/2013	Meson		Three Cranes, Sheffield
20/07/2013	Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield (2pm)
20/07/2013	Treebeard	The Fitz, Elsecar (4pm)
20/07/2013	Treebeard	Private party, Burton St, Sheffield
26/07/2013	Jabberwocky	Cobbles Bar, Louth
27/07/2013	Jabberwocky	Nettlefest, The Salutation, Caistor
03/08/2013	Treebeard	Madfest, Elsecar Heritage Centre
04/08/2013	Haze		Clifton Part, Rotherham 
24/08/2013	Haze		The Peel, Kingston (with Primitive Instinct & Mr So & So)
25/08/2013	Paul Pearson	Moorlands Community Gala, Doncaster (afternoon)
25/08/2013	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
26/08/2013	Haze		Grimsthorpe Festival, Grimsthorpe
31/08/2013	Mountain Oyster Band (Chris & Ceri)	Festival, Wales
07/09/2013	Treebeard	Whitwell Festival, Whitwell (afternoon)
07/09/2013	Treebeard	Biker Festival, Matlock
08/09/2013	Haze		Red Lion, Doncaster Festival
08/09/2013	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
14/09/2013	Outlandish Knights	Wedding, Ely
15/09/2013	Mountain Oyser Band (Chris & Ceri)	Festival, Anglesey
19/09/2013	Paul Pearson	Station Inn, Silkstone Common
21/09/2013	Treebeard	Chesters, Chesterfield
22/09/2013	Treebeard & Haze	Food Festival, Peace Gardens, Sheffield
22/09/2013	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
27/09/2013	Treebeard	The Rock Folk Club, Maltby (supporting Maartin Allcock)
04/10/2013	Haze		Summers End Festival, Lyndey Town Hall
05/10/2013	Treebeard	Lowood Club, Deepcar
14/10/2013	Chris Treebeard	White Lion Folk Club, Sheffield
18/10/2013	Treebeard (with Anna)	Cremorne, Sheffield
19/10/2013	Haze (covers set)	Private party, Mechanics Hall, Eyam
23/10/2013	Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield
26/10/2013	Jabberwocky	Arts & Heritage Centre, Caistor
27/10/2013	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
28/10/2013	Chris Treebeard (hosted by Ceri)	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
03/11/2013	Treebeard	private party, Rotherham
08/11/2103	Paul Pearson	Castle, Bradford
14/11/2013	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield
15/11/2013	Meson		Three Cranes, Sheffield
23/11/2013	Treebeard	Chesters, Chesterfield
24/11/2013	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
09/12/2013	Paul Pearson	White Lion Folk Club, Sheffield
14/12/2013	Haze		Walkley community Centre, Sheffield (guests Paul Pearson & Ar Faued)
15/12/2013	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
18/12/2013	Meson		Red House, Sheffield
22/12/2013	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield

11/01/2014	Haze 		private party, Sheffield
19/01/2014	Paul Pearson	The Beck, Brighouse
25/01/2014	Jabberwocky	Malt Shovel, Scunthorpe
26/01/2014	Paul Pearson	White Lion, Sheffield (afternoon)
26/01/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
29/02/2014	Paul Pearson	Strip The Willow, Sheffield
30/01/2014	Meson		Bell Jar, Sheffield
12/02/2014	Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield (with Anna)
16/02/2014	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
19/02/2014	Paul Pearson	Green Room, Sheffield
21/02/2014	Treebeard & Paul Pearson	Cremorne, Sheffield (with Anna)
23/02/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
27/02/2014	Treebeard	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
01/03/2014	Jabberwocky	Dolphin, Scunthorpe
05/03/2014	Treebeard	Dada Bar, Sheffield (with Anna)
08/03/2014	Haze & Paul Pearson	private party, Sheffield
13/03/2014	Paul Pearson	Station Hotel, Sheffield
15/03/2014	Treebeard	Millers Inn, Baraugh Green
17/03/2014	Jabberwocky	O'Neill's, Cleethorpes
23/03/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
28/03/2014	Paul Pearson	Gardeners, Sheffield
02/04/2014	Paul Pearson	Maggie May's, Sheffield
06/04/2014	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
12/04/2014	Haze		Cutlers, rotherham
18/04/2014	Treebeard	Gardeners, Sheffield
19/04/2014	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Nuneaton
20/04/2014	Paul Pearson	Darley, Wosborough
27/04/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
30/04/2014	Treebeard & Paul Pearson	Washington, Sheffield
11/05/2014	Paul Pearson	The Beck, Brighouse
16/05/2014	Paul Pearson	Gardeners, Sheffield
25/05/2014	Haze & Treebeard	Peace Gardens, Sheffield
25/05/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
26/05/2014	Jabberwocky	Folk &Cider Festival, Grimsby
30/05/2014	Meson	Bishops House, Sheffield
01/06/2014	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
07/06/2014	Treebeard	Golk Course, Matlock
11/06/2014	Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield (with Anna)
13/06/2014	Jabberwocky	Normanby Hall, Scunthorpe
14/06/2014	Jabberwocky	Magna Charta, New Holland
21/06/2014	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Co-Op Club, Nuneaton (afternoon)
21/06/2014	Treebeard	private party, Nuneaton
22/06/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
28/06/2014	Jabberwocky	Malty Shovel, Scunthorpe
12/07/2014	Follow The Moon (Ceri, Chris, Kate Evans & Michael Somerset)	Red House, Sheffield
13/07/2014	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
19/07/2014	Jabberwocky & Paul Pearson	Nettlefest, Salutation, Caistor
20/07/2014	Haze		Nettlefest, Salutation, Caistor
25/07/2014	Treebeard	Dada Bar, Sheffield (Tramlines)
26/07/2014	Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield (Tramlines with Anna) (afternoon)
26/07/2014	Outlandish Knights	private party, Wiksworth
27/07/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
24/08/2014	Paul Pearson	Clampits Creek Festival (afternoon(
24/08/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
25/08/2014	Haze		Grimsthorpe Festival, Bourne
26/08/2014	Treebeard	Folk Train, Sheffield - Edale
30/08/2014	Paul Pearson	Darley, Wosborough (afternoon)
30/08/2014	Haze	Little Theatre, Doncaster
06/09/2014	Treebeard	Chantry, Sheffield
07/09/2014	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
14/09/2014	Treebeard	The Anglers, Bamford
19/09/2014	Meson		Audacious Space, Sheffield
26/09/2014	Jabberwocky	Gypsy's Tears, Cleethorpes
27/09/2014	Jabberwocky	Peacock, Gainsborough
28/09/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
03/10/2014	Haze		Beer Festival, Rossington
04/10/2014	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Rossington (afternoon)
04/10/2014	Treebeard	wedding, Holiday Inn, Dodworth
10/10/2014	Jabbewocky	Taphouse, Gainsborough
11/10/2014	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Nottingham
15/10/2014	Paul Pearson	Strip The Willow, Sheffield
