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Haze - Sheffield progressive rockers, latest CD 'Back to the Bones'
Treebeard - 'Heavy Wood' acoustic five piece, new CD out now!
Follow The Moon - Ceri's pop/folk band
The Outlandish Knights - Ceilidh Band that rocks!


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Follow The Moon
The Outlandish Knights

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Our other bands:-
Jabberwocky - Irish, Americana &lively folk rock  
Paul Pearson - Passionate &original renditions of great songs
Mother Of Crows - Eastern European Pagan Goth Folk
Meson - Improg - poetry & improvisation 
Morrigan's Fire - Woodland Folk
Catrin and Ceri - Welsh folk duo
Currently inactive acts:-
Silverwheel - Folk-rock 5 piece
Strongheart - American hard rock trio - were back, but now they're gone again!
Muttley - Classic Rock, resting
Von Daniken - New age & progressive duo, somewhere in outer space 

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20 August 2021