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Sunday 8th April 2001
Put it in your diary. Now. Your esteemed editor & general purpose bass, keyboards & bouzouki player to anyone who’ll have me is hitting the big 40 on Monday 9th April 2001. So, in celebration, I’ve booked the Boardwalk, Snig Hill, Sheffield for a private party on Sunday 8th April, at which every band I’m playing in will appear. We’re starting at 7pm and have applied for a midnight license, so should just about fit it all in.
The line up is (all timings very approximate):-

7.00pm Von Daniken
Warren Jacques - guitar & vocals
Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards & vocals
A rarely seen duo, we last played live together in November 1995! Material includes radical reworkings from the first album ‘New Worlds’ tracks from the second album ‘Transient’ and of course some Van Der Graaf Generator.

7.30pm Satsuma!
Freddie Satsuma - vocals
Nick Robinson - guitar & vocals
Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards & vocals
Possibly my busiest band of the last few years, Satsuma! play good time party pop & rock, but are now restricted to the odd gig in Bakewell as Freddie has joined a club band & I am increasingly busy with Strongheart & Treebeard. ‘Have a good time all of the time - if you’ve the time!’

8.00pm Treebeard
Chris Jellis - guitar, mandolin & vocals
Gordon Walker - violin, mandolin & vocals
Paul Chisnell - percussion & vocals
Paul McMahon - bass, gtr, mandolin & vocals
Chris McMahon - bass, gtr, bouzouki & vocals
The newest band on the bill, we formed in 1998 & play acoustic renditions of Haze & World Turtle songs plus pop, rock, country Irish & traditional numbers. Currently working on our first CD.

8.30pm World Turtle
Paul McMahon - guitar & vocals
Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards & vocals
Formed in 1989, World Turtle have produced 2 CDs of Classic/Progressive rock; ‘Haze’ and ‘Wilderness Of Eden’ on Cyclops Records. We continue to gig sporadically, although with the reformation of Haze and the Treebeard schedule, World Turtle has taken a bit of a back seat.

9.00pm Strongheart
Wilbur Hess- guitar & vocals
Bobby Arechiga - drums
Chris McMahon - bass & keyboards
Formed in LA in 1988 with original bass player Billy Evans, the band relocated to England and rapidly built a huge following, leading to the release of their first CD ‘Hard Wired’ in 1992 on AC/DC production team Vander & Young’s label. A follow up album ‘Ritual’ was released in 1997 but bass player Billy Evans’s visa was not renewed, forcing his return to the USA. A number of bass players stood in, before I got a call one Friday night from ex-World Turtle bass player Alen Shaw, asking if I wanted to dep for a band the following night. The rest is, if not history, certainly a very noisy passage in it.

10.00pm Haze
Paul Chisnell - percussion & vocals
Paul McMahon - guitar & vocals
Chris McMahon - bass, keyboards & vocals
Our first serious band, we formed in 1978, Paul Chisnell joined in 1983 & we did little but gig every night for the next five years. We also released 2 rather low-fi LPs, 3 singles & numerous cassettes (much of which has been re-issued on CD), before calling it a day in 1988 with a 10th anniversary show at Sheffield University. It took 10 years to get round to a reunion, but we did it(and recorded it) at the Boardwalk in 1998. Since then we’ve gigged occasionally, including the last two years Whitchurch festivals & a short tour of Italy, but the reformation could only realistically be described as part time.

11.00pm Stronghaze Von Satsbeard
The glorious culmination of the evening’s entertainment or self indulgent cacophony? Only time will tell, but to be on the safe side, it would probably be a very good idea to be extremely drunk by this point (we probably will be).

12.00 midnight
Curfew & Chris makes it to forty - that’s if I survive five hours on stage. Maybe I should be sponsored? (or sponsored not to do it as Paul would doubtless suggest?)

Monday 9th April 2001
6pm The Jaflong, Loxley View Rd, Crookes.
Fortunately Sheffield’s best Indian restaurant is just round the corner from our house, and can just about fit 40 people in at a squeeze, so I’ve booked it for my birthday celebration #2.

So what do I have to do not to miss out on all this?
Well, if you’re on the mailing list, you’re well on the way already. Just fill in the (hopefully) simple enough form below & mail it back to me. If you’re already on the mailing list, all I need are the full names of anyone wanting to be invited. If you’re not on the mailing list, I need an address too.
You can also phone or email me for tickets. Numbers are restricted to 400 at the Boardwalk and 40 at the Jaflong. Priority will be give to people on the mailing list for the Boardwalk gig & people I actually recognise for the Jaflong curry. Admission is free with a ticket to the Boardwalk , and there is a veggie buffet provided (but get there early!). You buys your own curry at the Jaflong!

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