18/10/2014	Haze (covers set)	Mechanics Hall, Eyam
20/10/2014	Paul Pearson	Folk Club, Barnsley
23/10/2014	Treebeard	Spi Bar, Como, Italy
24/10/2014	Haze		Spi Bar, Como, Italy
25/10/2014	Haze		Progressive Melodie, Teatro Giovanni, Milan, Italy
26/10/2014	Haze & Treebeard	Bisbino Pub, Tremezzo, Italy
03/11/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, White Lion, Sheffield
10/11/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, White Lion, Sheffield
14/11/2014	Jabberwocky	Station Hotel, Harborough
15/11/2014	Haze		DanFest4, Musician, Leicester
16/11/2014	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
17/11/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, White Lion, Sheffield
19/11/2014	Paul Pearson	Green Room, Sheffield
20/11/2014	Chris Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
21/11/2014	Paul Pearson	Castle, Bradford
22/11/2014	Haze & Focus	Corporation, Sheffield
24/11/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, White Lion, Sheffield
01/12/2014	Chris Treebeard &Paul Pearson	Session, White Lion, Sheffield
06/12/2014	Treebeard	private party, Applewick
08/12/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, White Lion, Sheffield
15/12/2014	Chris Treebeard &Keystone Acoustic	Session, White Lion, Sheffield
19/12/2014	Johnny & The Prison Boys	Roots Club, Ukranian Centre, Doncaster (Chris - keyboards)
19/12/2014	Meson		Red House, Sheffield (Ceri - flute)
21/12/2014	Haze & Twice Bitten	Shakespeare, Sheffield
22/12/2014	Chris Treebeard & Mark Atherton	Session, White Lion, Sheffield
29/12/2014	Chris Treebeard	Session, White Lion, Sheffield
31/12/2014	Jabberwocky	Taphouse, Gainsborough

11/01/2015	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
24/01/2015	Outlandish Knights	Royal Oak, Chesterfield
01/02/2015	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
05/02/2015	Meson		The Washington, Sheffield
06/02/2015	Treebeard	Punch Bowl, Sheffield
14/03/2015	Haze 		Millenium Hall, Eyam
15/03/2015	Treebeard 	Rock & blues, Barnsley
27/03/2015	Paul Pearson	Brewery Tap, Doncaster
01/04/2015	Chris Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield
10/04/2015	Haze		The Citadel, St Helens (with Strangefish)
11/04/2015	Haze		Cutlers, Rotherham
24/04/2015	Jabberwocky	Station Hotel, Harborough
02/05/2015	Jabberwocky	Malt Shovel, Scunthorpe
03/05/2015	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
09/05/2015	Treebeard	wedding, Barnsley
17/05/2015	Paul Pearson	Chickenstock festival
17/05/2015	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
22/05/2015	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Newark 
31/05/2015	Treebeard	New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield (Chris, Paul, Ceri)
05/06/2015	Treebeard	Punch Bowl, Sheffield
06/06/2015	Jabberwocky	Lords, Gainsborough
20/06/2015	Treebeard	wedding Norfolk Arms, Sheffield
27/06/2015	Treebeard	Cherry Tree, Sheffield
10/07/2015	Meson	Red House, Sheffield
11/07/2015	Follow The Moon	Red House, Sheffield
17/07/2015	Follow The Moon	Cremorne, Sheffield
18/07/2015	Treebeard, Jabberwocky, Paul Pearson	Nettleton Festival
24/07/2015	Treebeard	Eten Cafe, Bath Hotel, Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield (Tramlines)
25/07/2015	Treebeard	Folk Forest, Green Room, Sheffield (Tramlines)
26/07/2015	Treebeard	Cremorne, Yellow Arch, Three Cranes, Sheffield (Tramlines)
02/08/2015	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
07/08/2015	Paul Pearsonh	Eten Cafe, Sheffield
07/08/2015	Jabberwocky	Lords, Gainsborough
08/08/2015	Chris, Ceri, Rob, Paul P	Red House, Sheffield last open mic
15/08/2015	Jabberwocky	private party, Cleethorpes
22/08/2015	Treebeard	Sharrow Festival, Sheffield
22/08/2015	Outlandish Knights	wedding, Sheffield
29/08/2015	Chris & Rob	Royal Standard, Sheffield
29/08/2015	Jabberwocky	Lords, Gainsborough
30/08/2015	Paul Pearson	Darley, Barnsley
05/09/2015	Johnny & the prison didn't help boys	Station Park, Sheffield
05/09/2015	Jabberwocky	Malt Shovel, Scunthorpe
06/09/2015	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
10/09/2015	Chris &Rob	Cheshire Cheese, Hope
11/09/2015	Paul Pearson	Vastle, Bradford
12/09/2015	Treebeard	Anglers, Bamford
19/09/2015	Treebeard	Hagglers Corner, Sheffield
25/09/2015	Treebeard	Rugby Club, Wath
26/09/2015	Treebeard	Crown, Greasborough
01/10/2015	Paul Pearson	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
03/10/2015	Chris & Rob	Royal Standard, Sheffield
05/10/2015	Chris & Rob	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
07/10/2015	Chris & Rob	Green Room, Sheffield
09/10/2015	Jabberwocky	Peak Hotel, Castleton
10/10/2015	Outlandish Knights	wedding, Sheffield
15/10/2015	Treebeard	JD's Dronfield
21/10/2015	Follow The Moon	Green Room, Sheffield
23/10/2015	Treebeard	Rugby Club, Wath
24/10/2015	Chris & Ceri	St Mary's, Sheffield
25/10/2015	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoon's, Cleethorpes
26/10/2015	Paul Pearson	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
27/10/2015	Paul Pearson	Cross Scythes, Sheffield
31/10/2015	Jabberwocky	Beer festival, Skegness
04/11/2015	Paul Pearson	Riverside, Marsden
05/11/2015	Paul Pearson	Marlpool Alehouse
08/11/2015	Chris Treebeard & friends	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
20/11/2015	Chris & Rob	Bloo88 (Hallamshire), Sheffield
22/11/2015	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
25/11/2015	Paul Pearson	Green Room, Sheffield
27/11/2015	Jabberwocky	Peak Hotel, Castleton
29/11/2015	Treebeard	Old Hall Tea Rooms, Hope (with Paul Pearson &Rob Lowdon)
03/12/2015	Follow The Moon	Maida Vale, Sheffield
05/12/2015	Jabberwocky	Lord Roberts, Scunthorpe
06/12/2015	Jabberwocky	Cobbles Bar, Louth
07/12/2015	Paul Pearson	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
16/12/2015	Chris Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield
17/12/2015	Paul Pearson	Marlpool Alehouse
18/12/2015	Jabberwocky	Station, Haborough
20/12/2015	Haze	Shakespeare, Sheffield (with Follow The Moon &Rog Patterson)
31/12/2015	Jabberwocky	Blacksmiths, Rothwell

Couple of new bands to add to the list - Mother of Crows play original Eastern European influenced goth-folk-rock featuring Sylwia on vocals, Ceri on clarinet, Chris on keyboards  
Peter Rophone on guitar, Andy McAuley on bass and initially James Howe, later Richard Sayles on drums. I also joined Defcon Rock on keyboards along with Nick Robinson  - guitar, Nick Robinson Jnr - drums, 
Carrie Wilcocks - bass and initially Corina, later Friddie Satsuma on vocals.

10/01/2016	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
17/01/2016	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
21/01/2016	Treebeard	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield  
23/01/2016	Treebeard	Royal Standard, Sheffield
24/01/2016	Chris & Ceri	session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
25/01/2016	Chris & Rob	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
06/02/2016	Haze	Cutlers Arms, Sheffield
15/02/2016	Paul Pearson	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
26/02/2016	Treebeard & Follow The Moon	Cross Scythes, Sheffield
28/02/2016	Meson	Three Cranes, Sheffield
05/03/2016	Treebeard, Follow The Moon, Paul Pearson & Rob Lowdon	Walkley Community Centre, Sheffield (Green Benefit & Ceri's Birthday)
13/03/2016	Treebeard	Market Hotel, Elsecar
17/03/2016	Meson	Lee Rosies Tea Room, Nottingham
18/03/2016	Jabberwocky	Cobbles Bart, Louth
19/03/2016	Treebeard	Crown, Greasborough
23/03/2016	Paul Pearson	Green Room, Sheffield
26/03/2016	Paul Pearson	Marlpool Alehouse
03/04/2016	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
07/04/2016	Paul Pearson	Cheshire Cheese, Hope
09/04/2016	Outlandish Knights	wedding, Sheffield
16/04/2016	Treebeard	Hagglers Corner, Sheffield
16/04/2016	Outlandish Knights	Green Dragon, Hoares
24/04/2016	Treebeard, Follow The Moon, Paul Pearson & Rob Lowdon	Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield
30/04/2016	Paul Pearson	Marlpool Alehouse
01/05/2016	Paul Pearson	The Darley, Barnsley
02/05/2016	Paul Pearson	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
08/05/2016	Treebeard, Paul Pearsonm & Rob Lowdon	Porter Cottage, Sheffield
08/05/2016	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
14/05/2016	Jabberwocky	Lords, Gainsborough
15/05/2016	Chris & Ceri, Paul Pearson & Rob Lowdon	Old Hall Hotel, Hope
22/05/2016	Outlandish Knights	Weston Park, Sheffield
27/05/2016	Jabberwocky	Peak Hotel, Castleton
28/05/2016	Treebeard	Newark Beer Festival
29/05/2016	Treebeard, Paul Pearson &Rob Lowdon	Cross Scythes, Sheffield
11/06/2016	Follow The Moon & Treebeard Peace in the Park, Sheffield
12/06/2016	Jabberwocky, Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
18/06/2016	Jabberwocky, Malt Shovel, Scunthorpe
19/06/2016	Peter Ropohone & Chris	121 Eyre Street, Sheffield
20/06/2016	Paul Pearson	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
24/06/2016	Treebeard	Anglers Rest, Bamford
26/06/2016	Haze		Greystones, Sheffield
02/07/2016	Treebeard, Follow The Moon, Paul Pearson & Rob Lowdon	St Mary's Summer Fayre, Sheffield
05/07/2016	Mother Of Crows	Abbeydale Picture House, Sheffield
08/07/2016	Paul Pearson	Castle, Bradford
15/07/2016	Jabberwocky	Cross Keys, Grasby
16/07/2016	Follow The Moon, Paul Pearson & Jabberwocky	Nettlefest, Caistor
18/07/2016	Chris, Ceri, Cat, Paul P	party, Whitby
22/07/2016	Follow The Moon Bath Hotel Sheffield (Tramlines)
23/07/2016	Treebeard Green Room & Bath Hotel, Sheffield (Tramlines)
23/07/2016	Follow The Moon	Endcliffe Park, Sheffield (Tramlines)
24/07/2016	Follow The Mooon & Mother of Crows	Three Cranes, Sheffield
28/07/2016	Treebeard	R&B Club, Barnsley
30/07/2016	Treebeard	Toolmakers, Sheffield
31/07/2016	Mother Of Crows	Old Town Hall, Wombwell
05/08/2016	Haze		Cambridge Rock Festival
06/08/2106	Treebeard	New Life Church, Sheffield
13/08/2016	Jabberwocky	private party, Cleethorpes
19/08/2016	Paul Pearson	Darley, Barnsley
23/08/2016	Treebeard	Folk Train to Edale
24/08/2016	Chris & Ceri	Old Hall, Hope
27/08/2016	Treebeard	Hatfield Chase, Doncaster
28/08/2016	Paul Pearson 	Drighlington Cricket Club, Bradford
28/08/2016	Paul Pearson	Marlpool Alehouse
03/09/2016	Treebeard	Abbeyfield Park, Sheffield
04/09/2016	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
05/09/2016	Treebeard	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
12/09/2016	Mother Of Crows	West Street Live, Sheffield
16/09/2016	Jabberwocky	Peak Hotel, Castleton
17/09/2016	Follow The Moon	Diversity Fest, Hagglers Corner, Sheffield
18/09/2016	Treebeard, Paul Pearson & Rob Lowdon	Porter Cottage, Sheffield
20/09/2016	Paul Pearson	White Lion, Sheffield (Rob's session)
26/09/2016	Paul Pearson	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
29/09/2016	Chris Treebeard	The Moor, Sheffield
30/09/2016	Follow The Moon	Cross Scythes, Sheffield
01/10/2016	Chris & Ceri	Rockstock & Barrel Festival
01/10/2016	Treebeard	Festival of Light, Ashover (1st full new line-up Chris, Ceri, Rob, Paul & James)
03/10/2016	Follow The Moon	West Street Live, Sheffield (Andy on bass)
07/10/2016	Defcon Rock	West Street Live, Sheffield
08/10/2016	Paul Pearson	University Arms, Sheffield
09/10/2016	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
15/10/2016	Treebeard	Oktoberfest, Brothers Arms, Sheffield
16/10/2016	The Consumptives	British Museum, London
22/10/2016	Treebeard	Noah's Ark, Sheffield
25/10/2016	Defcon Rock	Niagra Works, Sheffield
28/10/2016	Haze		The Ainsty, York
29/10/2016	Treebeard	Street City, Sheffield
29/10/2016	Haze		Wesley Centre, Maltby (supporting John Hackett)
29/10/2016	Outlandish Knights Old Hall, Buxton
01/11/2016	Mother Of Crows	35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield
02/11/2016	Follow The Moon	Green Room, Sheffield
04/11/2016	Treebeard	Altrincham Football Club
06/11/2016	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
07/11/2016	Paul Pearson	Barnsley Folk Club
12/11/2016	Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
20/11/2016	Treebeard	Porter Cottage, Sheffield
25/11/2016	Treebeard	Maida Vale, Sheffield
26/11/2016	Treebeard	Forest, Sheffield
27/11/2016	Treebeard	Anti Fracking Benefit, Shakespeare, Sheffield
04/12/2016	Jabberwocky	Grant Thorold Com Centre, Grimsby
04/12/2016	Treebeard	St John's Church, Bamford
08/12/2016	Chris & Rob	R&B Club, Barnsley
09/12/2016	Jabberwocky	Peak Hotel, Castleton
10/12/2016	Paul Pearson	Trades Club, Rotherham (supporting Lindisfarne)
16/12/2016	Treebeard	Dogfest, Black Market, Warsop
17/12/2016	Haze 		Shakespeare, Sheffield
22/12/2016	Follow The Moon	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
29/12/2016	Treebeard	wedding, Lincoln

A couple of new bands for 2017, we formed Morrigan's Fire with Pixie vocals, Chris & Rob guitars, Wess fiddle & Matt on bass. 
And I joined Hobo Conspiracy as part time keyboards player as well as playing bass with Toastie in classic rock covers band Grave Danger. 
I also started running a Sunday afternoon session once a month at the White Lion, which ran 'til lockdown in March 2020

07/01/2017	Defcon Rock	The Boathouse, Sheffield
08/01/2017	Chris		Session, The Old Crown, Sheffield
13/01/2017	Haze		The Packhorse, Leeds
15/01/2017	Chris		Session, The Old Crown, Sheffield
20/01/2017	Treebeard (with Follow The Moon, Paul Pearson & Rob Lowdon)	The Cremorne, Sheffield
22/01/2017	Chris		Session, The Old Crown, Sheffield
23/01/2017	Chris & Rob Lowdon	The Brothers Arms, Sheffield
25/01/2017	Paul Pearson	The Old Hall, Hope
27/01/2017	Odd Todd	The Cremorne, Sheffield (with Chris on keyboards)
04/02/2017	Treebeard	Genesis Centre, Alfreton (with A Rose Between & Ferocious Dog)
04/02/2017	Treebeard	private party, Whitwell
05/02/2017	Treebeard & Avital Raz	afternoon session, The White Lion Sheffield
05/02/2017	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
11/02/2017	Treebeard	The Forest, Sheffield
17/02/2017	Defcon Rock	The Boathouse, Sheffield (with Freddie Satsuma on vocals)
18/02/2017	Treebeard & Meson	West Street Alehouse, Sheffield
19/02/2017	Treebeard	The Porter Cottage, Sheffield (afternoon)
22/02/2017	Treebeard	The Old Hall, Hope
23/02/2017	Treebeard	The Frog & Parrot, Sheffield
24/02/2017	Chris, Rob & Ceri	Greystones, Sheffield (supporting Slim Chance)
26/02/2017	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
01/03/2017	Chris		Porter Cottage, Sheffield
04/03/2017	Jabberwocky	Marina Bar, Grimsby
05/03/2017	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Pete Buxton)
11/03/2017	Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
17/03/2017	Treebeard	Maida Vale, Sheffield
18/03/2017	Haze		HRH Prog Fest Wales
25/03/2017	Paul Pearson	Ukranian Club, Doncaster
26/03/2017	Treebeard	Hagglers Corner, Sheffield
31/03/2017	Treebeard	2weeks2 make it launch
01/04/2017	Treebeard	RockStock & Barrel Festival
02/04/2017	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Bert Rogers)
02/04/2017	Mother of Crows	West Street Live, Sheffield
05/04/2017	Treebeard	Wisewood Inn, Sheffield
07/04/2017	Jabberwocky	private party, Lncoln
08/04/2017	Treebeard	private party, Norfolk Arms, Sheffield
09/04/2017	Chris's Birthday session, The Old Crown, Sheffield
12/04/2017	Haze		Talking Heads, Southampton (with A Formal Horse)
14/04/2017	Treebeard	Hagglers Corner, Sheffield
16/04/2017	Treebeard	Brothers Arms Beer Festival, Sheffield
16/04/2017	Treebeard	Old Hall Beer Festival, Hope
17/04/2017	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield
22/04/2017	Treebeard	Toolmakers, Sheffield (afternoon)
22/04/2017	Treebeard	Anglers Rest, Bamford
23/04/2017	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons Cleethorpes
29/04/2017	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Altrincham FC
30/04/2017	Treebeard	Marlpool Alehouse, Heanor (afternoon)
30/04/2017	Chris		session, Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
01/05/2017	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (all day)
05/05/2017	Treebeard	Old Bridge, Holmfirth Folk Festival
06/05/2017	Treebeard	Cricket Club, Holmfirth Folk Festival
07/05/2017	Treebeard	Hope Pastures, Leeds,
07/05/2017	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Edwina Hayes)
07/05/2017	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
12/05/2017	Treebeard	Cheap Thrills Film Show (improv set) Christchurch, Sheffield
13/05/2017	Jabberwocky	Malt Shovel, Scunthorpe
14/05/2017	Paul Pearson	Penny Arcade, Barnsley
20/05/2017	Treebeard	The Forest, Sheffield
21/05/2017	The Outlandish Knights	Weston Park, Sheffield
26/05/2017	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Ar Faoued)
27/05/2017	Treebeard	Roscoe Plantation, Sheffied (afternoon)
27/05/2017	Jack's Rake	Red Deer, Sheffield (Chris on bass)
28/05/2017	Treebeard	Boat Inn, Cromford
29/05/2017	Paul Pearson	Cherry Tree, Sheffield (supporting Jack's Rake)
31/05/2017	Mother of Crows	Washington, Sheffield
02/06/2017	Treebeard	private party, Holmfirth
03/06/2017	Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
04/06/2017	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Shaun Hutch)
09/06/2017	Paul Pearson	The Castle, Bradford
10/06/2017	Treebeard	Peace in the Park, Sheffield (also Jack's Rake)
12/06/2017	Treebeard	Busking, The Moor, Sheffield
16/06/2017	Defcon Rock	Royal Standard, Sheffield
17/06/2017	Treebeard	private party (ceilidh) Sheffield
18/06/2017	Treebeard	Heeley City Farm Festival, Sheffield (morning)
18/06/2017	Treebeard	Royal Standard, Sheffield
21/06/2017	Mother of Crows	Green Room, Sheffield
23/06/2017	Jabberwocky	Marina, Grimsby
24/06/2017	Haze		Cutlers Arms, Rotherham
30/06/2017	Defcon Rock	The Boathouse, Sheffield (Chris on bass)
01/07/2017	Treebeard	Sharrow Festival, Sheffield (4.40-5.10pm)
01/07/2017	Treebeard	Hope Festival (6.30-7.30pm)
01/07/2017	Treebeard	Worrall Festival (9-9.45pm)
02/07/2017	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Paul Pearson)
02/07/2017	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
03/07/2017	Paul Pearson	The Crown, Totley
07/07/2017	Mother of Crows	Trades, Rotherham
08/07/2017	Treebeard	The Temple, Matlock Bath Festival (2-3pm)
08/07/2017	Treebeard	Totley Beer Festival (7.30-8.30 &10.30-11.30pm)
08/07/2017	Treebeard	Cliffhanger Stage, Devonshire Green, Sheffield (9-10pm)
15/07/2017	Treebeard	Heritge High School, Clown (11am-2pm)
15/07/2017	Treebeard	Nettleton Festival, The Salutation (with Paul Pearson)
21/07/2017	Treebeard	Festival8, Caistor
23/07/2017	Treebeard	Tramlines Bird Table (12noon), Shepperds Wheel (2pm), Green Room (4.30-5pm)
23/07/2017	Treebeard	DINA Hunt Sabs (5.30-6pm) Frog & Parrot (7-7.30pm) Dove & Rainbow 9-11pm)
27/07/2017	Treebeard	Electric Cabaret, Barnsley
28/07/2017	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield ('New Leaves' 3rd CD launch. With Rob Lowdon &Follow The Moon)
29/07/2017	Treebeard	Community Centre, Creswell
30/07/2017	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
01/08/2017	Treebeard	Yorkshire Day Busking, The Moor, Sheffield
02/08/2017	Morrigan's Fire	Porter Cottage, Sheffield
04/08/2017	Hobo Conspiracy	Cremorne, Sheffield
05/08/2017	Treebeard	The Forest, Sheffield
06/08/2017	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Alan Robinson)
10/08/2017	Paul Pearson	Cheshire Cheese, Hope
11/08/2017	Treebeard	private party (ceilidh), Stone
13/08/2017	Treebeard	Farmer Phil's Festival
16/08/2017	Treebeard	Banner Cross Folk Club, Sheffield
17/08/2017	Paul Pearson	Crookes Folk Club, Princess Royal, Sheffield
18/08/2017	Jack's Rake	Northern Green Gathering
20/08/2017	Treebeard	Marlpool Alehouse, Heanor
21/08/2017	Paul Pearson	Cromwells, Conisborough
23/08/2017	Treebeard	The Old Hall, Hope
26/08/2017	Treebeard	Solfest
27/08/2017	Defcon Rock	Staffordshire Arms, Sheffield (2-5pm)
27/08/2017	Treebeard	private party (ceilidh), Edgingley
28/08/2017	Treebeard	Sheffield Fair, Norfolk Park
29/08/2017	Treebeard	Folk Train
01/09/2017	Treebeard	Shakespeare, Sheffield
03/09/2017	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Jackalope Tales)
08/09/2017	Morrigan's Fire	Gardeners Rest, Sheffield
10/09/2017	Treebeard	Whitwell Festival
15/09/2017	Mother of Crows	Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield
16/09/2017	Treebeard	Anti Fracking Benefit, Marsh Lane, Sheffield (4-6pm)
16/09/2017	Outlandish Knights	private party, Derby
17/09/2017	Treebeard	Old Saw Mills Festival
22/09/2017	Treebeard	Royal Standard, Sheffield (with Kingfisher Blue)
23/09/2017	Treebeard	Toolmakers, Sheffield (Dale's party)
29/09/2017	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield
30/09/2017	Jack's Rake private party, Sheffield
01/10/2017	Morrigan's Fire	Yellow Arch, Sheffield (noon)
01/10/2017	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Banjo Jen)
01/10/2017	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
06/10/2017	Outlandish Knights	Derby Festival Ceilidh
07/10/2017	Paul Pearson	Bees Knees, Laneham
08/10/2017	Treebeard	Hagglers Corner Diversity Fest, Sheffield
11/10/2017	Paul Pearson	Green Room, Sheffield
12/10/2017	Paul Pearson	The Tump, Coventry (supporting Ron Trueman Broder)
13/10/2017	Mother of Crows	Maida Vale, Sheffield
14/10/2017	Treebeard	Melodrome Stage, Lancaster Festival
14/10/2017	Outlandish Knights	private party (ceilidh), Sheffield
15/10/2017	Treebeard	Three Mariners, Lancaster Festival
20/10/2017	Treebeard	Gardeners Rest, Sheffield
21/10/2017	Treebeard	Beer Festival, Wirksworth
22/10/2017	Haze		Cutlers Arms, Rotherham (3-5pm)
22/10/2017	Paul Pearson	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
27/10/2017	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Morrigan's Fire)
28/10/2017	Mother of Crows	Hepworth Gallery (3.30-4pm)
28/10/2017	Grave Danger	Church House, Sheffield
29/10/2017	Treebeard	Peace Gardens, Sheffield
03/11/2017	Treebeard	Church House, Sheffield
04/11/2017	Treebeard	Forest, Sheffield
05/11/2017	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Stamp Collectors)
08/11/2017	Mother of Crows	Dev Cat, Sheffield
10/11/2017	Defcon Rock	Boathouse, Shffield
10/11/2017	Paul Pearson	Chesterfield Folk Club
11/11/2017	Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
18/11/2017	Morrigan's Fire	Tolmakers, Sheffield (also Paul Pearson)
18/11/2017	Grave Danger	White Lion, Sheffield
19/11/2017	Jack's Rake	Porter Cottage, Sheffield (afternoon)
19/11/2017	Chris		session, Hillsorough Hotel, Sheffield
20/11/2017	Follow The Moon	Art Gallery, Rotherham
24/11/2017	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Follow the Moon & The Night Bees)
25/11/2017	Defcon Rock	Boathouse, Sheffield (Freddie Satsuma's 50th birthday party)
30/11/2017	Morrigan's Fire	West Street Live, Sheffield (with Hobo Conspiracy)
01/12/2017	Mother of Crows	Art Gallery, Rotherham
03/12/2017	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Follow the Moon)
03/12/2017	Morrigan's Fire	Three Cranes, Sheffield
08/12/2017	Treebeard	Cremorne, Sheffield (with Rob Lowdon, Paul Pearson & Follow the Moon)
10/12/2017	Treebeard	Shakespeares, Sheffield (with Mother of Crows & Morrigan's Fire)
15/12/2017	Haze		Walkley Community Centre, Sheffield
16/12/2017	Jabberwocky	Magna Charta, New Holland
17/12/2017	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield (Hunt Sabs benefit)
21/12/2017	Mother of Crows	Frog &Parrot, Sheffield
22/12/2017	Treebeard	Church House, Sheffield
29/12/2017	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Paul Pearson, Alan Robinson & T'Other Band)


 07/01/2018	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Del Scott Miller)
14/01/2018	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
19/01/2018	Jack's Rake	Gardeners Rest, Sheffield		  
20/01/2018	The Outlandish Knights	 St Andrews, Sheffield		  
21/01/2018	Treebeard	Porter Cottage, Sheffield (4pm)	  
26/01/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythes (with Rob Lowdon & Hobo Conspiracy)	  
27/01/2018	Treebeard	Coombs Wood Beer Festival	 
04/02/2018	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Banjo Jen)
10/02/2018	Grave Danger	Punch Bowl, Sheffield (Chris bass, Toastie guitar/vocals)
14/02/2018	Chris 	 	The Forest Open Mic, Sheffield (hosted with Paul Pearson, every Wednesday until lockdown 11/03/2020) 
17/02/2018	Treebeard	Gardeners Rest, Sheffield
23/02/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythes (with Shaun Hutch & Hungarian Lanterns)
28/02/2018	Treebeard	The Old Hall, Hope
03/03/2018	Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
04/03/2018	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with All Dog's Breakfast)
07/03/2018	Morrigan's Fire	Porter Cottage, Sheffield
10/03/2018	Treebeard	King's Heath Cricket Club, Birmingham
12/03/2018	Treebeard	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
15/03/2018	Paul Pearson	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
16/03/2018	Treebeard	Church House, Sheffield
16/03/2018	The Outlandish Knights	Millhouses School, Sheffield (without Chris)
17/03/2018	Jabberwocky	Lincoln Students Union
18/03/2018	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
23/03/2018	Mother of Crows	Trades, Rotherham
24/03/2018	Jabberwocky	Station Inn, Habourough
30/03/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythers (& Paul Pearson)
31/03/2018	Treebeard	Old Hall Festival (with Paul Pearson & Morrigan's Fire)
01/04/2018	Treebeard	afternoon session, The White Lion 
01/04/2018	Treebeard	The Tap Room, Batley
06/04/2018	Treebeard	Yellow Arch, Sheffield (wedding)
08/04/2018	Chris		Punch Bowl (birhtday session)
15/04/2018	Jack's Rake	Porter Cottage, Sheffield
20/04/2018	Treebeard	Maida Vale, Sheffield
21/04/2018	Mother of Crows	Corporation (with Faerground Accidents)
24/04/2018	Mother of Crows	Chamelion Arts, Sheffield
26/04/2018	Treebeard	Cabaret Doonican, Barnsley
29/04/2018	Paul Pearson	The Forest, Sheffield
03/05/2018	Mother of Crows	RS Bar, Sheffield (with Paul Pearson)
05/05/2018	Treebeard	The Old Hall, Hope (with Paul Pearson)
06/05/2018	Treebeard	Marlpool Ale House
12/05/2018	Treebeard	Heeley City Farm Beer Festival(with Rob Lowdon, Paul Pearson & Morrigan's Fire)
12/05/2018	Treebeard	The Forest, Sheffield
16/05/2018	Paul Pearson	The Forest Open Mic
17/05/2018	Jabberwocky	Cardinal's Hat, Lincoln
18/05/2018	Chris		Toolmakers, Sheffield (7.30-8.30pm)
18/05/2018	Treebeard	Church House, Sheffield
19/05/2018	Treebeard	Brasenose, Cropredy
20/05/2018	Paul Pearson	Trades, Rotherham
22/05/2018	Treebeard	Folk Train Sheffield-Edale
25/05/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (Nigel Parsons & Follow The Moon)
27/05/2018	Morrigan's Fire	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
27/05/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield
01/06/2018	Morrigan's Fire	Brampton Manor, Chesterfield
02/06/2018	Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield
03/03/2018	Chris		afternoon session, The White Lion (with Stamp Collectors)
09/06/2018	Treebeard	Peace in the Park, Sheffield
09/06/2018	Treebeard	John O'Gaunt, Lancaster
10/06/2018	Treebeard	Marlpool Alehouse
22/06/2018	Treebeard	Gardener's Rest, Sheffield
23/18/2018	Haze		Greystones, Sheffield 40th anniversary show
24/06/2018	Haze		Talking Heads, Southampton 40th anniversary shows
29/06/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Dell Scott Miller Á The Night Bees)
30/06/2018	Treebeard	Molefest, The Brothers, Sheffield (with Kingfiser Blue Á others)
01/07/2018	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Ar Faoued)
01/07/2018	The Outlandish Knights	Darley Abbey Hall, Derbyshire
06/07/2018	Treebeard	Cliffhangers, Devonshire Green, Sheffield
07/07/2018	Jabberwocky	Blacksmiths, Rothwell (4-6pm)
07/07/2018	Jabberwocky	Caistor Street Party
08/07/2018	Treebeard	Wortley Beer Festival, Sheffield (3-4pm) 
12/07/2018	Treebeard	Old Bell, Derby
13/07/2018	Morrigan's fire	Brampton Manor, Chesterfield
14/07/2018	Treebeard	Clowne Gala (12-2pm)
14/07/2018	Treebeard	Nettleton Festival
20/07/2018	Mother of Crows	The Church House, Sheffield
21/07/2018	The Outlandish Knights	Ceilidh, Bradwell
22/07/2018	Treebeard	Porter Cottage, Sheffield (4-6pm) Tramlines festival
22/07/2018	Treebeard	Red Deer, Sheffield 98-10pm) Tramlines festival
27/07/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Nathan McWhittey & Mother of Crows)
28/07/2018	Treebeard	James Á Abbie's wedding, Wellbeck
29/07/2018	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
03/08/2018	Morrigan's Fire	RS bar, Sheffield
04/08/2018	Haze		Culters Arms, Rotherham
05/08/2018	Morrigan's Fire	Pagan Pride, Nottingham
09/08/2018	Treebeard	Field 8, Cropredy Festival
12/08/2018	Jabberwocky	private party, Grimsby
18/08/2018	Treebeard	wedding, Melton Mowbray
24/08/2018	Treebeard 	ceilidh, Solfest
25/08/2018	Treebeard	Solfest
26/08/2018	Mother of Crows	Witchwood, Ashon under Lyme (4pm)
26/08/2018	Treebeard	The Brothers, Sheffield (7pm)
30/08/2018	Paul Pearson & Chris	The Brothers Arms, Sheffield
31/08/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythes (with Alan Robinson & The Storm Trees)
01/09/2018	Treebeard	Off The Tracks Festival (12noon)
01/09/2018	The Outlandish Knights	wedding, Sheffield
02/09/2018	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Henry Parker)
02/09/2018	Treebeard	Folk & Blues Festival, Fleetwood
07/09/2018	Chris		Banjo Banjax, Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
08/09/2018	The Outlandish Knights	ceilidh, Sheffield
15/09/2018	Treebeard	Dove & Rainbow (with Morrigan's Fire & Firegarden)
21/09/2018	Treebeard	Gardeners, Sheffield
22/09/2018	Haze		Iron Horse, Sidcup (prog day inc Jump & Liason)
23/09/2018	Treebeard (aka Chris solo)	The Toolmakers, Sheffield
27/09/2018	The Outlandish Knights	wedding, Ringwood Hall, Chesterfield
28/09/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Gemma Gray & Mandolin Jack)
29/09/2018	Treebeard	Anglers Rest, Bamford
30/09/2018	Treebeard	Diversity Fest, Hagglers Corner, Sheffield
05/10/2018	Treebeard	Church House, Sheffield
06/10/2018	Treebeard	Festival of Light, Ashover
07/10/2018	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Gemma Gray)
13/10/2018	Acoustic Haze	Ayelsbury (supporting Jump)
20/10/2018	Treebeard	Wirksworth Beer Festival (5pm)
21/10/2018	Treebeard	Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
26/10/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Shefield (with Northern Monkey & Tom Jackson)
29/10/2018	The Outlandish Knights	wedding, Old Bell, Retford
31/10/2018	Mother of Crows	Totem Cafe, Sheffield
03/11/2018	Chris		Three Tuns, Sheffield
04/11/2018	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Hungarian Lanters)
09/11/2018	Mother of Crows	Maida Vale, Sheffield
10/11/2018	Treebeard	Forest, Sheffield
14/11/2018	Time Collider	Newquay	
15/11/2018	Jabberwocky	Cardinals Hat, Lincoln (no Chris)
16/11/2018	Haze 		HRH Prog, Pwelli (with Time Collider)
25/11/2018	Treebeard	Black Market, Warsop
30/11/2018	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Mick Masser & Andy Whitehouse)
02/12/2018	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Death & The Dancer)
14/12/2018	The Outlandish Knights	Ceilidh seriese, Derby
15/12/2018	Harmony of Spheres	New Barack Tavern, Sheffield (chris - keys)
20/12/2018	Haze		Greystones, Sheffield
21/12/2018	Treebeard	Church House, Sheffield
26/12/2018	Chris		Archer Project, Sheffield (with Her Dark Materials)
28/12/2018	Paul Pearson	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Ron Trueman Border)

As well as continuing the Wednesday Forest open mics, Paul Pearosn & myself started a twice monthly open mic at the Masons Arms, Crookes, later briefly moving to the Royal Standard, plus I took over Rob's monthy Tuesday White Lion session and started attending the bi-weekly Tuesday session at the Salutation in Manchester. Oh, and I joined Jack's Rake, Dogwood Rose and Harmony of Spheres!
04/01/2018	Haze		Cutlers Arms, Rotherham
05/01/2019	Paul Pearson	Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
06/01/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield
12/01/2019	Outlandish Knights	Showroom, Sheffield
17/01/2019	Haze		Firepit Rocks, Sheffield
18/01/2019	Treebeard	Cremorne (with Rob & Paul Pearson solo sets)
22/01/2019	Dogwood Rose	Folk Train (chris mandolin/bouzouki)
25/01/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffiel (with Storm Trees & Banjo Jen)
02/02/2019	Treebeard	Black Market, Warsop
03/02/2019	Dogwood Rose	St Aidans Nature Reserve, Leeds (noon)
03/02/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Parrot Man)
04/02/2019	Paul Pearson	Crown, Totley
10/02/2019	Morrigan's Fire	Toolmakers & Fox & Duck open mics
12/02/2019	Chris		Wellington Inn, Langley mill
15/02/2019	Chris		Three Tuns, Sheffield
16/02/2019	Treebeard	Dukeries Tap, Worksop
17/02/2019	Treebeard	White Lion, Sheffield
21/02/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Henry Parker & Claire Macey)
26/02/2019	Jack's Rake	Folk Train
02/03/2019	Chris		Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
03/03/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Tom Jackson)
03/03/2019	Chris		Toolmakers, Sheffield
04/03/2019	Dogwood Rose	Crown, Totley
09/03/2019	Chris & Paul Pearson	Three Tuns, Sheffield
14/03/2019	Treebeard	Brothers Arms, Sheffield (with Her Dark Materials)
17/03/2019	Treebeard	Church House, Sheffield (2pm)
17/03/2019	Jabberwocky	Lincoln University
22/03/2019	Dogwood Rose	Gardeners Rest, Sheffield
29/03/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Alan Robinson & Marcato)
30/03/2019	Dogwood Rose	Gardeners Rest, Sheffield (3pm)
30/03/2019	Outlandish Knights	ceilidh, Earles Club, Hope
04/04/2019	Treebeard	Crookes Folk Club, Sheffield
05/04/2019	Haze		Church House, Sheffield
06/04/2019	Treebeard	Green Party Benefit, Broomhall Center, Sheffield
07/04/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Jackalope Tales)
18/04/2019	Chris & Rob	Cabaret Doonican, The Old School house, Barnsley
19/04/2019	Treebeard	The Old Hall, Hope
20/04/2019	Outlandish Knights	ceilidh, St Andrews, Sheffield
21/04/2019	Treebeard	Sharrow Folk Festival, Hagglers Corner, Sheffield
26/04/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Bitten Whippet & Mandolin Jack)
27/04/2019	Treebeard	Gardeners Rest, Sheffield
28/04/2019	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
03/05/2019	Treebeard	Church House, Sheffield
04/05/2019	Outlandish Knights	wedding, Bradfield
05/05/2019	Treebeard	Fishponds, Matlock
10/05/2019	Treebeard	Bolehill Allotments, Sheffield
11/05/2019	Jack's Rake	wedding, Cambridgeshire (Chris bass & sound)
18/05/2019	Treebeard	Heeley Ciy Farm Beer Festival, Sheffield
24/05/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Acoustic Haze & Del Scott Miller)
25/05/2019	Jabberwocky	Ciderfest, Cleethorpes (4pm)
25/05/2019	Haze		New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield
27/05/2019	Treebeard	Wig & Pen, Sheffield (with Dogwood Rose)
31/05/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with All Day Dog's Breakfast & Northern Monkey)
01/06/2019	Haze		Cutlers Arms, Rotherham
02/06/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Cobalt Tales)
02/06/2019	Chris		Toolmakers, Sheffield
11/06/2019	Dogwood Rose	White Lion, Sheffield
15/06/2019	Treebeard	One Mole for the Road, Brothers Arms (with Kingfisher Blue)
22/06/2019	Treebeard	Heeley City Farm Festival, Sheffield
22/06/2019	Harmony of Spheres	Old Turk, Dewesbury
25/06/2019	Treeneard	Narrowboat session, Chirk Marina
28/06/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Lay Brothers & Hungarian Lanters)
29/06/2019	Jabberwocky	Pelham Suite, Grimsby
30/06/2019	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
05/07/2019	Chris		Cliffhanger Stage, Devonshire Green, Sheffield (6pm)
05/07/2019	Treebeard	Cremorne, Sheffield (with Becky, Paul Pearson & Rob) 8pm
06/07/2019	Dogwood Rose	Worrall Folk Festival (4pm)
06/07/2019	Treebeard	Bird Table Stage, Endcliffe Park, Sjheffield (7pm)
06/07/2019	Treebeard	Cliffhanger Stage, Devonshire Green, Sheffield (9pm)
07/07/2019	Chris & Paul Pearson Whirlow Hall Farm, Sheffield (noon)
07/07/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with All Day Dog's Breakfast)
07/07/2019	Chris & Paul Pearson	Walkley Cottage, Sheffield
12/07/2019	Treebeard	Nettleton Festival, Caistor
13/07/2019	Jabberwocky	Nettleton Festival, Caistor
14/07/2019	Paul Pearson	Nettleton Festival, Caistor
21/07/2019	Dogwood Rose	Broomhill, Sheffield
21/07/2019	Treebeard	Green Room, Sheffield
26/07/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Tom Jackson & Cobalt Tales)
03/08/2019	Treebeard	Fishponds Pirate Festival,  Matlock 2pm
04/08/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Kate Howden)
08/08/2019	Treebeard	Field 8, Cropredy Festival (9-11pm)
09/08/2019	Treeebeard	Brasenose, Cropredy Festival (12-2pm)
11/08/2019	Chris		Toolmakers, Sheffield
15/08/2019	Dogwood Rose	Crookes Folk Club
18/08/2019	Treebeard	Barow Carnival (with Nick R - drums) 12noon
23/08/2019	Treebeard	Solfest
27/08/2019	Treebeard	Folk Train
01/09/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield 
01/09/2019	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
07/09/2019	Harmony of Spheres	Bank Top Tavern, Oldham
14/09/2019	Treebeard	Elsecar Heritage Center
14/09/2019	Treebeard	Heeley City Farm Beer Festival
15/09/2019	Treebeard	Elsecar Heritage Center
21/09/2019	Harmony of Spheres	New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield
24/09/2019	Dogwood Rose	Folk Train
27/09/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (Liana Condor & Doug Todd)
28/09/2019	Treebeard	The Maltings, Wirksworth
29/09/2019	Treebeard	Diversity Fest, Hagglers Corner, Sheffield (with Jack's Rake)
06/10/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Del Scott Miller)
11/10/2019	Treebeard	Doonifest, Barnsley
12/10/2019	Treebeard	Anglers Rest, Bamford
14/10/2018	Dogwood Rose	Bootstraps Club, Chapeltown
15/10/2019	Chris & Rob	Wincobank Lantern Parade
18/10/2019	Dogwood Rose	Old Horns, Bradfield
20/10/2019	Haze		1865 Club, Southampton (supporting Hayley Griffiths Band)
25/10/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Kate Howden & Ar Faoued)
31/10/2019	Treebeard	Brothers Arms, Sheffield
01/11/2019	Dogwood Rose	Stags Head, Sheffield
02/11/2019	Harmony of Spheres	Mac & Co, Worksop
03/11/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Edwina Hayes)
03/11/2019	Treebeard	Fishponds, Matlock
22/11/2019	Treebeard	Northalerton WMC
24/11/2019	Jack's Rake	Porter Cottage, Sheffield (bass & sound)
29/11/2019	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Poke O'Swedges & The Crooked & the Straight)
01/12/2019	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield 
03/12/2019	Treebeard	Dorothy Pax, Sheffield
07/12/2019	Shamanka Phoenix	The County, Chesterfield
15/12/2019	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
19/12/2019	Mother of Vinegar	Nottingham (chris - bass)
20/12/2019	Treebeard	Church House, Sheffield
21/12/2019	Haze		Shakespeares, Sheffield
22/12/2019	Chris		open mic, Couch, Sheffield
27/12/2019	Paul Pearson	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (with Alan Robinson & Ron Trueman Border)
28/12/2019	Harmony of Spheres	Bank Top Tavern, Oldham

OMG arma-fucking-geddon, here we come!
05/01/2020	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Red Admiral - Chris, Backy & Rachael)
11/01/2020	Dogwood Rose	Raise the Rafters, Wath
18/01/2020	Dogwood Rose	The Alehouse, Sheffield
19/01/2020	Chris		Toolmakers, Sheffield
22/01/2020	Red Admiral	Coach & Horses, Dronfield
24/01/2020	Outlandish Knights	DINA, Sheffield
26/01/2020	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
30/01/2020	Chris & Paul Pearson	Mulberry Tavern, open mic, Sheffield (every Thursday until lockdown)
31/01/2020	Treebeard	Cross Scythes, Sheffield (Tamas & the Poachers)
01/02/2020	Haze		New Barrack Tavern, Sheffield
02/02/2020	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with Jack's Rake)
28/02/2020	Treebeard	Cross Scythes Sheffield (with Red Admiral & Summerisle)
29/02/2020	Harmony of Spheres	Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield
01/03/2020	Chris		Afternoon session, The White Lion, Sheffield (with All Day Dog's Breakfast)
04/03/2020	Outlandish Knights	Bierkeller, Manchester
07/03/2020	Outlandish Knights	IVFDF, Nottingham
08/03/2020	Jabberwocky	Mucky Muldoons, Cleethorpes
10/03/2020	Treebeard	Brampton Folk Club, Tramways, Chesterfield
14/03/2020	Treebeard	Whitwell Winter Warmer Festival
And, it's all over! From here on it, it's just livestream broadcasts, have a look at the Gabadon gig guide for the links. See you on the other side!


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